Eyewitness report: Nikon D80 – warehouse out of stock

From someone that works in a major US authorized dealer:

"Our warehouse is totally out of D80's, which hasn't happened for a very, very long time. Take that as you will."

I take that and the previous post as a clear indication the Nikon D90 is coming soon (they may also call it Nikon D80x, but I doubt that).
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  • Sandro

    Nikon needs a camera in the 12 – 14 Mpixel range, with LiveView and, of course, what already exists, dust removal and SDHC compatibility. Or, in the mid-class (1200-1500 $) Nikon will suffer heavvy losses to Canon, Samsung / Pentax, Sony.

  • I Can not wait for the Latest Nikon Products with better technology.

  • tukangpoto

    I always wait nikon DSLR camera change the “sony sensor” in their product with the “new nikon own sensor technology”.

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