High resolution scan of Nikon D700 in ProfiFoto article

Update: now the second page is also available @  http://www.flickr.com/photos/nikonrumors/
(files too big to upload)
Thanks Dan!
I hope this server will not die on us. I will post this also to http://www.flickr.com/photos/nikonrumors/

See the google translation here.
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  • El Ripato

    Hmmm, so this baby is gonna cost me
    (4818 US$) – (2000 €) = 1667.2$ – very neat indeed 🙂

  • Taschmahal

    What about the other page?

  • Anonymous

    That’s a bit optimistic list price is 2599 euro

  • So,
    I am confused. With this camera, why would anyone buy a d3?

  • Ben

    2000 euros? surely not? that would screw the D3 and the D300, but I guess would defeat the 5D? being about on par price wize.

  • Anonymous

    Speed? The D3 is still faster.

  • Very poor diopter adjustment dial location : it looks like something they forgot and put on at last minute
    Anyway, nice looking body, flash and full size prism : it can be done 🙂

  • Bruno
  • Alain2x

    “price wise”, wait ’till Sony comes in the game, with an Alpha900 FF, and under 3000$, like D700 and Canon 5D

    Who will score, then ?

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – this is the real deal!

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