Nikon D600 price in Japan: ¥215,000 (around $2,700)

The price of the Nikon D600 in Japan is rumored to be ¥215,000 (around $2,700), the price of a D600 with 24-85mm kit lens: ¥270,000 (around $3,400). The camera is expected to start shipping on September 27, s012. I have received several indications that this time Nikon is ready to start shipping this camera very soon after the announcement.

The price of the Nikon 1 18.5mm f/1.8 mirrorless lens is expected to be around ¥26,000 (around $300) and will be available on November 1st, 2012 in black, white and silver color.

The US prices of Nikon gear are usually lower, but at that point I think we can forget about a sub-$2,000 full frame Nikon camera. The D800 costs around ¥298,000 in Japan and $3000 in the US. With this ratio, I expect the D600 US price to be around $2,100.

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  • Dave

    Too many compromises for just $300 less. I hope this rumor is false.

    • Andrea


    • Adam Maas

      At that price (even the expected $2100 price), it looks like I’m going A99 instead. $2K was my limit if I have to live with an optical finder (I shoot purely manual focus and Sony’s EVF is superior for that, able to accurately focus a f1.4-f.12 lens wide open), a poor LV implementation and no tilt/swing LCD.

      A pity, since the D600 looks like a real winner, but they needed to hit the A850’s pricepoint to make it work (the A850 debuted at $1999USD when it was released several years ago)

      • Dave Luttmann

        Well, as the a99 is around $2700, you’re out of luck there as well.

        • reading is the rage

          “$2K was my limit if I have to live with an optical finder” he said. A99 is more expensive but has a much more useful (electronic) focus peaking mode.

    • jake

      I am sure it is not a rumor any more but a fact.
      So, I am disappointed. But hey, you can always get the D800 and it is not much more expneive than this cheap so-called entry level FX.

  • This can not be true. For those who are rumored caracterísicas, the D600 should not cost more than $ 1,500. Not a super camera that can cost more than $ 1,500.
    I’ve waited a year for this camera, and if it exceeds the $ 1,500 did not buy it, because it’s not worth it.
    I hope tomorrow’s news and price characteristics are very different from what we have read so far.
    I hope not to disappoint with Nikon and Canon have to buy.

    Hola a todos.

    Ésto no puede ser verdad. Por las caracterísicas que se rumorean, la D600 no debería costar más de 1500$ . No es una super cámara para que pueda costar más de 1500$.
    Llevo un año esperando esta cámara, y si supera los 1500$ NO LA COMPRO , porque no lo vale.
    Espero que mañana las noticias de características y precio sean muy diferentes a lo que hemos leído hasta ahora.
    Espero no decepcionarme con Nikon y tener que comprar Canon.

  • Jack Graham

    They would be crazy to release this at such an expensive price. They would clean up and sell millions of them at a price of $1500 -2000.

    • Rob

      And if it costs $1500 to produce, they would lose millions in doing that. Profit = number sold x profit per unit. It could still be around $2000 in the US though, and that would be good.

      • Jon

        If they need to sell it at this price to make a profit then honiestly the whole devolpmnent of the camera was a massive mistake on Nikon’s part.

  • fjfjjj

    Based on current ratios between Japan and US prices, US MSRP will be more like $1999.



    • jesse


    • Worminator

      Japan prices tend to be inflated on release and fall quickly to the international mean. 220,000 yen means it will sell at about 160-180,000 yen for most of its lifespan. US price will as NR says most likely be around $1900-2100 range, probably 2099 or 2199 initially.

  • rip nikon

    High End Sony α99 is about $2800. Sony here I come!!

    • Mikael

      Or you have high end Nikon at 3000USD.
      IF you dont have any lenses in the Nikon range, go for the Sony.
      If you do have lenses, then i see 2 “problems”.
      1: why are you stalking around here if you dont own Nikon gear?
      2: it will be so much more expensive going for the “high end” Sony when you need to replace all your lenses.

