Nikon D90, 12.3MP w/18-105mm @ Target

Some details:

  • Estimated Ship Dimensions : 10.7 inches length x 8.5 inches width x 7.9 inches height
  • Estimated Ship weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Catalog # : 10987976 ASIN: B001ENOZY4 DPCI: 241-18-0017

Thank you JS!

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  • Blog Admin

    Did you check your computer inventory?

    I do not understand why the big retailers are updating their systems weeks/months before the product becomes available. I guess they do not want to miss any sells or they know that we will catch them – free publicity
  • dps

    Could it be possible (yes, I know that just about anything is possible) that Nikon is not merely announcing the D90 next week, but is also going to be shipping them to suppliers as well? It just seems like more and more retailers are getting ready to sell. I have not followed as closely the other releases from Nikon here lately, so I am also wondering if those products (D60, D3, D300, D700) also had the same build-up or vendor preparedness? I realize that vendors/suppliers have a heads-up, but it seems as though the ones who have been revealed on here are ready to “sell, sell, sell…” That is good, because I am ready to buy!

  • Blog Admin

    Or maybe they have shipped D90 already to all resellers and it will available on the day of the announcement?

  • Douglas

    alrighty, here is what my experience is. i work as the assistant manager for a local (however small) retail camera shop here in SD. i have spoken continuesouly with our local Rep.’s trying to vie any information i can, and honestly i am getting more information from sites like this than i am from them! lol. now, i can tell you this, Nikon has NOT shiped, and quite frankly has made no announcement special to retail shops about these products! and as a specialty camera dealer i can justifiably say that we would have been among the first to know about these products…

  • dps

    Hmmm… interesting! Would Nikon forego the use of smaller distributors for the D90 release (initial release that is)? That is a stretch to even imagine. I’m hoping they will simply say that they are ready to ship…

  • Anonymous

    It’s only 4.4 pounds to ship the d60 and 6 pounds for the d80 🙂

  • John Thomas

    Most of that weight likely lies in the new lens. But it does “seem” like the AF motor IS included….

  • Douglas

    i have checked everything, we are a mom and pop shop so we dont have any real computer invintory, but i have spoken many times with the owner and he has no information beyond what i give him lol. i can tell you from past experiences that Nikon would not forgo the small specialty shops like this. typically everybody gets a base number at the same time in teh first shipment, then things become sporadic from then on depending on how many are ordered and avaliability. for example, my shop still has a D700 in stock because we havent been able to sell it from the original shipment, but all the other major supliers in the area cant keep them on the shelves and cant get them in stock for that matter.

  • Douglas

    from a marketing perspective, the D90 has better have the focusing moter included in the body. if not then what is the point? you might as well discontinue the D60 and let the D90 take over that market share. but to do that they would eleminate an entire sect of the market who wants a smaller, lighter weight and cheeper body but still wishes to maximize the selection of Lenses. i personally (even as an advanced amature/semi professional) would NEVER concider buying a D40/60 because of the lack of moter drive in the camera, but the D300 is still out of my general price range… to take the D80 series away from me, would completely eleminate people like me from thier market share!

  • Dude, it’s fake. Go to Target. Search for “D90.” The only hit is an espresso maker. Tried “Nikon D90.” Got this message: “no items match Nikon D90.”

  • Douglas

    for some reason i dont think it is a fake… its too well intigrated with the actual target website. i just dont think they have added the page to thier key terms for searches yet… it looks like a “free floating” page for now…

  • Blog Admin

    Bruno, did you ever click on the link? Maybe you should.

  • Jimmy

    Maybe it just doesn’t come out in the search because it is not in stock yet.

    I wonder if they are also prepared to sell the “body only”. I’m pretty sure that I would get a 16-85mm for my D90.

  • Dashu

    Nice link, they even got pictures there All i can say i like the new D90.

  • Lee Harrell

    Target took the page down.

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