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The latest Nikon books

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English language Nikon books

The-Nikon-Creative-Lighting-System-book Nikon-D810-Expanded-Guides-book Nikon-D750-Expanded-Guides
Mastering-the-Nikon-D810-book Nikon-Df-Expanded-Guides Nikon-D5500-For-Dummies
Nikon-D5500--From-Snapshots-to-Great-Shots Nikon-D3300-Expanded-Guides Nikon-D750-book

Most English language Nikon books are also available on Amazon UK.

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Nikon MB-D16 battery grip for D750 finally shipping in the US

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The Nikon MB-D16 battery grip for the D750 is finally shipping to existing pre-orders in the US. The grip was not in stock at the time this post was published - you can check availability at B&HAdorama and Amazon (has been available on eBay for a while).

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Weekly Nikon news flash #305

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apple-logo Nikon-logo
→ Apple iTunes app engineers are rumored to be currently working on a new secret project with Nikon USA at the main campus in Cupertino. Could this be a new app for the new Apple Watch that will be revealed tomorrow?

Apple Digital Camera RAW compatibility 6.03 released with Nikon D5500 support.

→ I added several new Nikon deals to my previous post.

Nikon future of imaging 2 Nikon future of imaging
→ Nikon published a new "The future of imaging" report - more info is available on the I am Nikon blog (part 1 and part 2, via the.me).

Nikkor-14mm-f2.8D-ED-lens with gelatin filter slot
→ Did you know that the Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D ED lens has a gelatin filter slot on the mount? Update: the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens also takes gelatin filters.

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Cheetah chase with the Nikon D810

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This article on shooting cheetahs with the Nikon D810 is by Roie Galitz (website | Facebook, see also his previous posts: Nikon D800 goes wild in Africa and Uganda with the Nikon D810):

I shoot wildlife with the Nikon D810. Even though I have access to the faster D4s, I still prefer the D810 better. Why? One reason, and one reason alone - better image quality, and that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day.

Last week I was in Tanzania, guiding a wildlife photography workshop for phototeva.com.

Warning: some of the photos are graphic in nature.

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Capturing 8k video with the Nikon D800 camera (Quicklapse)

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The Nikon 24 PC-E lens, fully shifted up
Art Sanchez talks about Capturing 8k real time video with the Nikon D800 camera with a technique called Quicklapse that uses burst mode and custom intervalometer to bypass the 100 photos limit of the camera.

My name is Art Sanchez. I am architecture and interior design photographer from Spain. I have recently teamed up with the award-winning director of photography Macgregor (Los Angeles), to create a new way to showcase architecture in motion. We have developed a new technique called Quicklapse to obtain 8K real time resolution video from the Nikon D800. Here are the behind the scenes details:

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D610 now comes with a free MB-D14 battery grip and other Nikon deals *UPDATED*

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The Nikon D610 now comes with a free MB-D14 battery grip ($229) at Adorama and B&H. Both resellers offer some additional freebies listed bellow (Adorama on the left and B&H on the right, both with 4% in rewards):

Nikon-D610-freebies-Adorama Nikon-D610-freebies-BandH
There is a new Nikon cashback program in the UK (see also WEX Photographic listings):

Other Nikon deals:

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Nikon FM10 SLR film camera gets a big price increase in Japan

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Nikon raised the price of the FM10 film SLR camera in Japan by almost 50%:

old price (excl. tax) new price (excl. tax)
FM10 41,000 yen 61,000 yen
FM10 kit 55,000 yen 75,000 yen

The new pricing will take effect on April 1, 2015.

I am not sure if this price increase will come also to the US and Europe - currently the FM10 US price is $320 (£310 in the UK).

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