      But by all means, go for it 🙂 im sure you will be 100 times better photographer with the “high end” Sony in your hands 🙂

      • DigitalHellion

        Sony deserves flakes like you. a camera manufacurer is only as good as its producrt line and i switched from Sony 3 years ago and my experience with Nikon has been outstanding. so you and all your friends go ahead. switch to Sony…..

        • jake

          be a bit more logical and stop name calling others and stop being too fanboy.

      • Adam Maas

        I own several Nikon lenses, all AI or AI-S. The AI-S lenses can be converted to A mount with a Leitax kit and since the A99 is EVF based there are zero issues with stop-down metering unlike using adapted lenses on Canon. And then I get IS, a far better LV implementation and focus peaking & magnification for 100% accurate manual focus.

        I was considering the D600, but only if it saves me enough over the A99, since either will be my second camera (my first is a NEX-7, which goes with me absolutely everywhere)

        • Phil

          Sony’s Peaking Mode is superb. Completely puts the rangefinder to shame.

          • Onesolo

            I can do that with ML on my Canon!!! :PPP

        • seriously

          I second your opinion as a manual focus user. The focus peaking looks damn intriguing. Much more practical than aftermarket focusing screens. And that is on top of a very versatile body for both still & video use (swivel screen included). Can’t see why a D800 and a99 can’t go together in the same bag. Pity all those people who feel they’re “locked in” to a brand.

          Btw, Sony has a pretty good line (though still limited) of Zeiss lenses in native alpha mount. Manual focus users should really consider what Sony has to offer at this moment. Spray-and-prayers… stick to Nikon.

          • Very True.

            Fanboys gonna fanboy. And be snobknobs at that.. a shame. If the tool works, and you are able to switch around and have fun or earn a living, who cares, and just do it. Let the ones who b!tch about everything sulk to themselves in corners. I love photography for what it is, and I love all types of gear to do it, no matter the brand, as long as it can function well.

        • EnPassant

          Several or just a few?
          First a big thanks for informing Leitax now also can convert Nikon lenses to Sony Alpha mount. (Looking at the page I even discovered it is now possible to convert Olympus OM-lenses to Nikon. But not to Sony!)

          However checking what it will cost will surely dampen the first euphoria being able to use manual lenses with an EVF and have image stabilisation inside the camera.

          First the the cost for the mount alone is € 65. The chip is another € 30. Shipping € 10.
          Already € 95 for ONE lens! And it doesn’t stop there. Members of the Eurpean Union have to add 21% sales tax making the real price € 115 plus shipping, a total of € 125! While buyers from other part of the world may want add € 10-30 for faster and more secure shipping.

          For anyone not confident changing the mount that cost is € 50 plus the extra cost sending the lens back and forth, maybe another € 50 or totally € 200 or more! For ONE lens!

          There are a lot of used manual Nikon mount lenses that can be found for less! Meaning it will be no economical sense changing the mount.

          Personally I would rather use a Nikon camera for Nikon Ai and later lenses than doing the trouble changing mounts. And if I needed lenses for Sony there are a lot of used Minolta AF lenses for good prices.
          For lenses from other manufacturers that can be adapted it is more practical to use a Canon EOS fullframe camera. And for the rest a Sony NEX with a crop is the best option.

          I therefore ask again how many lenses you want to convert? And which?

          • BackToReality

            …damn we should go back to bitching at Nikon for lack of liveview focus peaking mode and tilt+swivel LCD (and in-camera VR as well).

      • Mikael asked “1: why are you stalking around here if you dont own Nikon gear?”

        Apparently it has not occurred to you that someone can own photographic equipment from several different manufacturers. . .

        In terms of DSLRs I currently own Nikon gear & Sony gear, I passed my Pentax gear on to my nephews but may reinvest in a Pentax DSLR dow the road a bit. In terms of film cameras I own stuff from most of the major Japanese camera makers. In fact I bought a couple of beautiful old Konica T3n 35mm SLRs for peanuts in the last few months. 🙂 I look forward to using some classic Konica Hexanon and Minolta Rokkor lenses on a Konica/Minolta/Sony NEX one of these days. . .

        • Dave Luttmann

          Love the T3n….and the Hexanon glass!

