Another fake picture of Nikon D90

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  • adiiidas

    Wow, how fake can this fake get?

    1) There will almost never be a consumer body with a built in vertical grip. This is a pro-sumer option and pro body part.

    2) Is that a 1.5 in screen? I think nikon would go with the amazing new 3 in high res. screen they have now.

    3) looks like the Memory card here is a Compact Flash. Nikon has moved their consumer bodies to using SD since the D50 years ago. You need D200 and up for Compact flash these days.

    4) Also if i’m not mistaken, that is the old Nikon User Interface. Even the aged D70s have firmware upgraded to the new Black and Yellow user interface. The colour one smacks of D70 and D100 era.

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