Today’s recap (we are not done yet)

I received a lot of messages from all over the world today. Here are the most interesting topics:
  • The 379th dpreview newsletter from Monday, September 15th: "We've also got a lot more to come, at least two more previews this week". One of them obviously is the new Canon, but what is the second one? Here is the link to the dpreview preview section - only one review since September 15th. What is the second one going to be?
  • Someone on this site claims to be on the waiting list for a Nikon D3x at his favorite sore (?). I hope he doesn't have to wait long.
  • There are no new "BIG" updates in the latest Rangefinder Magazine - they did promised us more info but they did not deliver. Wimps!
  • Thom Hogan said: "I'm thinking that sometime around early November you might want to come back to that thought and see if you still agree with yourself". Source: dpreview.
Thanks to all readers that submitted tips!

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  • charlie

    Probably the Canon 24 f/1.4, which they had a preview of go up at the same time as the new 5D.

  • Dan

    If anyone else is wondering, Thom Hogan’s comment is directed at some guy saying he loves the 5DMkII and how “it’ll hold Nikon’s feet to the fire.” I don’t know what that idiom means.

  • Daniel

    No, it wont be the lens.
    DPreview dont do lens previews 😉

  • Craig

    They have done one preview so far, but odds are this won’t be a lens preview later this week.

  • Anonymous


  • Blog Admin

    *NR admin yawns too, but still waiting/hoping for midnight announcement*

  • Anonymous

    well the latest update… adobe announces there will be photoshop CS4 coming on the 23rd but just an announcement but not in retailers yet

  • Blog Admin

    Yep, I read somewhere about that.

  • sf_shooter

    Wow, this was so weak. First off, the month isn’t over. Second off, Thom doesn’t know much more than we do. Third off, this is a rumor site with few real rumors — nothing juicy. It’s all speculation like the DPreview’s forums.

  • Blog Admin

    What are your expectations?

  • Anonymous

    your point of coming to nikon rumors is for… what? i dont see one. if you dont like rumors, then what are you doing here?

  • Anonymous

    if you’re on adobe email listing, you should get an email from adobe saying “creative suite 4, 9-23-08” and it includes photoshop cs4 and other “cs4” version of applications… so yeah… thats all whats new with adobe

  • Anonymous

    its 12:04am thursday morning and theres nothing going on dpreview… now im going bed 😀

  • Anonymous

    It means “put someone under pressure”

  • 8923

    Any rumor for prime lens??? Nikon really should update their line….

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