    • ssrdd

      U mean ”24mbps in video is high end”??

      • check

        …HDMI uncompressed?

        • Alex

          What? no 3G-SDI????

          • check

            what are you, broadcast video guy? 😀

    • Racer X

      Tell your Mom you need a lens, too.

  • john stevens

    IF…that is the true price of the new Nikon D600…..and you buy it…you will have asshole written on your forehead for life. What a joke…IF..that is the real price…and plus…hell people cough up another 299 and get the better 36mp D800….makes zero sense…Nikon you will loose.

    • jesse

      no you loose

      • GrammaNzi

        You both “lose”.

        • Tafari


        • casey

          +1000000 No other misspelled word bugs me more than loose in place of lose. Spelling/grammar criticism in a debate is bad form, but I truly believe that every incorrect use of loose should be pointed out, but I’m a hypocrite, because I rarely do it.

          • check

            maybe you should loosen up a bit on yourself

            • check

              I remember seeing someone replied: “lousey looser” here. That was a double-punny remark, not an insult. 😀

    • Obviously if the price difference between the D800 & D600 is only $300 most people will spend the extra bucks to buy a D800. Ergo the actual price differential between the two cameras will be significantly higher when the D600 actually becomes available. . . It seems that it is only in the last month or two that the D800 became readily available “in stock” in various store here in Montreal. Prior to that it was heavily back ordered and many buyers waited months before finally getting a D800 in their hands.

      • Pellevin

        Where do you get $300? D800 body only is about $3000. D600 body only is expected at $2100. That is 900 USD. $2700 is with the new 24-85 mm.

        Still the price is a disappointment. I was thinking of getting one but at 215000 Yen for body only it would be around 19000 SEK, that is what I would be willing to pay with the lens, not without it.

      • Sahaja

        What is the price of the D800 in Japan?

        If we know that, we can work out the difference between Japanese and US pricing – and the price difference between D800 and D600.

      • jorge

        And I believe those that opt for the D800, unless their technique is down pat, will be very, very disappointed. I’ve been shooting for thirty years, digital since 2001 and this D800 is an amazing tool that requires much more care to get excellent results.

  • okay

    It’s not a $300 dollar difference. It’s a ¥83,000 difference. They’re not the same thing! Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

    • Michel

      Yes I noticed this before. On release the D800 was Y280000 or about 3600USD, so this is Y83000 less, about 1060USD, but that is in Japan. I think the US price will be under $2000USD, but we will know for sure soon enough

  • Jonas

    Ouch! I’ve been expecting a completely different price point for this one. Something like $2300. Around $2700!? That’s the expected price for Sony’s full-frame compact RX1 with a Zeiss lens attached! So a lens + FF body in a compact form factor = pricier than usual. Compared to this supposed “budget” DSLR-sized body.

    Please don’t let this be true.

    • BC

      You fail at reading comprehension. Now what did I do wIth those report cards..

  • Mike

    History lesson:

    At launch the D300 was $2100. 5 years ago
    At launch the 24mp D3x was $8000. No HD video.

    The D600 at $2100 is an incredible price for what you get. It’s only the rumors of $1600 being untrue that are bursting your collective bubbles right now. If this were 2007, you’d all be having strokes right now.

    • rogue photographer

      So much has happened since 2008!
      It’s better for all manufacturers to act accordingly with the present reality, or else THEY will pay the price.

      • rogue photographer

        *since 2007

    • Adam Maas

      At launch the A850 was $1999 three years ago, for essentially identical specs to the D600 aside from the fps.

  • abc

    2499$ MSRP KIT

  • rhlpetrus

    Well, 1,600 was too good to be true. Let’s wait for the official announcement, my guess is 1,999USD MSPR. Still a nice range, but not one that will get lots of people to move up the camera foodchain. If IQ is same as D800 (whoich should be), a nice option for enthusiasts, as well as a second body for many FF users.

  • BC

    Holy crap there are some serious literacy FAILS in these commenters!

    THE RUMOR IS $2700 IN JAPAN PEOPLE. IN JAPAN. JAPAN is NOT in the US by the way! It’s not going to be $300 less than the D800. According to this rumor and speculation it’s about $1000 less than the D800.

