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The magic will happen tonight - I will be moving NR to a new home. You may experience some down time and the email system may not be working for few hours. Be patient - it can only get better.
I have been working on the blog transfer in the past few days and have not followed up on some of the latest rumors. This is what you missed:
  • Prices of Nikon DSLR went up @ B&H. In the new blog I will have a whole new section of price tracking.
  • I got few confirmations from new owners on new D300 firmware ver. 1.10.
  • A lot of buzz about Nikon D3x due this December. Links: here and here.
  • Email from a reader: "my Nikon Dealer ask me today if 12 MP are enough for me or if I want to get more, like 24 MP. The new cam will be announced soon and that time the first samples shall be available too .... and luck me, I am already listed as one of the preferred customer to get my hands on on one of this samples".
  • I got some hints about the possibility of a new digital Nikonos, but it seems that this is still in early development and we may not see it any time soon. At that point I would not consider this as a serious rumor - this is like 3rd hand information.
  • Costco apparently dropped Nikon D300 from their inventory (source). Why would they do this before the holiday shopping season (or they may not be one this year)?
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  • MattiasK

    Good luck with the switch, be sure to be up and running fast. We cant wait to get more info.

    Best blog on the net!

  • Stephen

    Costco doesn’t carry a lot of stuff at the store that they do online. We have 6 Costcos within 1 hour of me an none of them have ever carried the D300.

    I just bought the d90 from B and H and the price appeared to be $50 more, but once I added it to the cart it was the normal $50 less price. The whole add to cart to see the real price thing is lame. Does anyone know why companies do this?

  • Douglas

    its MAP (Minimum Advertising Price). The Manufacturer sets MAP and that is the lowest price a company can advertise the product at, though they can sell it lower, they cant publish a lower price and maintain thier Authorized Dealer status…

  • Stephen


  • Pablov

    Maybe the Nikon “world-wide” announcement (supposed to be in November) gives us some news about a D3x (and that could confirm the availability or something on december)…

    Would be nice.
    I hope a samaller body (D800/D900) is released soon too, and specially with a GOOD (and REAL Professional, and Usable) HD Movie mode…

    Many people is waiting for that.
    Many to decide between EOS 5D Mark II or a new Nikon…

  • dream on, dude!

  • Nikondreamer

    yes i might be dreaming having new FX body in december with movie but hey, i am sure gonna buy that! I have d80 and currently waiting for new FX body and new 70-200 I really hope NIKON is reading this and listening to all of us 🙂

  • Laurence

    I too am waiting for that dream. I would buy a D90 now but the possibilities of a D4 or D3x with movie mode being out late this year or early the next is too high — Even though there is still no indication of whether this is true, or even whether the movie mode will be developed further than the D90 to compete with the 5DMkII.

  • PHB

    The D300 was always an oniine-only product. Costco uses the online site to sell stuff that they don’t have in their stores.

    I bought my D300 online, it has never been at out local Church of Costco.

    And even if a camera does go out of stock at Costco it means nothing more than that Costco cannot get it at their enormous discounts, not that it is going out of production.

    They have the D300 and D700 online.

  • I noticed the D300 price jump right before they closed for Sukkos, but if you click on the price it will add it to the cart for $1,558. Don’t know why it mattered right before they closed for the week???

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