Shutter symphony made with $30,000 worth of Nikon DSLR camera


Check out this cool video: Benjamin Von Wong made this "Nikon Symphony" with 14 DSLR cameras. For more info, here is the behind the scenes footage:

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  • Spy Black

    Creative way to wear out shutters…

  • apollo

    One word: Dust.

    • DeathK

      Yeah, every single sensor there is going to need to be cleaned, lol

  • niXerKG

    Some good fun, wish it went on longer.

    • Benjamin Von Wong

      We’ve already begun brainstorming that :)

      • niXerKG

        Get a hold of the F6 and get some film rewinding sounds in it.

      • robert

        more please! :) shame it was short. I was starting to dance to it and then it was over :(

        no doubt it will take less time for the next ones since you now have experience with it.

  • Adrian

    I’m sure cameras that are rated for >50,000 cycles and have seen at least a couple months of dirt are prime candidates for worry about wear and dust contamination.

  • Lol dust and shutters

    Comments about dust and wearing out shutters. lol.

  • Aldo

    long enough to enjoy… short enough for the shutters

    • Spy Black

      How many practice takes there might have been?

      • Benjamin Von Wong

        haha lots… over 50. WE got our practice runs in then started fine tuning framing and the ending

        • Aldo

          Sounds pretty legit… nicely done!

  • Funduro

    Loved it !

  • robert

    WOW!! awesome. put a big smile on my face. thanks for the post.

    • Benjamin Von Wong

      You’re welcome!

      • Nikon Rumors

        Thanks for stopping by Benjamin!

        • Benjamin Von Wong

          Thank you for sharing my work :) Always a pleasure!

  • photoJ

    Must have been an sb-900…that was the sound of it overheating correct?

    • Benjamin Von Wong

      Yep !

  • Markus

    Guys, you have too much spare time! lol

  • robert

    im just hope they didnt give them customers cameras to play around with 😉

    • metsatsu

      I wouldn’t be pleased if that D3s was mine :(

      • metsatsu

        Oops, I meant the D3 at the end

    • Benjamin Von Wong

      lol, no they were all refurbished cameras

      • lol

        Brainstorming a comercial to help Nikon sell refurbished cameras?

  • chris london

    Is this the new message from Nikon
    .. Hear how noisy are cameras are ??

  • Tonio Loewald

    In other news, that camera you sent to NPS Canada has been repaired and “tested” and will be coming back to you shortly.

  • Vic

    they should include F3 with MP-4

  • aekn

    Must be a descendant of Ludwig Von Wong.

  • AlexInMontreal

    Way too cool! Just loved it and the ending was perfect even though it sounded like there was a flub. I’m glad you kept it as it was very much in the spirit of the piece.

  • jk

    This was amazing… when I saw the menu beeps and the tongue sticking out I knew it was serious stuff….

    • jk

      Yes, I “saw” beeps….

  • Northerntrumpeter

    When I watched this on YouTube I had to watch an advert first…for CANON !!!

  • Tondu

    Very funny…but to short! Its great but more a prelude than a symphony 😉

  • rich

    could of used some older nikon film cameras like the f3. It has a different clicking sound then the digital.

  • itsmyname

    Totally stupid..NEXT

    • Patriot

      Shut and live a little. Snobs everywhere

      • itsmyname


  • nixonpixon

    Is this fun or what :) for me thats sucks :p

  • Pixelhunter

    Great stuff ! Thanks for the fun! Would this also work under water? :-)

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Kinda silly, which is what this website needs sometimes. :) Good work Benjamin.

    Then… you have the typical haters bitching about dust and wearing out shutters. Seriously guys? Why do you care what people do to their own cameras?

    If you really want to piss off some trolls, in your next project cap it off with a Canon 1DX shutter slap at the end!

  • Jim

    Is this where they send our cameras that we have in for repair?

  • bossa

    Hmm.. just as well they don’t shoot Pentax or that would be The Silent Symphony 😉

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