    Reading is good. Stay in school, kids.

    • Discontinued


  • Fourtis

    I was expecting a successor to the D300s. That is : DX format , entry level to professional gear and thus reasonable price.
    There is nothing of that in the D600 !
    It’s much too expensive not counting the replacement of all my lenses (DX–>FX).
    Moreover the DX format in the D600 is smaller than the DX on the native DX gears !
    A D7000 would probably suit me better .

  • Joe

    Oh c’mon. First: lenses are more important than the camera (and both are less important than the photographer itself). When you are serious about photography, it is very likely that you spend 3 times the value of your camera into good lenses, often more. And if you’re in this price range, what is 500 USD more or less for such a camera. Remember you paid 8000 USD for the D3x a few month ago to get 24 MP. If you can’ afford this, get another camera with decent lenses. Also a used D700 or even D3 will be an “affordable full frame camera” if you really think you want one.

  • JC

    Chill people! The D800 was priced as ¥298,000 in Japan, which is equivalent of $3,600. That is ¥83,000 more than the D600. Therefore, you can’t just convert the currency and expect the price to be similarly in the range. I assume the price as seen by the D800, the D600 will be priced at $1700-$2000.

  • B2

    Looks like a joke but let’s wait to see what it can do.

  • Rob

    Exciting. With that price point though, wouldn’t it be better to shell out several hundred more and get a D800?

    • The Teach

      You also fail at Reading comprehension.

      • rob

        @the Teach

        Actually, I’m reading between the lines. But thanks for your e-attention, even if it is a juvenile attempt at winning an imaginary e-contest.


        • The Teach

          Just trying to draw attention to the fact that the D600 is not rumored to be “several hundred dollars” less than the D800 unless by several hundred you meant one thousand.

          • Casey

            No, but if that price holds, it’s a long way off from the rumored $1600 price point. Gotta see the final officially announced specs, but within $1000.00 of a D800, it definitely makes the decision even harder than it already was. A 1600 price point makes it a no brainer first FF camera and later on I can get a 2nd FF body if it turns out I need something more.
            Of course if I cared about video, this price might not matter as much.

            • Sahaja

              The rumored price point was just that – an unsubstantiated rumor.

              It probably came from someone’s fantasy or imagination.

              When you account for the difference between Japanese and US pricing it looks like it will be in the neighborhood of $2,000/ instead.

              I suspect the European and UK prices will be much closer to the Japanese price + VAT 🙁

            • Casey

              Sahaja, I understand it was a rumored price, but 2000 or 2100 is puts it very close to the D800. Ultimately, it comes down to how it does in low light. If it’s not better than the d700, then it really comes down to a used d700 for less than the d600 or a d800 for 800-900 more.

              hind sight being 20/20, I should have picked up a d700 a year ago, but the d800 seemed like it was just around the corner at the time and I thought it was d700 replacement, but it really isn’t. Probably know by the time I wake up in the morning.

    • me

      “Exciting. With that price point though, wouldn’t it be better to shell out several hundred more and get a D800?”

      Yes, if the D600 or D400 is over $2,000, I’ll just get a 2nd D800.

  • WaxOn WaxOff

    I can’t understand Nikon’s current direction. Four years ago we had two excellent prosumer builds at fair prices. Now we have a 4 YO Dx that is left in the dust on low light performance by much newer models, and a bloated Fx model (sorry D800 owners)- bloated both in uneeded Megapixels and in price. They need to get their act together quickly or they will lose this segment of the market to Canon. I have always been all Nikon, I am currently on the fence. No true prosumer build Dx option by year end and I think I am gone.

    • jorg

      bye then

    • frodo


  • Fail Whale

    $2k for entry level Full Frame 35mm … In 2012/2013 …

    Considering what the competition is up to … In 2012/2013 …

    This isn’t 4 or 5 years ago and the market is moving on.

  • d600

    $2000 and they are putting plastic parts in the body?
    i am lost here, can somebody explain?

