Enjoy – official Nikon D90 pictures and specs – 100% legit (updated)

For our new readers (that have not seen our old posts) - announcement will be on August 27 (Wednesday).

Specs (100% legit):

Video recording
12,3 Mpx.
ISO 200-3.200 plus Lo1 (100) and Hi 1 (6.400)
3" 900.000 dots LCD
11 AF points
Live-View, AF contrast, Face detection
Matrix sensor for metering 420 pixels RGB
Powerful speaker (for video in review mode)

AF-S DX 18-105 mm f/3,5-5,6G ED VR
15 elements/11 groups
1 aspherical
1 ED
1 Hybrid Asph.
Minimum focus: 0,45 m
Diaph. blades: 7

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  • Sean

    Anyone know what the D90 will use: SD or CF?

  • eric

    If the display is a 3″ it is about the same size as the 80. If not bigger judging from this picture:

  • BG

    Looks like a rather small body to me, no? The 18-55 DX VR isn’t a huge lens, but the body looks quite small even with this lens attached (and I would guess the 18-105 VR is about the same size as the 18-135 DX).


  • Anonymous

    See if you can find out a ship date!
    As always, THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    Any definitive news on a UK price?

  • SteMa

    WOOHOO 😀 I see the grill, so let’s still hope for a video mode, but I see no dedicated button.

  • Da_mENIZ

    Looks real to me. Nice refinements over d80. Should be a good deal for peeps with more than D60 desires, and savy enough not to go for D300

  • bradford

    yipee…can you give us the spec?

  • Torgo

    Looks like Target thinks it’s a 12.3 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, they’re page for it doesn’t give pricing info yet (thanks to Google for helping find it!)


  • Jimmy

    Isn’t that a video clip icon just over the OK pad?

  • Bruno

    YEAH!!! AF cervo!
    top lcd; both front and real dial; HUGE 3″ LCD.. all really nice!
    looks very good. now, just wait 2 days until official specs.

  • Segura

    Looks good. More info please 🙂

  • Jimmy

    Yeah, lets hope that it’s a 1mpix LCD 😉

  • Stephen

    Can anyone make out what icons are on the buttons above and below the directional pad?

  • Anonymous

    No LiveView?

  • Jimmy

    Specs are there, it is the D300 screen and probably the same sensor too!

  • MalejJarda

    Rather LiveView…

  • zoorek

    No, that’s LiveView button (it says: Lv)

  • SteMa

    video recording, with “real movie-like” quality

    why is it quoted? what is real movie-like? any specs on resolution, fps, codec?

  • Looks interesting. Where did these come from I wonder?

  • sloma_p

    It can record videos with rear LCD used as viewfinder – it’s bound to have LV too 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any chance it’ll use the same grip as the D300?

  • Anonymous

    Is LiveView supporting the DoF preview? Maybe movies will be recorded at default aperture?

  • Doc

    Fake. . . Just kidding 🙂

    This will be the perfect camera to give my wife, so I can buy a D700 🙂

  • This is too cool! All we need now is the official release date, and we will be set 😀

  • kurotsu-kun

    What’s the lowest button on the right of the LCD, any ideas? It wasnt there on the D80, or rather, the D80 has the OK button in this place, which moved to the centre of the jog-dial.
    Could this be a video-button?

  • Andrew

    I would guess that the Video Mode would be an option on the top dial.

  • Bruno

    indeed, all i currently need is a AF cervo and higher resolution, all the other stuff are relevant for my uses. people say that wait for new tech stuff is a dumbness. but my good old D40 is hanging on nicely, so i could choose not to get a D80 and wait for the (by the time, only a rumored) D90.. i’m starting to see that being pacient was a good thing.

  • matt

    aren’t there any hi-res pics?

  • Mikael


  • Renato

    Just like the D80, great looks, best ergo among cameras in the price range.

    The back is also same, just with larger LCD and now the OK button in the 4-way dial, all nice buttons on left.

    It’ll be very successful, Nikon is doing well these days.

  • Loa

    Any chance that this D90 does NOT use SD cards???

    Maybe they decided to go back to CF for speed: 12 mpx + 4.5 fps = a LOT of data transfer…


  • none

    Will there be something like the MB-D80?

  • somebody

    SDs got faster too. Look at the pics and you’ll see a card-door like on the D80.

  • rumor reader

    Any guess on body only pricing? Maybe $900-1000?

  • jih568

    I posted one of these pictures in Fredmiranda long time ago… haha

  • Olli

    This is a dream camera! Only if it could produce 6Mp NEF. Maybe its nice to have room for cropping, but I’d prefer less noise and faster workflow. Damn megapixel rat race.

  • Blog Admin

    Well, we got them all plus the specs – the specs are exclusive for NR.

  • rumpelhund

    Everything looks good on this camera, except I’d love not to see the 420 pixel RGB-Sensor that gives me pain on my D80’s exposures.

    Hope the video mode is usable (focus, exposure, resolution, sensitivity); would save me quite some euro from the video cam-budget to capture my kiddies movements and sounds. Dream to allow for real wide angle video (unlike the consumer-video cams that go no wider than eq. 50mm*0.6). A film camera with such big pixels (5.6micron if I’m not mistaken) and 1.4-Optics is a dream come true!

    Thanks Nikon, thanks Nikonrumor!

  • rumpelhund

    The door is definitly SD as on the D80.

    I did not SD when I came from D70 to D80, but as many laptops take it without further hardware and it’s less fragile (had an expensive repair on my D70 when a CF-pin in the camera got bent), it’s OK.

    Furthermore: SD becomes kind of standard on the video cameras so will stay available huge (16GB and 32GB!) and for long.

  • While the D90 looks great, any idea if additional lenses will be announced on the 27th?

  • Xoreth

    I think it will more likely be the “Info” button.

  • CAGE

    with this new D90 coming out, is the price for the D80 going to drop??? should i wait to buy the D80… or what should i do?

  • Lonely

    I would surely buy a d90 instead of d80.
    It’s a quantum leap!

  • IM

    Anyone know if it will have a mirror lock-up mode. So far that’s all thats been really missed in the Dxx series from Nikon. Impossible to take astronomy pics

  • SteMa

    They must have got the focus in live view faster to keep up during video recording, but what about the focusing noise? :/ I’m a bit sceptic now

  • abcd

    I can’t believe that they are using the Matrix metering from the D80. To me, that is THE biggest thing wrong with the D80. It seems like now it will be the biggest thing wrong with the d90 too. That was the ONE thing I was really hoping they were going to fix and probably the one thing that would make the biggest improvement in IQ. I hope they’ve tweaked it somehow.

  • Jimmy

    Saw that too. Now I’ll have to wait for reviews instead of ordering on the first day just because of that incertitude. Anyway I guess I’ll have to see if the new lens is any good too.

  • CAGE

    i would like to buy the D90 instead of the D80 but i think the price is a little bit too high for my first dslr. i hope prices get lower on the d80

  • Anonymous

    Actually, having the meter of the D80 isn’t an overall bad thing. What will be annoying is if the metering is implemented like in the D80, ie, there’s a tendency to focus on the central area of the viewfinder even when in matrix meter mode. Presence of a specific matrix meter and implementation of that matrix meter are two separate things.

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