Enjoy – official Nikon D90 pictures and specs – 100% legit (updated)

For our new readers (that have not seen our old posts) - announcement will be on August 27 (Wednesday).

Specs (100% legit):

Video recording
12,3 Mpx.
ISO 200-3.200 plus Lo1 (100) and Hi 1 (6.400)
3" 900.000 dots LCD
11 AF points
Live-View, AF contrast, Face detection
Matrix sensor for metering 420 pixels RGB
Powerful speaker (for video in review mode)

AF-S DX 18-105 mm f/3,5-5,6G ED VR
15 elements/11 groups
1 aspherical
1 ED
1 Hybrid Asph.
Minimum focus: 0,45 m
Diaph. blades: 7

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  • passer-by

    D80 has mirror lock-up mode bud Nikon calls it “Exp. delay mode” – who knows why 🙂
    D90 probably will it has too. I hope…

  • In the last photo it looks similar to the 18-55mm. Does that mean it’ll pop out when it’s focusing? If so, bah humbug, perhaps I’ll just get the body then.

  • SteMa

    that’s maybe because it’s with the 18-55 🙂 look at the focus and zoom ring, it looks nothing like on the first 5

  • Lonely

    Well, if it’s the first one then the d80 is the right choice!! Just wait another month then, when d90 would be available.

  • davidthenikonuser

    it is 12mp. Well that’s what it says up top.

  • Carlos Santi

    The lens on the las picture is de 18-55mm? Looks different to me…

    Congratulations Nikon Rumours for the great work !

  • Anonymous

    I’m coming from a D70; will this really matter to me? I mean…I’m sick of the exposures I’m getting from the 70, especially indoor, yet a D40 I borrowed for a few weeks rendered outstanding results.

  • davidthenikonuser

    That would be nice, but I bet you it will use the same grip as the D80 used.

  • Siletto

    Holy &*%#. FACE DETECTION!!!! I was ok with video, but face detection…?!?!?!!

    btw, DPreview says the 3″ on the D300 is 922,000 pixels, the D90 is 900,000 dots. Are they different or the D90’s number just rounded?

    Looks all nice never the less

  • davidthenikonuser

    It’s SD card. I bet in the next couple years SD cards will take over and CF will die. SD cards are getting faster and are up to 32gb.

    CF, SD I could care less. They both store photo’s.

  • The lens in the top photo looks different from the one in the bottom photo. The one in the bottom seems to same pop up barrel thing when you focus as the 18-55mm. Except in that photo, it has a VR switch.

  • abcd

    That’s a relief. I hope they adjust it to avoid the over exposure problem of the D80. If the D90 meters better than the D80, I can’t wait to buy one. If it meters the same as the D80, I will consider other brands.

  • CAGE

    thanks… i’ll be waiting

  • maddoc

    Does it has an internal GPS?

  • James

    If this camera truly has a decent video function, I could very well be moving over to Nikon from the Canon camp (unless Canon can come up with something as good this week).

    Can anyone wager a guess as to whether a ‘stitch-assist’ like function might be available on the D90 since there’s sortof a ‘live’lcd view? I take a fair number of photos for panorama stitching, and it’s that ‘stitch’ function (along with the video) that have kept me from moving to dSLRs… until now…

  • silverfire

    All that’s left for me to be 100% committed to buying the D90 instead of 97% is whether the camera has the same CA-fixing feature that the D300 has.

  • jmm

    Uh? Did I miss something? NO sensor cleaning?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I’m imagining it’ll have an MB-D90 specifically for it; I’m hoping it’ll be a bar-along-the-bottom, like the D300’s MB-D10, and not the L-shaped ugliness that the D200 and D80 had before it.

    If it’s MB-D10 style, that would be interesting.

  • Michael

    Where is the line and who do I give my credit card to?

  • jerry

    is the sensor CD or CMOS? any clues

  • somebody

    I’m also worried about the metering…

    What about the video-mode now? 1080?

  • Carter

    Likely it’s the same one as the D300, Meaning it will be a 12.3mp DX (croppped frame) CMOS with sensor cleaning.

    Think of it this way: D300 is to D90 what D200 was to D80 and D3 is to D700

  • Al

    Sensor cleaning? – jeez, marketeers came up with that need… not photographers… does it have a focus motor in the body? Or does it require AFS lenses?

  • Jason

    In the lens specs it says ‘Hybrid Aspherical’ ?? Whats that

  • Jovan

    Are you kidding? Have you ever used a DSLR and actually change the lenses? If so, you’d understand the need for built-in sensor cleaning.

  • Jovan

    Agreed. The missing sensor cleaning, which would actually be useful for those interested in taking quality PHOTOGRAPHS, was obviously ditched for the gimmicky video capture. Given that most “prosumers” -as they are called- never even remove the kit lens, they don’t need it. Those of us actually interested in the IMAGE, need to shell out the bucks for the D300. Too bad.

