Another Nikon D700 picture

Real or Fake? That is the question:

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  • Renato Pedrosa

    Looks fake. The whole right side has signs of PS, top too. At least now it’s a prime FF lens (105mm).

  • Renato Pedrosa

    7 on logo should be this one:

    (Called attention to by Thomas Comerford at DPr)

  • ABMann

    They didn’t do a very good job cleaning up the 700 in the strap. I can see blotches and blurry edges.

  • freddyc

    These really are getting worse. All you “Real” voters need to look a bit closer. And all you fakers you really must try harder – changing the 3 to a 7 and sticking a couple of blobs on the side just isn’t good enough – where are all you PS artists, come on show us what you can do and keep us entertained until some real pictures are out there!!

  • Mozart

    Hi guys!

    I know that the sales offices personal for Nikon in Sweden were called into the main Nikon office today to get product updates information from Nikon head quarters. It is unknown what kind of product updates this is about but I think we will know more in the comming days if this includes any new SLRs.

  • fotomik

    Hmm. That VF DOES look like the real thing should look like, on the baackside that is. I was hoping for a D3-style VF-covering, but that would kill the chance for a built-in flash.

    As to Mozart’s comment, I just realized that our head of staff took a day off today… I wonder where went?

  • Dan

    people is stupid for sure.

    we have tom’s predictions, spy pictures, camera websites with pre-sale D700 and people still calling FAKE?

    it’s REAL!!!

  • orion84

    According to the Exif data it is shot with an Canon PowerShot SD700 IS (Ixus 800 IS, for us Europeans). Which is not the most recent camera, but even that can deliver way better quality images than this. Apart from all the other signs that have already been mentioned, this even more makes me say this is fake. Seems the crappy quality is there only for covering op traces of PhotoShop editing.

  • Ryan

    I don’t think anyone is saying the camera is fake, they’re just saying this photo is fake.

    The only plausibly legit photos were the original advertising photos taken with a cell phone. This one above is fake.

  • Mike

    Thats a d200 foo, you noobs have to look a little bit closer, lol.

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