German magazine ProfiFoto is also waiting on a big secret on July 1st

Wo ist die neue ProfiFoto?

Gähnende Leere im Briefkasten, verstaubte Regale beim Zeitschriftenhändler – keine aktuelle Ausgabe 7-8 der ProfiFoto weit und breit! Warum? Ganz einfach: Aufgrund aktueller Produktneuheiten, die noch so geheim sind, dass ProfiFoto noch nicht einmal andeuten darf, in welchem Bereich und von welchem Hersteller die neuen Produkte kommen werden, wurde der Erstveröffentlichungstermin der ProfiFoto auf den 1. Juli verschoben. Ab diesem Termin dürfen wir unsere Leser dann brandaktuell mit den wichtigsten News zu den neusten Produkten versorgen. Das wird ProfiFoto dann auch in gewohnt kompetenter Form tun und auch diesmal mit einem Heft, das stark an Umfang zugelegt hat.

Auf 134 Seiten plus 28 Seiten Spezial warten eine Fülle an Themen, darunter die besten Bilder des Wettbewerbs Screenings 08 und der Hasselblad Masters sowie ein spannender Vergleich zwischen Kompaktblitzgeräten und Generatoren, ein interessanter Einblick in Adobes Forschungsabteilung, ein Test der gängigen RAW-Software und vieles, vieles mehr.

Fazit: ProfiFoto 7-8/08 erscheint am 1. Juli 2008 - und das Warten lohnt.

In English this means something like: "our latest copy was delayed because of a new secret product that will be announced on July 1st. It will all be worth it."

I know we have few people from Germany reading this blog - a better translation please?

Via Nikon Watch

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  • Adrian

    Hello, your translation is ok. I m from Germany and there are no other details named in this text,except that the news is so hot that they are not even allowed to say which category ore company it is. So we just have to wait a little while….;-)
    Greetings from Berlin

  • Csar

    Don’t have time for a word by word translation, but it goes like this: the new release of the monthly appearing Profifoto magazine has been delayed just to include the announcement of a big company on the 1st of july. It’s highly secret, even the name of the manufacture is under closure. But they promise the wait will be worth it.

  • RumpelHund

    “Where’s the July/august issue of ProfiFoto that should be found on shelves and postboxes these days? Delayed! We have product news that are so hot but may not be disclosed before July 1st that we decided to postpone this release to provide you with all the details up to date. On July 1st.”

    That’s what the text is all about plus some promotional blabla.

    I wonder how they will deliver their printed news to the resalers without disclosure before this date… look out for printer’s and deliverer’s informations!

  • Another UK magazine is holding off it’s publication, to stick in the Nikon announcements.

    These kind of hot news is best dealt in the internet media. These magazines will go out of date on publication date, July 1, 2008. People rely on the internet media for up to date information.

    Now, if these magazines have an early prototype with them and have already done a mini-review of the camera, then all bets are off!

    – Elan

  • Perfect timing! just sold my D200 to buy a second D300 which will surely now drop in price.

    Of course then I’ll have to sell my other D300 to fund my new D700. Doh!

  • Blog Admin

    Vielen Dank!

  • Blog Admin

    Thank you too!

  • Blog Admin

    Can you get us more info? What is the magazine name? Website? Keep us informed please.

  • plural

    Just a complement : the german text puts a plural to the new products… (but the company is a singular)

  • Admin

    Hi all,
    I live in Holland, being next to Germany, got the translation you asked for:

    Where’s the latest edition?? Letterboxes remain empty, empty shelves at the bookstore…
    It seems the latest edition, july- august 2008, of PROFI-FOTO is unavailable everywhere!!!


    Simple, our researchers have discovered exiting and stunning news!
    So extremely secret, that we were only allowed info, after explicitly having to promise,
    not to, even vaguely, mention either a product or a brand !!!!

    That is why we are absolutely certain, that you will forgive us for delaying our release date to july, the 1st.
    Rest assured, that, we will cover this spectacular news in our usual, professional and detailed manner, so that you will receive up-to-date and reliable information, as soon as possible.

    As an added bonus, this latest edition comes loaded with extras! Up to a max of 134 pages and 28 pages of speciality themes, you’ll get every cent you’ve paid for!

    regards, Paul

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