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Urbex Mecca – Detroit

1st photo
Today’s guest post on Urbex Mecca - Detroit is by Brook Ward (Website|Facebook|Google+|500px|Flickr):

About me: Let me start by introducing myself.  I am photographer based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and enjoy underwater, sports and HDR photography.  Since I don’t get to scuba diving as often as I’d like, most of my photography is focused on landscape and architecture HDR work.  I know, I know….you don’t like HDR.  I get it and I understand it isn’t for everyone.  I practice HDR on the “softer side”, which I think gives it great color but isn’t over saturated.   You can see more of my work at http://brook-ward.com

Thanks: I’d like to thank Nikonrumors.com for featuring me a second time.  The last time my post was about Shark Photography -  you can see it here.  Anyway, I truly appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts, my experience and some pictures with you again.

Before I get into the main article, I have a few additional housekeeping items around location sensitivity and safety/danger:

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New EasyCover camera cases for Nikon D750 and D810 released

easyCover for D750 yellow 4 easyCover Nikon D810 yellow camera front 2
easyCover for Nikon D750 camouflage 4easyCover Nikon D810 camouflage camera front 2
easyCover for Nikon D750 black 4 easyCover Nikon D810 black camera front 2
EasyCover announced new EasyCover camera silicon cases for the Nikon D750 and D810 DLSR cameras. Available in three different colors, the new sleeves are available on Amazon (for D750 | D810) and B&H (for D750 | D810) and Adorama. Currently EasyCover offers camera cases for the following Nikon cameras:

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Nikon did not confirm anything in their latest interview with DC.Watch

After DC.Watch published their new interview with Nikon's marketing department executive, several websites started reporting wild speculations based on Kusumoto Shigeru's comments. As usual in such interviews, Nikon did not confirm anything - they just gave us the regular "we are investigating the possibilities and demand for such product". In answer to one of the questions, Kusumoto Shigeru said that Nikon will be moving towards high-megapixel cameras in the future because customers wanted that - this has already been going on for over a decade, not sure why it was still a surprise to some:

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Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens for Nikon mount officially announced

Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f:2.8 PRO DX lens
Tokina officially announced their latest AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens for Nikon mount. The lens was first on display at the 2014 Photokina show and will be a replacement for the current Tokina 11-16mm f / 2.8 model. Shipping will start in February 2015, the price will be ¥100,000 (around $800, US price not announced yet). For additional information including technical specifications and lens design, visit PhotoRumors.com.

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Nikon D750 reflection/flare issue – possible solution found

A month ago I reported about a new Nikon D750 issue that is present when shooting backlit subjects - if the light source is just outside the upper parts of the frame, you get some strange internal reflection/flare issues (see those flickr samples: -1- |  -2- |  -3- |  -4-). This issue has been documented and reported by many websites in the past few weeks:

A member of the Polish forum nikoniarze.pl found a possible solution (see detailed translation and pictures and also this thread) - you just need to place a small non-reflective plate/tape right in front of the mirror:

Nikon D750 reflection flare issue solution

Red arrow - you can see the light reflecting off the AF sensors
Green arrow - curtain that does not (fully) hide the reflection when AF sensor is mounted too shallow
The blue arrow - shutter's frame forming a shadow on reflection (flare)

Here is a video demonstration on how the problem disappears after covering the small gab under the mirror:

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Weekly Nikon news flash #294

Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A012) lens for Nikon mount pricing and availability announced.

Nikon Reflex-Nikkor 2000mm f:11 mirror lens
→ Currently there are few Nikon Reflex-Nikkor 2000mm f/11 lenses listed on eBay priced between $25k and $39k.

→ The new Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport lens is rumored to be delayed due to manufacturing defects.

→ Interesting thread over at dpreview: with the falling value of the ruble, the price of Nikon cameras dropped significantly when converted to western currencies. For example: Nikon Df for 1,317 EUR ($1,600), D4s for 2,865 EUR ($3,500), D750 with 24-120 for 1,203 EUR ($1,470) and D810 body for 1489 EUR ($1,800). Most of the cameras are already sold out.

ProFoto announced HSS upgrade (1/8000 sec) for their ProFoto B1 off-camera flash system.

→ The latest Nikon price drops:

→ Still ongoing deals:

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Last moment holidays gift idea: FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera

FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera 2
FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera 3 FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera 4 FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera 5
FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera 6 FotodioX Nikon replica crystal camera
Last moment holidays gift idea - Amazon and B&H are selling this Nikon D90 replica crystal camera for $60:

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