Popular Photography’s “great new DSLR” rumor busted

The “great new DSLR” rumor from last week is busted - Popular Photography featured a Canon T2i on the front cover.

They also published a full test of the  Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens.

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  • thats just great

    • heythere

      Did you seriously expect a new camera? You don’t follow your own advice. Has a new camera EVER appeared on the cover of Pop Photography before the public knows about it? NO. NEVER. NOT ONCE. In fact by the time these magazines come out no one is interested in the camera anyone. Like take the T2i for example. Who cares? BUSTED….seriously that is hilarious

      • Richard

        It just goes to show you how out-of-date news is by the time it comes out in print.

  • Tomaocron

    How did the 24mm 1.4 do?

    • nir.e

      how do you think a 2200$ prime lens do..?

      • GlobalGuy

        No sparkles. 😉

        But i’ve been hearing about front-focusing problems from many sources. I’ve also heard that it is slower than the 24-70/2.8G to focus, but slightly faster than the 50/1.4G. The 50/1.4G focuses unacceptably slow, in my opinion. The 24-70/2.8 is pretty good in speed.

        I have heard that the 24/1.4G misses its focus in up to 30% of shot attempts. That is ridiculous if true. These are the early adopters speaking. So far very few people are saying its 100% accurate. And we are talking about day-light testing, not night. Supposedly the old 28/1.4 is faster to focus and far more accurate.

        You might want to wait until Nikon works out the kinks in the 24/1.4 by preliminary estimates.

        • I own the new 24mm for two weeks and I am very pleased with it. Sharpness wide open is exceptional except the outer corners. AF is not that slow and as far as you use the center af-point of the D700 it’s also accurate. Bokeh looks nice for a wide angle lens but it’s nothing outstanding. On the downside are definitely the strong coma in the outer corners and some ugly spheric aberration. Both is not that easy to correct. Vignetting and distortion is not really field relevant.
          Now I’m looking forward to the AF-s 50mm F1.2 and the AF-S 85mm F1.4 VR :). That’s everything I need.

  • Jeremy

    Did they like the 24mm? Oops…I forgot that their advertisers sell it.

  • J

    ….aaaaaand the most idiotic rumor goes to….



    No no… really…. it’s not your fault admin… I also thought PopPhoto was still relevant.

  • Aw…what a pity 🙁

  • Zoetmb

    There’s nothing wrong with PopPhoto doing editorial and promotion on the T2i. As I wrote when this rumor was first posted, it couldn’t have been anything Nikon because the lead time for most magazines is about three months. The T2i was released in February and it’s now May, so it makes perfect sense. Canon is the largest DSLR manufacturer and the T2i is their newest camera. Why does putting this on the cover make Pop Photo irrelevant? (It might be irrelevant, but not because of this.)

    And even though I don’t use Canon myself, that camera seems like an excellent buy as a starter to mid-level DSLR. 18MP, 3″ LCD, Live view, 9 point, 63 zone AF, 3.7fps, 1080p/30 video with a kit lens for $900? If you’re primarily doing family, friends and travel photography, very few people need more. Although I haven’t actually tried one, it looks to me to be a better buy than Nikon’s D5000.

    If Nikon released a camera today, you wouldn’t see it in the printed periodicals until the August issue.

    • Anonymous

      Heh heh, this starter Canon beats the hell out of the entire Nikon lineup.

      1) T2i = 18MP DX
      D300s = 12MP DX
      2) T2i = 1080p Video
      D300s = 720p + Jello
      3) T2i = low light iso is one step better than the D300s
      4) T2i = 1080p
      D3s = 720p
      5) T2i = 1080p
      D3x = nada
      D700 = nada

      Not to mention the price! The T2i is about $800 (USD) and according to numerous reviews the image quality is at the 7D.

      We all love you Nikon but I guess it is time to show us little bit more than the crappy 12MP at 720p which with even the rebates are overpriced. There is a reason why the rebates are extended >> Because the Nikon 12MP shit does not sell!

      • amunk

        AGREED! the price point is what kills me the most. The D300s is like $1200.

        • GlobalGuy

          Unfortunately, this is a strong case. While I love Nikon products, they are not even trying to stay competitive in the “well-rounded” category. The D300s is great, but it didn’t do what people were asking. Pros may go for D3x or D3s for specialty application, but Nikon better listen to its consumer class. This is a big deal. Canon is having its day, but its been having its day for the previous year as well. I hope the D800 and D400 seriously take these things into consideration and come about sooner. Nikon’s pricing is continuing to get more ridiculous versus the competitors.

