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Lens diffraction in photography

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Hurricane River Sunset After The Storm
"Lens diffraction in photography" is the third [NR] article by Steve Perry (website | YouTube | Facebook). You can check also his previous posts "How to use Nikon’s AF-ON and back button autofocus" and "How to use a polarizing filter".

Diffraction - it’s a topic that is frequently floated throughout internet forums and camera clubs, especially among landscape and high resolution shooters. The problem is, those discussions can leave you more confused than a chameleon in a bowl of Skittles.

In this video, we’ll go over all the essentials you need to know about diffraction in photography and kick the myths to the curb. We’ll dive into just what diffraction is, what it looks like, and what causes it.

And, most importantly, we’ll look at how diffraction can impact your photography and what you can do about it.

The video uses example after example to tackle burning questions such as:

  • How far can you safely stop down?
  • Does diffraction limit the usefulness of high res sensors?
  • Can you sharpen out diffraction?
  • Should you ever use small F/stops?
  • What causes diffraction in the first place?
  • What's the difference between sharpness and depth of field?

So, if you’re ready to discover the truth about diffraction and its impact on your photography, go ahead and press that play button:

Sample photos

Frozen Lighthouse
Frozen Lighthouse

For this image, I only needed F/9.5 to pull it off. I had experimented with F/6.7 and then F/8, but the truth is those F/stops just weren’t getting me the foreground to background sharpness I needed. So, F/9.5 and a little hyperfocal distance saved the day. While my D810 is seeing slight diffraction at F/9.5, it made little difference - and was essentially gone with just a very slight amount of sharpening. I feel like I can print this about as large as I’d ever like. Captured with a D810, Nikon 28mm 1.8G, F/9.5.

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What to expect from Nikon in March

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Nikon Rumors
This is what I expect Nikon to announce in the next few weeks:

→ Nikon D7200 camera.
→ Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera.
→ Nikon Coolpix camera with large sensor:

  • I have been reporting for months that Nikon is working on a new Coolpix camera with a large sensor. I am still not sure of the size of the sensor - I am receiving rumors for everything between 1" to APS-C and full frame, but the most likely scenario is a camera with a new 1" sensor, EVF and price under $1,000 (maybe even under $800).
  • The new compact camera will most likely be announced together with the D7200 and J5 in the next 2-3 weeks. All three cameras are expected to start shipping before the end of March in order to boost Nikon's Q4 sales (their financial year ends on March 31).
  • On several occasions in the past Nikon's reps mentioned that they are still committed to their mirrorless and Coolpix cameras and they still see future potential in 4K video and advanced compact cameras. There were also reports that Aptina is developing new full frame CMOS sensor for Nikon.
  • A reader translated a portion of the Nikon interview I posted online few days ago - the company's representative also confirmed that a new compact camera with 1" sensor is coming in the future:

Q: Any new Coolpix A? Any plans to respond to Canon and Sony's 1-inch sensor fixed-lens compact cameras?
A: Sony's 1-inch CSC is definitely very successful. We will have a competing product in the future.

Rumors for later (2015/2016) Nikon announcements:

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Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports lens for Nikon now shipping

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Sigma 150-600mm f-5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports lens for Nikon 3
Sigma 150-600mm f-5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports lens for Nikon 9
The new Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports lens for Nikon is now shipping again. There's also a new set of Sigma 105mm WR filters available for the lens (see pictures after the break). Check pricing and availability at:

Additional photos:

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Meike MK-DR750 battery grip for the Nikon D750 announced

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While the original Nikon MB-D16 battery grip is still nowhere to be found, Meike just announced their new MK-DR750 battery grip for the Nikon D750 camera (check pricing and availability on eBay, the same grip is also available on Amazon).

Update: the Nikon MB-D16 is available on eBay.

Additional information on the Meike MK-DR750 battery grip:

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Nikon D7200 camera announcement before March 13th

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The Nikon D7200 will be officially announced in the next few weeks, most likely before March 13, 2015. These are the only set of rumored specifications I received back in December:

  • New 24MP APS-C sensor
  • Nikon D750 styled body with a tilting screen
  • Expeed 4 processor
  • MultiCAM 3500DX2 autofocus system
  • 51 AF points
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 6fps
  • Buffer: 16 RAW+JPG
  • Video: 1080p @60 and 720p @120 (not sure about 4k)
  • Video aperture will be adjustable during live view

If anyone has some additional D7200 information, you can contact me anonymously here.

The website mobile01 recently visited Nikon's headquarter in Tokyo, Japan and asked about a new flagship DX or a professional level DX model. Nikon's response was that they will release a competitor to the Canon 7D Mark II:

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A very rare Nikon Nikkor Macro Multiphot lens set currently for sale on eBay

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A very rare Nikon Nikkor Macro Multiphot lens set is currently listed on eBay for $5,999.99 (you can make an offer). The set contains:

  • Macro-Nikkor 19mm f/2.8
  • Macro-Nikkor 35mm f/4.5
  • Macro-Nikkor 65mm f/4.5
  • Macro-Nikkor 12cm f/6.3

For more information on the Multiphot lenses, see this Nikkor 19mm f/2.8 Macro lens review (and also part 2).

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Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera rumored to have 4k video

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The upcoming Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera is rumored to have 4k video recording capabilities. If true, this will be the first Nikon camera with 4k video. The official announcement is expected in the next few weeks.

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