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First Nikon D7100 pictures?

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Nikon_D7100 (2)

Nikon_D7100 (3)

Those first pictures of the Nikon D7100 looks legit, found at digicame-info. Here is the Nikon D7000 for comparison:


Nikon d7000 back

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  • js200022

    Nikonusa.com has the D7100 listed for $1,199.95 and the D7000 for $1,350.00. The new camera is $150 dollars cheaper. Why would anyone buy a D7000 now?


  • Brad

    If you have a D7000 now your good to go, I have been sitting on the fence to upgrade from a D50. Think I’ll get the D7000 pretty good prices right now, and 16MP is more than enough for non-professional shooters.

  • Homer

    Truly speaking I think the D7000 is better than the new one since it is in the market for almost 2 years.. And it proved to be really good camera. The new one I suspect -based on the lattest nikon release- will carry no few issues.. We are still waiting the D400… Wake up NIKON

  • Cuculain

    Well there be the Canon 7D Mark II soon…and then it´s good bye Nikon. Unless YOU START LISTENING to your customers…

  • Jonas from Sweden

    Quotation from a press show in Sweden:
    – D7100 är en pro-kamera med DX-format, kungjorde Nikons produktspecialist Matte Haglund vid pressvisningen i Stockholm. (read at: http://www.fotosidan.se/cldoc/mer-avancerad-autofokus-i-nikon-d7100.htm)

    “D7100 is a pro camera in DX format, says Nikon product specialist Mats …”

    There will not bee a D400 DX!

  • nulee

    come on nikon!! we don’t need another dslr! show us something extraordinary! like a fuji x100!!!!!

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