  • Blog Admin

    I am working on getting a confirmation on the sensor cleaning. It’s SHOULD have one – however I cannot confirm it yet.

  • Jovan

    That would be a huge relief!!

  • Zone99

    Why ‘savy enough not to go for the D300’? What’s wrong with the D300 as a choice? Too expensive? Wrong feature set?

    Curious minds want to know. 😉

  • Al

    You guys get it that “Sensor Cleaning” doesn’t actual clean the sensor right? It shakes off some of the dust which falls into the inside of the camera body. If you always shoot landscape and hold your camera still when traveling – great. Grime from vapors? No weather sealing and that is what you care about. Don’t confuse marketing gimmicks with picture quality.

  • sist


    These are the same lenses, are they not?

  • davidthenikonuser

    sensor cleaning is a gimmick to give it a cool factor. it’s never worked in my cameras. dust is still there.

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, they are – this confirms that our first D90 picture  was real.

  • davidthenikonuser

    sensor cleaning is a joke. whenever I tried it it did nothing. dust was still there. it’s just a dumb gimmick. PS will remove dust.

  • davidthenikonuser

    I hear you. I use PS to remove dust from my pic’s. Most of the crap in the cameras endless menus I never use.

  • Canon EOS 50D anunciada, Nikon D90 en camino

    Canon por fin anunció la oficialmente la rumoreada Canon EOS 50D, sucesora a la 40D. Entre las cosas nuevas están un sensor de 15 megapixeles tipo CMOS, pantalla VGA de 3″, vista “en vivo” en el LCD, ISO hasta 12800 y conector HDMI para televisores de alt

  • Hofbrau

    Gooooooooooooood news!!!!! :))))
    Can we be sure that this is the D300’s sensor? What about the A/D conversion? 12 or 14?

  • Anonymous

    Hybrid aspherical lenses

    This method is used to fabricate hybrid aspherical lenses combining glass and plastic.
    UV-curable resin is injected between the spherical glass and the aspherical metal mold, and irradiated with UV to form a glass-resin hybrid aspherical lens.

    Nikon has technology for each key factor, including materials, fabrication and measurement.

    In other words cheap plastic crap 😛

  • Hofbrau

    Two more questions: what about the EXPEED, and how many fps??? I think these are more important than cheering on the video mode…

  • Xph3rA


    The D90 has 4 games of bonus… tic tac toe, tetris, pong and arkanoid

    un salud0

  • M

    I’m sure it has the Expeed processor. Well, it’s even in the D60!

  • Hofbrau

    OK, that sounds logic. And what do you guys think about the frames-per-second capability?

  • Bridge

    I wonder why only one person in this blog cares about a feature that helps improving image quality. The CA correction (of D300) in JPGs is the thing why I would buy this Camera. I am much more concerned, if the micro grid is a weak point for moisture getting in the camera. If this is the case, I have to buy Pentax because the D300 is too heavy and expensive for me.

  • Anonymous

    Do you work for Nikon? LOL

  • Eric

    Canons new 50D also has face detection.

  • Dashu

    I think it will have the Expeed processor that does the CA correction (as you can see on the D60 too). It’s the latest processor Nikon have, so if they used on d300 and on d60… it should be on d90 too

  • SteMa

    Does the D60 really remove CA? :S I don’t think so.

    Finally nikon gets to the same level of high iso quality as canon does 🙂 And lot of you is worried about the metering system used: did you really have problems with it on the d80? I for one choosing nikon because of the exposure system (including flash exposure), and build quality (feels good in hand). And my friend’s canon 400d misses exposures, and it’s been reported that it does in forums several times. Another thing is the focus on canons. When he was doing portraits, the focus missed ~80% of the time (both back and front focus) under incandescent lighting. What’s the problem with the CAM1000 focusing system?

  • Dashu

    My bad SteMa, i was thinking about D-Lighting, that D60 have it too. Anyway i hope that D90 will have that CA auto removal.

    I like the focus sistem Nikon have (my D50 have). Anyway many users complain about the mettering sistem . I remember Thom Hogan said on dpreview forums that the mettering implementation in the D80 was tweaked to have more shadows details then preserving highligts.

  • CrossFireX

    No larger pictures? These are kinda small!

  • davidthenikonuser

    just because a lens is made cheaper and mostly plastic does mean it’s crap. I use the 28-80mm f/3.3-4.5G lens on my D700 and it’s a sharp lens. I like it if I want a nice light set up for the day. I have the 18-55mm VR also and it’s a great one to for my D40 and D300.

    damn those security code’s!!!! keep f’ing forgetting to typo them in.

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