More leaks or more spelling mistakes?

Do you remember our D3x leaks or spelling mistakes sequence?

Updated: I guess the reference here was for multiple D3s and not a model D3s. Ooops!
Here is another one (thanks Peter): it seems that Mr. Scott Kelby owns a Nikon D3s:
Spelling Bee contest anyone?
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  • hulk

    … and meanwhile, still no news from Canon marketing dept …

  • Rem

    On Kelby site D3s means many D3 🙂

  • Dan

    Haha wow, this is getting bad. “D3s” OBVIOUSLY means more than one D3, as in plural.

  • MN

    I think I remember the D3s being suggested as a special for sports/photojournos with a higher frame buffer. I recall something about a past model that had these somewhat rare, unbadged ‘specials’. Could be that which Scott Kelby refers to.

  • Blog Admin

    I guess it was not so OBVIOUS for me – if you go down the list, you will notice that there are number indicating how many pieces are in his inventory. There is nothing in front of the D3s…

  • Arterio

    “D3s” = more than one “D3”

  • Blog Admin

    I got it. I go it. I updated the post already. Thanks.

  • richard p

    Mr Rockwell does do that sometimes, probably just to save him updating the pages later on. He’s done similar things for mentionings of the D700.

  • Blog Admin

    How about if he is wrong. This means that he is 100% sure that Nikon D3x is coming. That’s why we reported it.

  • eyrieowl

    let’s look at this another way: he has a page for the canon 5d mk ii. does this mean he’s 100% sure it’s coming? no, but it drives traffic, and pays his bills. and, in a way, he can’t miss. there will be a high resolution nikon fx camera. there will be a successor to the 5d. there will be a successor to the d80. he isn’t predicting when, and as far as i can tell, he doesn’t have any quality sources of information, just the odd email someone sends him with rumors (which they probably heard here! 🙂 ) so…he’s probably not wrong, but his is the last site i’d go to for special inside info.

  • eyrieowl

    not to beat a dead horse…but does that mean the d4 page he put up today is confirmation of the d4 rumors? 😉

  • Blog Admin

    My point was that he will not do this if he did not have any expectations for that model, which in a way is what I like to call “a confirmation of a rumor” – many people do not like this term but I think it makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for you feedback.
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