Just a Nikon D400 prediction

Not really a rumor, just a prediction for Nikon D400 (this is why we have Page 2). I am not sure what is "FX format with a DX sensor" but hey, what do I know:

D400 will be FX format with a DX sensor inside.
5 fps at FX, 6,5 fps at DX format.
16 MP in FX, 6.9MP at DX format.
A new LCD, with 3,5" two fingered touch screen (wow)
Possible release will be May 2009
Extreme predictions : May have a GPS and wireless system
Expected price tag will be around 4300US$/Euro

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  • Nocturno

    probably meaning “with a DX mode”

  • Worst prediction ever. The D400 will be plain old DX, 14 megapixels, (although I hope they stay at 12) …and pretty much the same specs as the D300 other than all the new latest gizmos and gadgets, whatever is “gotta have” in late 2009 or early 2010. Built-in GPS and/or wifi could be correct, I’d hope, etc. But it’ll stay at 6 FPS, 3″ LCD, and $1700 etc…


  • Rainer Lehmann

    Yeah, DX again, we already have three FX formats when the D3x comes eventually. I hope for 18 MB. 12 or 14 is the same. I crop 95% of shots, so e.g. 12 MB is too little. because I end up often with 6 or even less MB. Noisewise it should be almost the same as the D300; A Swivel LCD would be nice, you can’t always shoot people as if you shoot them with a gun.

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