Possible merger betweeen Fuji and Nikon

From dpreview:
"I went into my local camera shop today, and the manager there said he'd heard rumours of a possible merger betweeen Fuji and Nikon - a bit like the one between Konica and Minolta a few years back, though hopefully without the unhappy ending. Anyone know anything more about this?"
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  • Bryce

    I doubt it. Fuji really only has sensor tech to add to nikon’s portfolio. And seriously, at this point, what does Nikon need them for?

  • rumpelhund

    I like the idea: the excellent SuperCCD from Fuji with its benefits from the S5pro combined with low-noise D3-technology (much of it is software, after all!) in a usable handling (sorry, S5 really drives you mad by unusability).

    Fuji did not invest enough manpower and engineering to challange nikon or canon with their camera and operating system, but did very well with chip-technology. With Nikon as a closer support and not only supplier I would love to see a Fuji-CCD in FF.
    Maybe this will be the much-guessed-about future Nikon-DSLR??? If so, this is definetly the first mentioning ;~))

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