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First pictures of the upcoming Android Nikon Coolpix camera

Those are the first pictures of the upcoming Android based Nikon Coolpix (S800c?) compact camera. The cameras on the next two pictures are slightly different - maybe there will be two different versions of the Android Coolpix camera:

The official announcement will be on or around August 22nd, 2012.

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  • Matthew

    so… these are two different cameras… I’m assuming the Android one is the one on the left, and the other is another new camera.

    • GMAN

      it appears to be one camera.

      • KMAN

        Hey GMAN!! SUP JIGGA
        hows le Canon holding up?

      • Andrew

        No… two different cameras. One has a 12x optical zoom and the second has a 3x optical zoom lens.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MarkWhitePhotographyProductions Mark

      All three photos are different. Take note of where the AF-assist beam is in accordance to the speaker hole. Below in the first, beside in the second, and non-existent in the third (not to mention words are sideways or just gone as well. Is this some sort of cap?). What gives?


    • JC

      Nikon has brought down their camera to a new lower level!

    • http://flickr.com/inthemist InTheMist


      …gimmicky Fug.

  • Jon

    an open door to malwares…

    • WoutK89

      Yes, because you use your compact camera for downloading sleezy apps… I always wanted my camera to make a fart noise when I click the shutter.

      Good luck with your Malware, I will just use my camera as it should be used!

      • Oflife

        Actually, it needs a fart noise button for BEFORE the shutter is released to make the subjects laugh! Now there’s an idea, similar to the fun pictures that appear on the small LCD on the front of that Samsung camera designed to make children smile. :)

    • scurvy hesh

      Or better yet. An open door to the mobile phone phone market. Something I have been saying Nikon would be smart to get into for the past few years. It appears I might be right. This looks like a transition to that technology.

  • Chuck

    Ya, One is used for horizontals and the other for verticles.

    • Steven Georges

      Na, it’s the same camera. The Nikon logo just auto-rotates like the phone does. ;-)

  • don

    numerous flavors, 3x optical zoom, 12x Wide optical zoom…

    any color choice available such as pink, green, yellow, purple ???

    Can’t wait for them !

    • Tracht

      Yes, the first app to buy is one to set the color.

  • FrenchGuy

    Even if it’s not the cameras I’m going to buy (expecting for the D400), that looks pretty good, hope the image quality will be there and we will have future bestsellers!

  • Phone?

    Can it make calls?

    • AM

      Yes, well… actually recalls.

  • Mandrake

    The end is near! (for point&shoot cameras :p)

    • WoutK89

      The end is near for all cameras, remember, it is 2012! :o

      • JC

        This would allow porn clips to blend-in with the photo shots….nice… one stop process for home made porn flicks..

  • vanke

    ok…finally we got the cameras with phone but not phone with cameras …

    • FDF


      • OS

        Android = OS

        Android OS doesn’t make it a phone. It would be cool I it would take calls etc etc might make it actually worth buying.

        • WoutK89

          I dont know if you have programming experience or something that uses “is not” operators. But != means is not, so he said, in normal language, Android is not (per definition) a phone

          • Dave

            Wow, a snark-free, non-condescending, informative reply. Did you not realize you were posting online?

  • CB

    Question: Will I be able to send text (sms) messages with this thing? Use a sim card and browse the web via wi-fi? Built-in GPS? If not, what is the point of getting it over a smart phone with a decent camera?

    • Chimphappyhour

      Because the words smartphone and decent camera usually don’t go together.

    • MegaMo

      It will be absolutely pointless if it won’t have wifi or GPS or both (both is less likely)

      I can’t understand what Android’s UI has to do with photography other than downloading Instagram and then ruining your pictures.

      • Rikard

        Can I play Angry birds with it?

        Jokes aside, I think this is a good move!
        See it like Photoshop, where you can buy plugins from third parties, I’ll guess we will probably see a lot of cool features as well as whole lot more unuseful stuff. I guess pairing with your phone etc will be easier…

  • Pedepop

    Is this a camera? Or should it be considered an Android device with a very good built-in “phone” camera :-)

  • nawab

    Where is the phone? ?????? ????????

  • http://dphotoworld.net/ dphotoworld

    Изобрадения 2 и 3 – абсолютно разные… Фейк?

    • BartyL

      Well, that’s easy for you to say…

      • SCBrain

        It says: Image 2 and image 3 are completely different – is this a fake?

