The crystal ball strikes back

Crystal ball coincidence? Probably, but still an interesting observation (brought to you by Bob) see the images here and here and judge for yourself (the D800 picture is old and probably fake).
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  • hades

    i don’t think nikon would let samples go around with a strap sayind D800 in bold yellow letters 🙂

  • Funny Sony states that the sensor is EXCLUSIVE, suggests Nikon sticks to it’s remark that they are dedicated to there own chip-design, as they said when launching the D3…..

  • Mark French

    The problem with this photo is that A) the top of the camera with the flash and the hotshoe is shorter as in the D300 which seems to be the body that the photo was edited from. B) I used a Mesh Warp effect on the sensor area and brought it back to square and it turned out to be a DX mirror, the D300’s.
    C) the strap seems to be from the D80 and the second zero is added.

  • Ghargh

    As far as I know the D80 has only written Nikon on it.

  • Pablov

    I would REALLY like to get some real info about D800 specs 🙁

  • Lauri

    If you look at the straps D800 logo, the left side of the 8 is pretty damn jagged, thou I guess it wasn’t suprise for anyone..

  • JF

    If this is a full frame sensor… how come the pentaprism is so small FX sensors have a much bigger “head” than DX sensors

  • Baloney

    What possible use could a D800 be after the D7 has just been released? If it does have the high MP sensor, then surley it would be released in a D3 type Pro body first, followed much later by a ‘semi-pro’ version. I think this is a load of Baloney. In fact, we should forward it to 🙂

  • Blog Admin

    This rumor got busted already

  • DP

    consider if OTOJI is real and it is 40 megapixels – that is the next pro camera

    that leaves a sony 24 mp sensor to get put into the D800

    it almost makes sense

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