Nikon D90 specs

Update: this rumor got busted.

I am not sure if those specs are the real deal - I found them on dpreview:

An APS-C sized 12.2 megapixel cmos sensor with liveview capabilities. 
Continuous shooting rated at 4 fps for 38 large/fine jpegs. 
The same viewfinder as the d80. 
A new 3" LCD display with 230,000 pixels (same as Nikon coolpix s52c) 
anti-dust facilities (sensor shake only, no airflow control from the d60) 
New Expeed processing. (i don't see how that will help) 
ISO sensitivity same as d80 (100-1600+3200),But lower noise. 
Liveview system identical to d300,d700,d3. 
In camera retouching. 
Same 3d color matrix metering II (420 pixel sensor) 
The Nikon d90 may also be sold with a new dx lens the 18-105 vr lens 
the price will be around 1300$ us with that kit. 
Should I add a poll?
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  • hades

    Don’t even bother!

  • Bruno

    how to make a good looking fake: post what everyone expects.
    a smaller D300, like the D80 was from the D200.
    but there is a thing, if it uses the same sensor as the D300 (as it have the same capabilities), why the iso settings are different?

  • RobJ

    Agree 100%. If it has the same sensor as the D300, it should have the same ISO settings. That means 200-3200, not 100-1600.

  • Martin

    Thanks for posting this.

    less noise sounds nice. but again that shitty matrix metering? C’mon, Nikon…. I don’t wanna watch the highlights all the time like on my D80…

    And I’m not sure what to expect from the 18-105 lens’ image quality… kit quality and then such a long range?

  • Jamie

    I have found that the blown highlight problem goes away under center-weighted metering. In fact, I use center-weighted metering %99 of the the time, and *never* matrix metering. I never really understand the point of it.


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