HERE IT IS – FIRST OFFICIAL NEWS – Nikon D700 from Germany

Juts got it from Germany (from the ProfiFoto magazine):

Sorry, this is the original jpg - I cannot read the details either.
For the full story of this magazine, read this post and this post.
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  • Blog Admin

    No way

  • Blog Admin

    Do you believe now? See the new post.

  • harry


  • mt

    I’ve just looked at the italian official distributor (
    they have, in the pages dedicated to the Nikon product, surprisingly listed D200 and D80 as NEW
    ( and
    Maybe they are just preparing the pages to receive the new data on D700 and D90…

  • freddyc

    This is looking good! Would really like to see a proper scan where we can read the article. Looking at a translation of the web page from where this was originally posted, it’s almost word for word what was posted in yesterday’s leak of the ProfiFoto, which suggests that the poster hadn’t seen the magazine, only this web page…

  • zack

    The view finder? Pleeeeease, is it 95% or 100%???

  • Jason

    Viewfinder is 95%.

    Wierd, the SB900 seems to be “moving off” of the page in the scanned picture

  • Blog Admin

    That’s why it is important to aways keep an eye on the rumors.

  • RobJ

    I noticed that as well about the SB900. It seems a shame to ruin such good Photoshopping with such an obvious mistake.

  • B

    I just purchased a d300 so I am hoping the d700 is gonna cost upwards of $3000 plus. I’m going to be mad if it’s gonna be a cheap camera eg, a bit above the d300 price.

  • Blog Admin

    …and that’s why Nikon keeps everything secret…

  • Peter Griffin

    I caught so many photoshop errors on this “magazine”

    1) Magazine “pixel” all across EXCEPT clean viewfinder.
    2) SB-900 sticking out of the bottom of page.
    3) Spot Metering symbol isn’t even with other metering modes.
    4) SB-900 is actually a Metz flash.
    5) Forgot to add CF door release lever.
    6) The pages are TOO white for a magazine – normal magazines, you can see text through from the back page.

    Tsk Tsk Tsk.

  • M…

    Just thinking out loud and speculating. Will the “next D80” or D90 whatever be FX too? Thinking back about the sensor-evolution of the D2x, D200, D80.. That would be awesome 😉 What do you think?

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