We were one of the first to report on the Nikon D10 pictures

Just for the record (and our own ego): we were one of the first to
report the D10 pictures on June 6 (scroll down for actual post).
Today (5 days later) the whole Internet is booming with this rumor
(Engadget, Gizmodo, dpreview, PhotographyBay,....).

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  • Jon

    While perusing the blogs today, I was thinking the exact same thing. Good job reporting these janky photos first. in fairness, I think less Nikon-related sites need to time out their reports since they cover so many different topics, and I believe Thom Hogan’s June 16 deadline is coming up…

  • Joe

    you guys do a good job. keep it up.

  • Blog Admin

    Wow, wow my friend take it easy. Where is your sense of humor. Do I have to put smiley faces every time I am joking? Come on, we are both Floridians, we should know better (or maybe this is the problem).

    Punk? Yes, I am – I do like punk music.
  • Blog Admin

    Thanks, we will – some people forget that those are all rumors and not Nikon’s official press releases.

  • Blog Admin

    Do you think this is a coincidence – this rumors come just few days before the official announcement (according to Thom Hogan)?

  • Haha, yeah I saw that Gizmodo had picked up the story. Good job on beating them to it!

  • ReflexN

    Actually the very first person to report this”>http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1021&message=27692918″>this is this person on dpreview. Please don’t be an ass saying “hey ! i was here first!”.

  • Arterio

    Great job!
    Now let’s hope it has a life beyond a rumor.


  • ReflexN

    @Dan: The fisrt mention of a nikon D10 on this site is on 05/00/2008, the post on the dpreview forum is from the 04/23/2008. wtf are you talking about ?!

  • dan

    @ ReflexN: the ability to read is a good one in finding your way through the internet. the dpreview post you’re referring to was not only posted after the one on NR (looking for the posted date and ime helps here) but it also links back to it (what that then, timetravel?)!
    @ admin: you should also take into account that most of the referred blogs are linking to your site, which (as I can see from the archives) is just starting out, so as a newbie you should also mix a slight portion of gratitude into your remark that they shoved over probably more clicks than you had ever before. but nice post anyway, can’t wait to see the thing surfacing

  • Anonymous

    first but still wrong. I bet the name is DX00, not D400, not 500, not 600 maybe….

  • Dibyendu
  • blacko

    I would think a site named https://www.nikonrumors.com would be the first to report the majority of Nikon rumors.

    Why is the D10 rumor significant? Is it the first time that this site reported a rumor before others?


  • Anonymous

    Didn’t you hear the cherry pop?

  • Blog Admin

    No, nobody links to me except Gizmodo. Maybe I am missing something?

  • Blog Admin

    I was talking about the D10 pictures my friend. Nice language – you must have gone to some good schools.

  • RE: This site was the first (that I know of) to post the D10 pics. (probably fake, but still a good representation of what the camera may look like since Nikon is very settled into their control layout now…)


  • Good grief. I never thought something this trivial could raise conflict. I guess some people are just argumentative by nature.

    Here’s what REALLY happened: Ever since the Nikon MB-D10 came out, people have been puzzled by the non-conforming nomenclature. The D300 should have an MB-D300. This lead us to think that there would be a D10 coming. That idea of a name was put forth on DPReview forums many times. THEN, recently, the D10 photos surfaced, and NikonRumors WAS the first that I know of to post them. The pictures, that is. *I* was the one who posted the photos on DPR, AFTER I found them HERE. THEN, Nikon Watch posted a link to MY thread, and I guess all the other sites followed suit…

    Relax, people, it’s all just speculation anyway!


  • Blog Admin

    We never thought that this will be that big of a deal either. If we did, we wouldn’t have mentioned it. We are a fairly new blog and this was our first rumor that was picked up by the big guys and they quoted Photography Bay as a source. Again, not a big deal – we will not even mention anything like that in the future. Lesson learned!

  • nikon user

    Wow, you copied rumors from forums, congratulations. And you can stop spamming your site on Flickr and all the other photo forums too.

  • Blog Admin

    What makes you think that I share your understanding of the world “spam”. How can I spam my own site on flickr? Yes, I do take info from other sites and I always post the source. Do you expect me to create all those rumors by myself?

  • Blog Admin

    Oh, and I forgot – other forums also copy info from here if you haven’t noticed… welcome to the Internet.

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