And the winner is…

The winner of the 11th [NR] giveaway for one year of Animoto PRO subscription ($249 value) is Paul D. Congratulations!

There were 1013 entries for this giveaway. I selected the winner by running a SQL script that randomly picked one of the 1013 comments (I also made sure there were no duplicate entries).

If you did not win, you can take advantage of this exclusive offer from Animoto and get 2 free months added on to your yearly Animoto Pro subscription. Offer good until 2/28. Purchase at the link below and use the code “Rumors”:

I would like to thank Animoto for sponsoring this giveaway. Last week they updated their service with a new render engine that will allow 720p HD videos with up to 10 times faster rendering.

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  • Congratulations to the winner!

    • Gerry

      I wonder if he is from New Jersey.

      (I am assuming this will go over the head of 99% of the readers here)

      • Alice Schmitt

        hahahah, Amazing comment

      • Narna

        Ok I give, please explain?

        • Gerry

          Not sure if you have heard of “the Jersey Shore” which is a TV show on MTV. One of the main guy’s name is pauly d.

  • Rye

    Congratulations on being selected via computer algorithm that is totally random! 😀

    • The Invisible Man

      Yep, that’s the way I choised my wife, on week later the computer was in the trash.

      • Yhannoby


      • Gerry

        love bytes

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Loving the sophisticated prize draw system.

  • The Invisible Man

    Congratulations !

  • JorPet

    Congratulations to the winner!

  • Congratulations! Guess you have a better chance with that system than the lottery.

  • Tom

    Congratulations Paul.
    Thank you Admin for providing all the information every day.


  • jerl

    Congrats Paul. And again thanks to the Admin who tirelessly runs these for us. Free stuff is always good.

  • weird sql to me

    Is it just me or the SQL query seems weird.
    Seems that the where clause just annihilate the randomness of the thing.

    • the comment_post_id is the ID for the giveaway post, not for a specific comment – basically I am querying for a random comment from this post, otherwise it will give me a random comment from all posts

      • weird sql to me

        Thanks for the clarification… Seems obvious actually when I think about it… shame on me

        • iamlucky13

          Don’t worry, you’re not the only who had to take a second look at it to figure it out. It’s not the first way that would have occurred to me, but I think that query is a little lighter than what I would have done.

          I was sure confused for a second when I browsed to NikonRumors and found a screenshot from PHPMyAdmin.

  • Paul D

    Sweet! I never usually win anything!

    Thanks all and thanks Nikonrumors and Animoto!!

    • Paul D

      No, I won!

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, any other news and/or rumors? This blasted Nikon is slow as hell. I seriously think Nikon has nothing. Otherwise we would have some rumors. Remember when the Star Wars kids were running around with the D300s before release…Now Nikon even got rid of those idiots as well.

    • broxibear

      I did hear a rumour that admin was giving away a Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4G in the next giveaway…any update on that rumour admin ?

      • Anonymous

        yes, yes! NR Admin what’s happening with that 85mm f/1.4G??

      • JorPet

        I heard a rumor that the next give away was for a dozen fake roses that pull out into a thong…

      • Not a 85mm f/1.4, but I have 2 more giveaways scheduled for the next 2 weeks. Maybe at the end of the year I will do something “big”.

  • sirin

    aren’t you supposed to first rumor about the winner?

    • twoomy

      [NR5] Paul D probably won the thing. 99% probability.

  • Mock Kenwell

    I hate you Paul D. : )

  • MRPhotoau

    I’d only give it a 70% probability I heard on CR that it was John D that won it, but then that is only a rumour site, not real news like this one!
    OK, now on with the real stuff, the 85G
    So admin, rumour has it that I already won that one, so it can be posted to 123 Main St. Sydney 2001. That should save you all the hassle of writing the post.

    Oh, btw, congrats Paul well done m8!

  • Mazal Tov Bro !!!

  • Congrats to the winner, and try again for everyone else including me 🙂

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