Canon have the technology to “blow the competition away”

I am really scared now! I am filing this under the Humor-Rumor section.
After Canon released EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera, their own engineers are now claiming (I should say whining) that they could do much better if it wasn't for their marketing department. This sounds more like an excuse to me. 
Read the whole story here. Thanks to the person who submitted this link, I find it hilarious.
Btw if Nikon is going to release something it will be either tomorrow (Thursday) or Monday next week. If you see all Nikon sites to go down tonight @ midnight, US eastern time, you will know why. I still do not have any solid confirmation on potential announcement. Maybe this time Nikon was able to keep a secret?
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  • Juergen

    The core of the article at
    is that Canon would “…blow the competition away by adapting the new 50D sensor tech in a full frame format and just easing off a little on the megapixels.”
    Did the guy drink too much Sake?

  • I gave you my ID in the mail…

    Did you not receive my (anonymous) but significant e-mail? Still no word of it here. If you don’t grasp the importance of what I told you at 10:30am today, regarding the 5D mkII, I seriously wonder if I should leak anything else to you.
    What I sent you may seem subtle but it is BIG. If you don’t comprehend the significance of what I told you, this site is quite useless, really….
    Utterly disappointed, risked my contacts to get you a scoop, but nothing here…. Why do I even bother?

  • Blog Admin

    No, I guess the email did not get to me. Can you resend it? I checked my junk mail folder too – nothing. I will check on the mail server now.

  • Jovan

    It does sound like whining. That said, it is widely-known and reported by many reviewers that we are well past the number of ‘necessary’ megapixels. Focusing on noise reduction and other factors in the sensor details would yield greater results as far as image quality. For example, most manufacturers have DX and FX sensors with similar pixel counts — the FX nearly always ‘blow away’ the DX models. That said, given the cheap kit glass most people throw on their DSLRs, it all seems rather silly.

  • Jon Paul

    That’s funny. I think my favorite line is at the end: “Educate yourself on what WB Bracketing is, and buy the best camera – not the one with the biggest numbers next to it.”
    I agree with the sentiment that the main focus shouldn’t be on megapixels, but what does WB bracketing have to do with anything? Especially since almost any DSLR will let you shoot RAW so that you can avoid worrying about white balance (unless you rely on the in-camera histogram, which is not a bad thing). Maybe the author should investigate the real reasons why the focus should not be on megapixels. WB bracketing?

  • Bob

    Canon skimped on the 5D II. Nikon made the D700 by ripping all the tech out of the D3 and stuffing it into a smaller body. Canon has (again) built a camera for the marketing department that is short on many things (AF for one!).

    Having more pixels is great and all but we have now reached the point where the technology surrounding all those pixels is more important than the actual number of pixels on the sensor.

  • Jimmy

    Why would the post a new version of their softwares if they were to annonce a new DSLR a day or two later..

  • somebody

    A “D80” with D3/D700-chip would be nice 😉 For a good price that might me THE 5D killer 😉

  • alex

    maybe the update is already in the new NX

    that could be a reson for the delay of NX after D90

  • Mats

    Even though the Canon people sound full of themselves reading the article, it is probably safe to say that – if product specs were not determined by technically challenged marketing people, we would have seen much more interesting DSLRs a couple of years ago. I’m glad Nikon has taken the first step and is very sorry Canon is not following sooner, since I happened to invest in Canon equipment from the start and I am not eager to make the big switch. If I had none though, right now Nikon seems like the only sensible way to go, their recent DSLRs seem much more “complete” so to say…

  • Edd

    It’s been proven through the Sony A900 that more megapixels mean nothing other than more noise. Nikon knew this with the D3. When quizzed about the apparent lack of pixels, they were quick to point out the consequences of more pixels being crammed onto the sensor.

    The only reason companies like Phase One and Hasselblad get away with 40mp+ sensors is because of the physically larger sensors and lower ISO.

  • Pablov

    It seems nothing new from Nikon will happen today….

    Will be next week?

  • Whoknows

    Well, they may have the technology, but apparently lack a fair bit of common sense and inter-departmental communication 😛

  • i-hate-sony

    i luv nikon actually but… i hate them using sony sensor…

    nikon body… sony inside..

  • SB

    These comments just crack me up, talk about whining. I can’t wait to see what you all say when Nikon intros a 24MP camera…then the story will change. The Canon engineer is exactly right: marketing IS controlling Canon’s products, and (as an engineer) I can tell you it is annoying as hell when you KNOW what really needs to be done, but some pointy head comes in, no clue whatsoever, and tells you what to do. Worse yet…you gotta do it, too. You’d be whining too, I guarantee it.

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