More Nikon D90 specs

Sensor cleaning: yes
Card: SD and SDHC
Shutter: 1/4000
Startup time: 1,5 sec
Flash: popup GN 17/56 200 ISO
Viewfinder: Coverage 96% magnif. 0,94 x (aprox.)
PictBrige: yes
GPS: accesory

Update: I am posting this exactly as I received it, any comment/interpretation from my part would be a speculation.

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  • Jay

    Any chances it will have a “B” shutter speed setting included?

  • Jay

    Stopmotion movie mode, maybe?

  • Adam

    Is that startup time accurate? Seems a little long to me.

  • Bruno

    i immagine that this time should be with that option of “clean at startup” on. if not, this is quite slow.

  • Boy

    start-up time 1.5 sec, eh?

    shouldn’t it be 0.15 sec? Previous model is set at 0.18 sec. OK maybe I’m wrong.. but 1.5 doesn’t sound too good to me

  • ADG

    i think you ment 0,15 start up time… or as said before maybe with the cleaning system on, but i hope you can disable that

  • tmonk

    Startup time 0.15s I suppose (D300=0.13 D60=0.18)

  • Thilo

    Important question: Will it be available as “body only” from the beginning?
    I don’t want the 18-105 kit lens but rather the new 24-70 🙂

  • Jimmy

    I’ll ask about flash sync speed before Ken does… 😉

  • Anonymous

    According to Circuitcity, D90 features HD movie mode. If this is a recording of the live-view, the movie can only be shot at a fixed focal length.
    The lense is an interesting addition to rival the existing 18-200mm VR, which received a rather below-par review from Let’s find out how this 18-105mm VR will perform.

  • KaEn

    Any words about weather sealing? Maybe at least buttons and battery door?

  • Bibz

    I might have missed it, but what sensor will be in the D90 ? I know it’s 12.3Mpx, but is it the same as the D300 or is it an other type ?


  • Bibz

    Shame on me, i didn’t see the huge post just below…

    I’ll answer myself : Yes it’s the same as the D300

  • SteMa

    “According to Circuitcity, D90 features HD movie mode. If this is a recording of the live-view, the movie can only be shot at a fixed focal length.”

    what does this mean? no focusing or no zooming? or neither? 😀 Dunno how they managed to get the focusing quiet for movie recording…

  • alans

    Pardon I insist… What’s the meaning of

    < < GPS: accesory >>>



  • Siletto

    GPS is supported, you just need to buy your own accessory.

  • alans

    do you mean I just need to buy my own GPS antenna? what kind of connection? BT?

  • reilly1

    Is there a set price yet? or a ball-park figure?
    i really want to upgrade my D50!

  • Blog Admin

    This is the info I got from our source – it could be a typo.

  • Blog Admin

    I am posting this exactly as I received it, any comment from my part will be a speculation.

  • Bibz

    I’ve read something like 1300$ but i don’t know if it’s official

  • Siletto

    Right now, nikon already has a GPS cable ie. 10 pin connector to serial port that many GPS devices use.

    However, since D80 doesn’t have a 10 pin(meaning the D90 likely won’t either), I think they will announce new accessories. May be new cable: usb->serial or some integrated attachment

  • Blog Admin

    I wish I could tell you without killing you. I am joking of course

  • Anonymous

    thats cool but where in the world do you get the pictures and specs if nikon havent announced it??

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it works with Camera Control Pro like the D300 does…

  • Siletto

    “Gives you quick response, with 0.15-second start-up, 65 ms shutter release time lag (CIPA standard) and 4.5 fps continuous shooting.”

    Phew, so it’s 0.15 sec, not 1.5 sec

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