    • Let me…

      Don’t you know they’re also putting *plastic parts* in D3, D3X, D700, D3s, D800, and D4?

      • d600

        the outershell is magnesium, not plastic

        • …check

          …and all the buttons and knobs too? Wow, I should really check my cameras. You could be right, maybe there is NO trace of plastic there whatsoever.

          • d600

            sorry but the buttons are not part of the outershell really. maybe the right question is why are they building a >$2000 camera that can break easily?

            • Joe

              Have you ever broken your camera? Or do entry level cameras commonly fall apart? I broke mine once, but it was a D700.

  • Dweeb

    Not enough to worry about compared to the D800 IF TRUE. But it’s typical of them to take the price of the (overpriced) Canon and add the Nikon tax on top of it, so it may be correct.

    • Sahaja

      Well the D800 is less than the 5DMkiii. If they had priced the D800 the same as the Canon, or above, no one would be complaining about a $2,000 price for the D600.

      Or maybe they decided to increase the price of the D600 to cover the cost of all those D800 ‘s that were returned, or had to be repaired, because of the “left AF issue”.

  • All well and good, but how much is it in £’s?! Do I really want one? Do I really need one? Think it might be D800 all the way for me. Need to see what the reviews say. By the way, did I see that the price we are all getting hung up on was ‘rumored’ to be that price?…

  • wasraw

    What they really need is a D3s in a D700 body… essentually the same thing but without a grip, and 1k less. The D800 is a studio camera and unacceptable for other working photogs, as the files are waay to large.

    • Yes

      Yes, because it is not enough to kill their flagship D4 with all the remaining D3s in the used market, they also need brand new D4 killer in a D700 body as well. As a customer I agree with your logic, don’t know about “they” though.

    • Nirun

      Yup! You hit the nail on the head! I think that is every D700 owners dream – a no brainer. I think the D600 at this price and 39 point AF system, will just appreciate the second hand value of my D700.

  • cloud9

    Question: Should I trade in my D700 for a D600?

    • Adam Maas

      Do you need resolution or fps/high ISO/AF. The D700 still has higher fps (with an MB-D10), a higher ISO range and significantly better AF. The D600 has much better resolution and should expect far better low-ISO IQ. It may also have better IQ throughout its ISO range (but it won’t have the same upper limit as the D700).

    • Nirun

      Also consider whether you need pro level build quality on your body. The D700 is complete magnesium allow, while the D600 is just the top and back.

    • fjfjjj

      Do you need 1/8000s shutter, 1/250s flash sync, weather sealing, AI lens support, weather sealing, magnesium body, large data buffer, NPS support, or any of the other things that a professional camera gives you? Are you happy with a lighter, smaller, somewhat less durable/capable camera?

    • cloud9

      Thanks for the helpful responses.

    • jorge

      As a D700 owner since it came out, with over 90,000 clicks, and a D800 owner with just over 4000 clicks my resounding, absolute answer to whether you should get rid of your D700 is NO.

  • D600 Spotter

    Yes, the Price is too high leveled.

    but btw. last week in Spain I spotted someone Shooting Family Pictures with the D600 on the Beach.
    The modelname was covered but according to the side Panels and backside Pictures above, it was clearly identified.

  • Toni


    I think it will be close to 2000usd, and this is not a bad thing.
    Maybe there will be room to come a bit down if competitors arrive on price.
    Also, this makes room for a 1500/1600 usd D400 DX to come over. YAY!

    Actually for me DX has the right combination of size/price/weight for a good kit that one can confortably transport. Yes, FX gives better imagines in some conditions, but you do pay a size and price penalty which i don’t find inconsiderable (the weight i could bare, more exercise is not so bad 😛 ). The price is painful if you don’t make income from photography and the size penalty might just be the most important. Going DX to FX would mean all the gear i take would no longer fit into m trusty bag (which is already quite big, anything bigger and i would need a wheelbarrow :P).

    • Matthew O.

