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The walls of Myanmar (Burma)

Burma walls6

The walls of Myanmar (Burma) is by Julian Ray (Website | Blog | Instagram, see also his previous guest posts): It’s 6:00am in downtown Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and the people that are part of my travel photography group are complaining boisterously about the Monsoon rains that are in full force outside. They all want to stay in the hotel […]

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Most pros used Nikons to record Apollo 11 blast-off to moon

Most pros used Nikons to record Apollo 11 blast-off to moon3

47 years ago the Lunar Module ‘The Eagle’ landed on the moon… Most pros used Nikons to record Apollo 11 blast-off to moon When Apollo 11 slowly lifted skyward from Cape Kennedy on its lunar flight, spewing violent clouds of smoke and flame in its wake, more cameras than pairs of eyes seemed to be aimed […]

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An American View of Havana

Play Chess

An American View of Havana by Geoff Livingston (Photoshelter | 500px | Flickr): Havana Offers Much More than Cars Cuba offers Americans a forbidden destination. Even in the current era of warming between Havana and Washington, DC, we still need a special visa to visit Cuba. Worse, there is a sense that when all of the barriers finally drop, […]

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Traveling to Iceland

Traveling to Iceland 4

Stefan Christmann (website, Facebook, 500px.) will share his story and pictures from traveling in Iceland. Also, check out Stefan’s previous article on spending a year in Antarctica. I am all by myself walking on a moonlike surface, trying not to slip on the moss-covered alien-shaped rocks I am climbing across. The Sun has been trying to set for […]

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6 hour tour of Cairo


6 Hour Tour of Cairo by Chu Eseka Hello everyone, my name is Chu known more as CEBlueclouds on NR.  Been signed on NR since June 2012 and always enjoyed reading various post by guests and wondered if I would ever do one myself. I am an Investment Banker by profession so I do quite […]

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