First Nikon D700 order received

Someone just got lucky today:
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  • richard p

    Got the first 2 (yes TWO) D700s in at my place of employment today. Embargoed until tomorrow. SB900 speedlite and 3X 24-120 lenses as well. Played with the d700 for a bit – Disappointingly small viewfinder, cheap CF cover and a clunky sounding shutter. Doesn’t feel as good in the hand as the d300 or d3. Shutter sounds cheap and less refined. I played with it for 10 minutes so forgive me for no detailed run down. Idiot beep is on by default (like all the amateur nikons) and the SB900 is HUGE! Bound to be a very popular camera though.

  • Helmut

    I’m very interested to see pictures from D700 and the 24-120 VR Nikkor. Is there anything in the www?

  • Blog Admin

    Interesting – now we will start getting “real world” feedback. Thanks.

  • Blog Admin

    Just go to or to my flickr photostream (link on the left side bar).

  • Picked up my pre ordered D700 in Dublin,
    just about to unpack

  • Blog Admin


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