Otoji spy shot (updated)

I got this image as a follow up to this story which was based on the "Big" post. This is suppose to be a cell phone spy shot related to Otoji, but I do not know yet what does it say:
Comments, translations, interpretations are welcome. This could be HUGE! I can't wait to hear what you have to say.
M1 Development Plan
device MX format
device FX format
device DX format
right page (not related to camera)
about Frugality
how to save money
how to save Food expenses
how many time go to storeโ€จetc.

- the word otooji means "parent's younger brother; uncle"

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  • Blog Admin

    I got the humor

  • ishootfilm

    The only relevant info is “MX Format”, which one could figure out without any Japanese knowledge. Would it mean medium format?

    I’d rather see a rangefinder myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andrew Koenig

    The implications of this image are pretty clear to me: Nikon is planning to introduce a third image format, named MX, which will complement FX and DX. MX will be 54×54 mm, almost as big as Hasselblad negatives.

    Here’s my reasoning. The image shows FX as 4256×2832 and MX as 6380×6380. Take 36mm, divide by 4256, and multiply by 6380, and you get 53.96.

    I’m guessing that the “hsx” means high-speed mode.

  • Yoyonel

    I see 3 nikon formats: MX, FX, DX,
    and I see a square 40M pixels MX format. But I can’t read Japanese…

  • maxus


    “I dunt raed Japanise veri welli”

  • Yoyonel

    Wait a minute, I also see that it will use the F mount and you will be able to use FX and DX lenses (see the FX possible formats). This is cool.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that MX is something pretty awesome. Is this the ‘BIG’ thing that Nikon has been spewing about? Wouldn’t it make sense for portrait photographers to have a medium-format camera? Better start saving your coin, boys…

  • Lyr

    +1 Yoyonel: Looks like a new format, medium format-like, with the options to have (from top to bottom): 40,7Mp 27,2Mp or 18,1Mp.

    The FX possibilites are the already known 12,1Mp, 10,1Mp or 8Mp.

    Besides that, we need some japanese skills

  • hulk

    I deeply feel MX stands for Medium, like “Medium Format” ๐Ÿ™‚
    My wish : an affordable 6×7 digital cam !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i have always thought that MX stands for MotoXross??

      Help me!

  • thedetective

    the katakana (letters) after MX, FX and DX read “foomatto”, i.e. “format”, thats what my modest japanese skills allow me to read. and yes, looks like the new baby is called “M1”, following the tradition of F1 and D1.

  • Yeah, looks like MX with medium format cameras coming to Nikon – start the rumors. I will buy one! Unless they have a hasselblad price and i have to buy new lenses.

    To bad it wasn’t written in spanish – I can speak/read spanish.

  • Blog Admin

    I prefer not to comment at this point – yes some of the letters and numbers are obvious but I will let the readers lead this discussion. This could be HUGE!!!

  • thedetective

    I just noticed,… maybe instead of different resolutions, maybe this is a table of removable backs or other exchangable sensor options for the new cam… because the current FX cams don’t let you chose square resolutions… figure this: old lenses + FX back, new lenses (M-Gs??) + MX back…

  • maxus

    huge? or big?……..

  • K

    Yeah, also: M as in Modular, not as in Medium Format, eh?

  • Anonymous

    old news… nikon already have a digital MF since spring

  • christopherd6
  • Arterio

    This is very exciting.

  • Gerugg

    I’m a Japanese. I thought that right page is suspicious.
    It’s seemed like a description of cooking or something. Is that really Nikon’s documents? I guess fake.

  • K

    Um…just had a Japanese friend of mine translate what she could of the text on the page to the right. The text is apparently concerning ways to save money for example by using bought groceries fully and not leaving waste.I guess this was a rather funny prank, then.

  • maxus


  • somebody

    Medium format cookies?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ yummy

  • Ooo

    Looks like it’s got worse banding than the D200!

  • K

    Or…maybe, just maybe, could it be…yes it could! It’s Nikon giving instructions in the user manual about how to cope after spending all your money on the fancy new M1!

  • Whoknows

    Um.. if it IS a screenie, maybe its just another window floating on top? And why didn’t you let your Japanese friend translate the important bits on the left too? I did some googling and think Thedetective is right about that other writing, but what about the rest? Call your friend!

  • Zen-shooter

    I wonder if this something like the Mamiya ZD digital back.

