Canon 5D Mark II: “Nikon and Sony are going to shit their pants”

"I’ve been playing with the new “5D Mark II” for the last month and I have to say, both Nikon and Sony are going to shit their pants. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m biased, but seriously, it’s good."
Nikon cannot afford not to release a new camera @ Photokina.
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  • Richard Smith

    There is no excuse for using crude language. I guess it best describes the one using it. The message surely gets lost.

  • Blog Admin

    If he is really playing with the new Canon, he just broke his NDA… on the Internet…

  • Craig

    Just check out the comments about this blog over at Even with the name Fake Chuck Westfall we should see that this isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

    Lots of inside jokes and exaggerations. I imagine a Ken Rockwell article would have more credibility than this blog. 🙂

    As for Nikon releasing a camera at Photokina, they don’t have a long history of doing so. Most major camera announcements take place away from these big trade shows. But Nikon has done a lot of things differently lately, so we’ll see.

  • fred

    This is just pure humor (a parody).

    The real Chuck Westfall is a wall known manager from Canon USA, giving a lot of technical interviews.
    That’s why his name was chosen for this parody.

  • wha

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t tell that this is a joke and the technical specifications he includes don’t make any sense at all, you should not be administering a camera rumor blog. Find someone with a basic knowledge of photography to help you screen stories.

  • Blog Admin

    You should take everything here with a grain of salt. I knew it wasn’t real – even his URL FakeChuckWestfall says it is fake.

    Do you believe also in the Canon Evolution? It’s fake, you know…
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