      Your comment about size and weight is the same as my opinion. Actually, since Nikon has not done much in the way of fast, wide angle DX lenses, I am thinking of going to an Olympus OM D EM-5 kit for my light carry camera outfit. You can get 12mm F2.0, a 20mm f1.7, and a 45mm f1.8 lenses in 4/3. These are equal to 24mm, 40mm and 90mm in FX, which covers a range I would like to have in a light kit. I can buy a body and the lenses for around what the price of the D600 body might sell for, and the whole lot would be near the weight of a D700 body.

  • BillM

    Since everybody here is a Nikon D600 Price Point expert, I will be pricing the D600 at $13.95

  • Here in France one can find the D800 at 2800 euros, and the d7000 at 850 euros. I expect the price to be between 1800 and 2000 euros, but they may not go over it.

  • per

    Common sense suggests that the price of this camera should lie between the D7000 and the D800. So if the D7000 is USD 1000 and the D800 is USD 3000 then the D600 is USD 2000. Consistent price structure is more important than exchange rates, I believe. Moreover, since the camera is made in Thailand the USD/Yen exchange rate should have no bearing on US/Euro prices.

  • Bob dickens

    Might be going to my local camera store tomorrow to buy a new d700. Tthey still have a couple in stock =) . I’ve been waiting on an actual price point for the d600, we will know the actual price for sure in less than day. I’m still holding out hope that the price is a bit off and same with some of the specs.

    • Helvio

      There is no advantage to buy the D700 instead of D800. I prefer to pay more US$300 for excellent specs of D800. And there is no reason to buy the D600 for this rumored price…

      • check

        if the price difference between D800 and D700 was only $300 as you said, then yes…

      • jorge

        Yes there is an advantage. The D700 in my personal opinion is much, much better at the higher ISO’s. Yes. I know I can downsample the D800 file to that of the D700. But why would I? I paid for the MP I want to use the MP.
        I shoot weddings and my ratio over the last three have been 77-80% D700, and some formals (20% or so) with the D800.
        The D700 just kicks butt!

  • Niktard

    Thanks Nikon, for nothing.

    • KnightPhoto

      I still think $1899. Guess we’ll see tonight!

  • Helvio

    I don’t think this price is truth. It would be too close to the d800 for a worse camera. If is real, Nikon is crazy and this new camera is doomed to unsucess.

  • Yuri

    To me it seems like a pointless product at anything much higher than 1,5K. And 2100 is insane considering D800 price.

  • With the D700 discontinued (still listed on the Nikon USA site, however, with a price of $2,700.00), it is not a big surprise that the starting price of the D600 MAY be near that of the D700. Twice the MP, better video, but also lower FPS.
    Face it people, there is no such thing as the perfect camera for everyone, with specs such as:
    MP: Fully selectable between 6 MP (Ken Rockwell size) to 100 MP
    FX or DX on demand, with no difference in MP size
    Up to 20 FPS, with continuous auto-focus
    100 focus points, throughout the entire frame (especially on FX)
    Flash sync at any speed you desire
    A buffer big enough for 100 files at 100 MP each
    Records in 24 bit NEF max (though I have been told that true color is only 16 bit, so this sounds a bit excessive even to me)
    Records NEF, TIFF, JPG, or any other file format desired
    Fully waterproofed to 100 feet (did I hear 200 feet from somebody else?)
    Records video in 8K (yes, you read that right, even though 4K is just being released)
    Stereo mic
    Dual cards (whatever format you want)
    ISO range of 25 thru 1,638,400, with no difference in picture quality no mater what ISO you use
    All buttons fully customizable for any function/menu selection
    At least three additional buttons
    Plus any other silly wants or needs you can name
    All for a price of only $1,500.00 US (& I bet someone will want an even lower price)

    Any camera choice means giving up something. The D800 does not have the frame rate of the D4, a lens that works on a Nikon camera may not have a comparable Canon version, etc. We each choose to buy what we think will work best for the kind of photography we do. Not everybody is a 20 year experienced pro, or shoots pictures that will appear on magazine covers. IF the price is reasonable, and the camera suits MY needs, then it is the camera for me. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, then I choose a different model.

    My main concern with the D600 is the focus issues that occurred with the D800 and D4. However, since I already own a D3X and D3S, it is doubtful that I will purchase one of these. No telling how long until MY dream camera is ever made (never come to mind).

