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DIY Nikon 1 J1 rig used to record 3D video

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A reader from Russia sent me few pictures of his home made 3D rig which consists of two Nikon 1 J1 cameras. This is the video shot with that setup (need 3D glasses for full effect):

Nikon 1 J1 3D rig (3)
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DIY: Nikon Nikkormat with Sony NEX-5N digital guts *UPDATED*

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Since Nikon seems to have given up on the digital retro camera look (think digital Nikon F with APS-C sensor, EVF and F mount), Brendan Taylor took up on the task and is currently working on fitting the digital guts of a Sony NEX-5N camera inside an old Nikon Nikkormat. You can find many pictures of […]

Nikon Nikkormat with Sony NEX-5N digital guts
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DIY: modifying the Yongnuo RF603N wireless remote flash trigger

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Next guest post by Otto Peter is on how to modify the Yongnuo RF603N wireless remote flash trigger (available on eBay) to fit non-Nikon flash trigger sources, like light meters, or any camera with a PC socket The Yongnuo RF603N is a nice, cheap wireless remote flash trigger for Nikon cameras. It does well what it is designed for, […]

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How to convert your Nikon lens into a telescope or a microscope (Nikon lens scope converter)

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Today’s guest post is from Fabrizio Belardetti (www.fabriziobelardetti.com) who also reviewed the rare Nikkor 19mm f/2.8 Macro lens last year. He will explain how to turn your Nikon G lens into a telescope (or a microscope) with the help of an old Nikon lens scope converter: The Nikon lens scope converter is an unusual item (check those eBay listings), […]

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DIY wireless tethering for Nikon D300s

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This DIY wireless tethering for Nikon D300s was created by Jamie Carl. “As you can see, I have it mounted inside my MB-D10 vertical grip. To do this I used my spare MS-D10 battery holder which holds 8xAA batteries. I then cut off the battery mounts from one side so that I could fit the Trulink device […]

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