Much better deal on that Nikon lens coffee mug

The first time I wrote about the Nikon lens coffee mug, the prices on eBay were too high. Now you can get it for $23 here (plus $6 shipping and handling):

Via PDNPulse

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  • Anonymous

    NR Admin – please start posting unverified rumors because we won’t be able to sleep from the coffee we drink from this piece of art Nikon mug.

  • Bernardo Vaghi
    • Eduardo

      This is big!!!

  • T1T4N1UM

    Is it just me or is their website down? It tells me database error.

  • Vladi got some news on the upcoming d3100 announcement date.

    • [NR] admin

      look at their source link :)

  • Smudger

    Why wait for the mug? Best thing to do with a 70-200 VRII – drink coffee from it.

  • Thorsten

    Com on, why do you continue wasting money on China fakes?, it would be okay if it was an original Nikon product, but as some have already pointed out; cheap castings with terrible details, not to mention what they are made of… enjoy your road paints and 25cent production crap.

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