  • Hope the USD & Europe price is lower than advertised; the A99 looks like a fine camera and also Sony have a gem of system with the NEX and cleverly introducing camcorders in the NEX mount including the full frame one today.

    What Sony A Mount are missing are lenses in the Canon & Nikon mounts like 70-200 F4 L IS, etc.

    Pricing of the E Mount lenses seem fair but on the A-Mount FF frames the prices are becoming silly like the new 300 f2.8 and hope Nikon don’t copy same prices as much – although Canon has.

  • Price is too high!!

    At such a ridiculously insane price, was is the point of such a camera? It would be better than add the very small extra amount and get a Nikon D800 instead!

    At this price, it is not an entry level camera.

  • where is this rumor from?

    I saw the pre-sale price on a Australia website:

    It’s too expensive…

    if it’s true – $2700, why people choose D600 rather than D800?

    it’s only $300 difference between them.

    For me, I think it’s reasonable if the price of D600 is around $1800-$2000

    • boing wronkwell

      That’s an incredibly high price…

      Surly some mistake!!!

    • this website has the wrong price obviously – the body only and the kit price are the same, they have no clue

  • krr

    The camera is announced tomorrow and folks here are going insane because of a rumor that mentioned a price in Japanese Yen from a person nobody knows.
    Calm down and wait a few more hours …

    The internet is crazy, I tell you!

  • aham

    to buy or not to buy…

  • Steve

    This is becoming a joke.

    Usually you set expectations (price) high and under deliver

    Just the opposite here.

    At $2000+ I’ll keep my D7000.

  • alex

    terrible news

  • www

    nice twist nikon, tomorrow it will sell like hot cakes at $1499 🙂

  • Ronan

    $2099 or even $2199 is what it will sell for, and will keep selling strong.

    LOL at people that want everything for $1500. Life doesn’t work like that.

    It’s normal to have a budget, but the latest ‘hit’ rarely takes your budget in considerion.

    • BillM

      Not necessarily, basic economics… If the price point is too high and no demand, then you have to drop the price to equilibrium to spark consumer interest. There is considerable demand for the D600 but if priced too high, people won’t buy it and they’ll be forced to drop it.

  • maxounours

    Hi there,

    It is really strange the behavior that some of you guys have behind your screen: don’t be too emotive with your hormone driven comments : 1st wait and see the price, 2nd wait and see the performances. Nikon knows better that all of you guys the risk and the potential of today’s market. They delivered since many years excellent products. Hybride cameras, phones and others are now threatening the DLSR (smaller, intuitive, connected etc…). I suppose the DLSR will be in the future just camera for pro and amateur: a niche market. Look at the teenagers: taking a tons of pics with phones… If Nikon and the others want to survive they need to deliver the best price/quality cameras and also follow the consumer’s vibe.
    using current DLSRs (from Canon, Sony, Pentax, Nikon) gives good to excellent pictures. As long as you have fun with your camera you will be happy with the brand you chosen.

    Best regards from belgium


  • Mike

    That price seems very high. Definitely a lot more then most would be willing to spend.

    Maybe hold off on any more rumours for just 1 more day because they are upsetting a lot of people.

  • The price of D600 is about $2300.

  • Stan Kern

    I knew it was too good to be true (if this is price is correct)……I refuse to pay that much for this camera…….Hell, I would be better saving an extra 300 to get the D800….. PLEASE PROOF ME WRONG NIKON (I need the D600 to be between $1600-1900)…..I’m on a budget, HA!

    • BC

      Then the body should be in your price range.

  • Ben

    I predict $1999…. pretty obvious….

  • OK Nikon, lets go down in the price please,….. others ways I will return to my used D2H… I still waiting for you D600. Came on Nikon!!! make us happy againg!!!

  • BC

    If the $2700 Japanese price for the kit translates to a $2199 US kit price then that is totally consistent with the other rumors in the comments here this week that said they’d heard from Melville that it would be $1899 body only and $2199 kit.

    This price rumor is getting stronger by the day.

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