  • MB

    Those are 3 different cameras and only the first one seams to have Android OS, not that I see any point in that if it does not have some kind of mobile phone functionality to be able to upload images to Facebook for example.
    The bottom one looks extremely small (almost matchbox size) but I wander what is the point in competing whit cell phones that already have very usable cameras.

  • spock

    Man I just dont get the market for this crap.

    Cell phone cameras will crush this thing, not opticaly but convenience wise.
    I hope they did not spend a bunch of cash on R&D for this , IMHO an epic fail.

  • http://www.dondennisphotography.com Don

    I tend to agree. If it’s not a phone, what’s the point? So what if it’s a little bit better than a camera phone, the people who buy this crap won’t care one little bit. If it’s not a phone, it won’t sell.

    • Scurvyhesh

      You guys just don’t get it. This is just a step. Remember when Nikon invented VR Technology? I do and it was on a P&S. This is just a hint of what the future has for us people. In the future we wont need phones. Everything will be on the cloud and all of our devices will have the ability to sync and have the ability to communicate with the outside world.

  • Jack yell

    Even if it is a phone, who want to buy a phone the size of a brick?

    • Yuppie

      Forgot the 1980s?

      • jack yell

        Forgot the evolution?

  • Don

    At step? Are you kidding. It’s not much of a step… maybe a baby step and the next step to all the phone is basically only a license away. Just make the agreement with one of the phone companys and add the minor componets. And… it woudl not be a brick. It’s about the same size as my current Droid, maybe just a little thinker. I just don’t get why they didn’t take the full step.

  • peterw

    if a D800 would have android or any other operating system which opens up setting the camera really the way you want, I would buy it tomorrow. All those silly, too cheap selfmade or too expensive Nikon gadgets for remote thetered control, and geografical data and the like will not be nescessary any more.

    this is the principle upon which future camera’s should be made.
    I guess.

    • ari-free

      One step at a time…we’ll get there.

      • peterw

        perhaps :)
        quality control on the ‘Apps’ is off course a somewhat more important issue on a serious camera.

        talking about quality…
        windows on my laptop just crashed again. I am pulling of the pictures and work which where not yet on back-up by a speed like 40 kb/s… (No, I am not a silly pro, just a silly amator)
        … so, perhaps it will be wise to buy a FM and some non-G-lens as a back-up to this future Android D900-a.

        some other thought… Android is not the biggest player on the mobile OS-market. Has Nikon made a definitive choice? Or is there still a chance that in future we would see a classy camera called i-D900?
        Or should we prepare to switch brand to get a i-5Diiii or i-M11 to have full functionality with Apple products…

        Which brand would be most interesting for Apple to find cooperation/to buy? Pentax? i-K9?
        (A Pentax a-K47 would be fun to shoot with, thought)

        sorry to bring this up. it is probably old news to the regular NR-guests. But it is a concept with a lot of both fun and serious possibillities.

        • Zach

          It seems like this is too much of a niche product category to pique Apple’s interest. Photographers who want this functionality will not be replacing their smartphones with a camera like this – apples and oranges, so to speak.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ramsesoriginal ramsesoriginal

          Without wanting to pick on details, Android *is* the biggest player in the mobile market, by far.

          And iOs doesn’t inheritly mean classy, and even more, Anroid doesn’t mean it’s not classy. On the contrary: the skinability of Android means we can have a great experience tailored for Cameras, while on iOs we would have a phone OS stripped on the back of a camera. iOS isn’t that suited for a purpose-built device, while android is far more flexible on this regard. Also from a developer’s point of view, it’s simpler to develop for Android then for iOs.

          • peterw

            thank you for your smart corrections and interesting additional information ramses

  • Arkasai

    Look for a page on XDA for this thing soon. It’ll be funny when the people over there start messing with it which I don’t doubt people will. You’ll see overclocked kernels and probably lots of methods for decreasing startup time. I imagine running android, unless you put it to sleep, I think it’ll take more than a few seconds to boot.

  • http://www.jellyboi.co.uk James

    I guess this is a great way for the camera manufactures to still be in the chance to gain market share back from the smart phone market! Well I guess all you will need now is a phone attached to it!

    There is great speculation in the photographic market at the moment that its on a spiral towards hell, and this may just pick it back up again!

    Does anyone know if this is just a concept or a real idea?

  • http://www.techmites.com Mothi

    superb :) http://techmites.com/first-camera-with-android-os/ i have added some more like this :D

  • Marge enwright

    This is a completely retarded idea. Consider me floored is this sells 10k units.

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