Weekly Nikon news flash #398

→ The Venus Optics Laowa Zero-D 12mm f/2.8 "distortion-free" lens for Nikon F-mount is now in stock.

→ EasyCover silicone protection covers are now available also for the Nikon D3400 and Nikon D5600 cameras (via DC.Watch).

→ This Sphere Pro lens (available also for Nikon f-mount) employs a toroidal design with the ability to capture a 360° horizontal and 180° vertical field of view. No other lenses with an equivalent capability are known to exist. A sample video can be seen here. More info is available here.

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Additional information on the low light Nikon DSLR camera

nikon-d7xx-dslr-camera-rumors-2 nikon-d7xx-dslr-camera-rumors
The tw0 low light pictures I published two days ago were not taken with a new camera, but with a new sensor if this makes any sense: the new sensor was installed inside a Nikon D750 test mule/body without any specific markings on the outside. The sensor had 20MP resolution (full frame) and was specifically designed for low light photography. There is no indication if Nikon will or will not go ahead with that sensor. This was simply a test and nothing more. Similar tests are done all the time in different locations and this is not really an indication of an upcoming camera. I was ensured that this was not a hoax and the pictures were not fabricated in order to gain online fame. I am hoping to get the full resolution JPG or NEF files in order to get additional information. Once and if I receive them, I will upload them here on the blog. This is really all I can share for now.

Update: here is the full resolution JPG photo I received today:


The EXIF shows just regular D750 data and I could not find anything unusual about it. I still hope to get the original NEF file that will provide us more details about the photo. As far as I am concerned, based on this photo, this could have been taken with a regular 24MP D750 camera (over the last two days I was told multiple times that the sensor was 20MP and it appears to be 24MP based on the EXIF).

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Light pollution clip-on filter for full frame Nikon DSLR cameras

The Hong Kong based company Cyclops Optics is selling light pollution filters for Nikon full frame cameras. The filter can be "clipped-on" on top of the sensor in order to block light pollution for astrophotography.

Additional information from the product listing on their website:

Update: This clip filter was made by STC and not by Cyclops Optics. Cyclops Optics is one of the resellers in Hong Kong. STC is a Taiwanese company and their website can be found here.

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Pictures reportedly taken with a new Nikon D7xx full frame DSLR camera with incredible low light capabilities

A Swedish photographer claims that the two photos he posted on his Facebook page were taken with a new Nikon D7** full frame DSLR camera that has some incredible low light performance. The new camera should be released in 2017. The first picture was supposedly taken in a pitch black forest at night:

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ZY Optics Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f/2.0 4.5X: a new compact super macro lens with high magnification ratio for Nikon F mount

ZY Optics announced the Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f/2.0 4.5X - a new compact super macro lens with high magnification ratio for Nikon F mount. Specifications, press release and sample pictures can be found over at PhotoRumors.

Update: the lens is now in stock at eBay and B&H.

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Weekly Nikon news flash #397

Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera
Refurbished Nikon 1 J4 camera + 10-30mm lens now sells for $239.

→ The Mitakon Speedmaster 135mm f/1.4 lens will start shipping soon.

→ I did not know that Nikon made also broadcast lenses.

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