    Wouldn’t it be safe for Nikon to produce just the back that is compatible with Mamiya, Contax and Hassiblad systems, rather than inventing and investing a totally new system?

    No wonder Pentax culled their digital 645 attempt.

    Do like the portrait and landscape 645 mode.

  • The kanji at the left of “M1” means “research/development plan”, just FYI.

  • Blog Admin

    Of course I did ask for translation and more info.

  • Blog Admin

    Why would he/she leave the cookie portion in the image – he/she could submit cropped left side only?

  • rayn
  • Definitely fake.
    Left page says sensor development plan.
    Otherwise right page says “How to save your money at daily shopping for house wife”
    Author should pick better pics.

  • Peter

    Just a thought on the cookery stuff.

    When designing a publication, I remember using gobbledegook latin to fill the text areas if the intended text hadn’t been finalised. Could the cookery stuff be something similar?

  • badenglishsorry

    M1 Development Plan
    device MX format
    device FX format
    device DX format

    right page (not Related about camera ๐Ÿ™‚
    About Frugality
    how to save money
    how to save Food expenses
    how many time go to store

  • BILL

    Crap, what happened to my D3x or D4?

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – I posted it.

  • David Olsen

    6380×6380 and MX ..must be the digital 6X6 medium format ..Although I thought it would not be revealed until feb 2009 for release june 2009

  • Blog Admin

    The source did say (in the previous comments) that this is targeted for March 2009.

  • CW

    Seems odd for Nikon to get into the medium format realm, don’t you think? A very high quality rangefinder would appear to be a better guess/hope/rumor. Also a very high cool factor if we were to see a retro-style Nikon SP-D to challenge the Leica M8, at say the 18-20MP range?

  • badenglishsorry
  • richard p

    just medium apparently…

  • Whoknows

    Well, I thought so too, but think about it.. you go have lunch break, browse some pages you like, leave desk to go to eat, leave windows open? I returned from my lunch today to find my work open and nikonrumors page half over it. If someone took a shot, is it still fake? (OFC no one here is interested in my excel spreadshhets :P)

  • rhlpetrus

    This just doesn’t make sense. Nikon would have to change mount, redesign all lenses, etc. And build a mosnter body, which no Nikon shooter except maybe those who also have Hassys would be interested.

    Forget it, just a prank.

    Now: a modular FX makes sense, accepting both 12MP and 24MP sensor units, which you could change yourself. One in D3 size and other in D700 size, fps and buffer load would change accordingly when sensor module plugs in. Would save money for Nikon to have 4 different possiblities in FX, just 2 assembly lines.

  • Dany

    A medium format dslr that is the same size of a D3 but lets you choose from square 40.7mp to vertical or horizontal Fx. No need for dual hand grips!! Brilliant. Or its just the size of the cookies in pixels.

  • Juste

    The press conference is still planned for tomorrow here in France. But who knows what Mr. Nikon will get our of his magic hat? Still, there should be plenty of things in it…

  • john edward

    this is really the logical next step for nikon in terms of increasing resolution without sacrificing dynamic range.

    this may sound dumb but if they can produce a bigger sensor that will work with existing fx lenses (not cropped) they have a winner!

  • Whoknows

    ..hmm.. is this a schematic of the new sensor array? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Whoknows

    ..is this a schematic of the new MX Sensor aray? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Why would they have to change the mount?
    Why wouldn’t they just make lenses with larger image circles to cover the larger format this way the new lenses would be compatible with FX and DX (just change the backs on the camera or put them on a FX or DX body). Nikon can design lenses with large image circles (look at the tilt-shift lenses) I think that if such a camera did exist they would keep the lens mount the same but the lenses for it would be larger than the average Nikkor, around the same size as the tilt shifts or lenses like the 105VR and pricy like the tilt-shifts.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Makes sense to me. What in cooking would have
    M1 Development Plan
    device MX format
    device FX format
    device DX format
    It could also be a humorous addition, an internal joke within Nikon as any medium format camera will be crazy expensive in the $25,000 range minimum. The Japanese do have a sense of humor.
    I’ll probably never have one myself but I do have customers who would buy one (then with the commission I may eventually be able to afford one).

  • MarkDphotoguy

    The camera would most likely be larger than a D3 to accommodate the larger sensor but Nikon has made magic happen before.

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