Nikon SB900

Besides the new DSLR bodies and lenses, we are also suppose to see a new SB900 flash from Nikon very soon.

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  • hmm,I actually planned to buy a sb600 next month.i wonder do they come out a replacement model of sb600 as well.if yes,I should put this mindset a stop first.

  • Now THIS is a new rumor to me! And personally, I think the SB800 could use a few key upgrades. The flash is already pretty close to perfection, but two things that come to mind are a PHYSICAL commander/remote switch instead of that stupid menu, and weather-sealing.

    These two features, and I’ll pay up to $400!


  • Jonathan

    you know why i like this? this could mean lower prices for the SB-600 and SB-800, which i definitely need!

  • baubau

    i wonder if these would be similar, since Nikon and Sony have such a close relationship now…

  • Blog Admin

    Sony did a good job with that model. I hope Nikon will follow.

  • Blog Admin

    I am still struggling to find any more info on that.

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