First Nikon D500 reviews and sample photos

Nikon D500 camera review
The first Nikon D500 reviews and sample photos started to appear online - check out this first look article from Hardwarezone. Sample photos at different ISO (100% crops) are available at Clubsnap forum:

Nikon D500 at ISO 25600
Nikon D500 at ISO 51,200
Another set of ISO samples was posted on dpreview.

Some interesting Nikon D500 videos:

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Nikon D5 firmware update to extend the 4k video recording limit coming in June

Back in January I reported a rumor about a new Nikon D5 firmware update that will extend the 4k video recording limit to 30 minutes. I received some information that the firmware update will be released at the beginning of June (it was initially supposed to be released at the end of March together with the Nikon D5 launch).

Here is the latest edition of Nikon Pro magazine confirming the firmware update rumor:
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Nikon gear at the International Space Station (ISS)

Astronaut Jeff Williams aboard the International Space Station highlights a favorite activity of crew members while aboard: Earth photography. On his fourth space mission and third Expedition on the ISS, Williams demonstrates the cameras and lenses used to capture still and video imagery of the station and its various visiting vehicle spacecraft like the Soyuz, Progress and Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo craft. He then floats into the Cupola – his favorite “window on the world” from which breathtaking views of the Earth are taken and shared with everyone on Earth.

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Best XQD memory card for the Nikon D5 (Sony and Lexar XQD cards tested/compared)

Nikon D5 XQD memory card test comparison 2
Nikon D5 XQD memory card test comparison
Cameramemoryspeed published their comparison/test results of different Sony and Lexar XQD memory cards with the Nikon D5 - the Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 was the best performer followed by the Sony G Series XQD:

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Nikon D5 hands-on field test by The Camera Store

The Camera Store published their Nikon D5 hands-on field test report:

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