          If Canon is truly improving its Autofocus, as everyone is saying, they are going to do very well again and they already are a strong competitor. Brand loyalty is idiotic. Right now Canon offers the better line-up for CONSUMERS. And anyone who is just now jumping into photography — you should go with Canon. Cheaper almost all around. You will save about 10-20% going the Canon path. And at this time you will get a better feature-set. And your photos will be nearly identical.

      • donde?

        Megapixel maniac: The MM will buy a camera just because it has more megapixels. Often selling his/her old cam on eBay. Doesn’t matter if the new one is better, they just love megapixels. They often try to convince others that they need “more megapixels”

        • amunk

          we’re talking about higher ISO performance and higher resolution video at a lower price point.

          This isn’t just about Megapixels. Nikon truly does need to shine with this next release

          • donde?

            As a rule of thumb: The more megapixels you add, the worse is your high iso result.

          • Anonymous

            donde? your rule of thumb is wrong because you forgot that sensor technology improvements make a big difference

          • amunk

            Donde, by your logic the D40 at 6MP should perform better at high ISOs than the D3s at 12MP.

            Anonymous is absolutely correct that TECHNOLOGY improvements have changed the game.

          • amunk

            but I should add that I’m not as concerned about MP as I am concerned about Nikon’s prices versus the features we are being provided.

        • Anonymous

          I would be happy with a D700 at 18MP+ … no need to boost iso performance as I do not plan to shoot in the dark. I do not need the bulk of the D3x, so that is not an option.

      • onion

        1) T2i = 18MP DX
        D300s = 12MP DX, Faster FPS, superior AF/Metering. 100% viewfinder. superior build.

        2) T2i = 1080p Video
        D300s = 720p + Jello
        Canon video also spots tons of jello and sensor subsampling artifacts. Although the nikon video is of lower quality, you’re primarily buying a still camera.

        3) T2i = low light iso is one step better than the D300s

        4) T2i = 1080p
        repleat of #2

        D3s = 720p
        with ISO performance that whipes the floor of the 1Dmk4, superior AF sytem and not to mention Full frame sensor for superior DOF.

        5) T2i = 1080p
        again, so I guess it makes a poor man’s camcorder? why bring it up.

        D3x = nada
        24 mp sensor, higher than any canon to date which still lingering in the low 20s.

        D700 = nada
        better noise performance, speed fps, AF than the 5DII, 7D.

        I think if you’re looking for a camcorder replacement, canon offers nice choices. if you’re looking for a photographic camera, well not so much. Plus keep in mind these are nikon’s outgoing models. Canon refreshed the lineup earlier so for now they are enjoying it. But once nikon releases their new lineup, they will all be old news.

        • Ronan

          onion has it spot on.

          • Anonymous

            Ronan, even if we compared the 1DmkIV with the D40 you would say the D40 is better. No matter what we say you cannot see that our Nikon baby is getting ugly.

          • GlobalGuy

            I think this whole conversation is opinion based on use.

            I would recommend that money-makers go with Nikon. But hobbyists almost certainly should go with Canon based on price and feature set alone. Plus its a very strong lineup that can earn just as much money. As Micah points out the D700 is still great for weddings. But no can seriously argue that the 5dmII is not (I own a D700 btw). The T2i is probably better than the D300s for anyone just jumping into photography as a hobby. Period. Dollars and cents. You can get a D5000, but I wouldn’t really know why over the T2i. That is, as a new guy just getting into photography.

        • @Right on.

          I’m still much happier with my D700 for weddings than anything in the Canon line really. So, if the whole Nikon line sucks, how come Canon doesn’t have one camera that fits my needs? (fast, reliable, mult-point af that covers more area, great high ISO, 8fps). The 7d doesn’t cut it for high ISO (my D300 almost did, and yes, the D300/D300s do have an edge for color and noise at high ISO over the 7d if you’re shooting raw. For jpeg, I’ll concede they’re the same)

          Since when does the Nikon 12mp shit not sell? Still selling quite well last I checked.

          I don’t NEED more than 12. I sure want it, and I think it is a shame we don’t have it in a cheaper body yet…but that doesn’t stop me from getting great results today that I can’t get with kit from any other brand.

          And on the D3x at the end of the list: the nominal resolution is the same on paper. 21mp and 24mp are the same. However, in practice the D3x absolutely spanks EVERYTHING for IQ. Even up through it’s ISO limit. If it had two more stops accessible, I think they’d match the D3. The files are that good people! Too bad the cam is so expensive that few people know this.

        • James

          +1 on Onion! You nailed it buddy!

      • rubber jonny
        • amunk

          wow. this has made me rethink my position. I had no idea that the T2i was so backwards in so many respects – particularly not having an LCD panel on the top

        • Anonymous

          Please, everyone should know digitalreview.ca is extremely biased towards Nikon.

          It talks little of image quality, and even I did not see much difference between the two. The site even goes as far as to compare KIT LENS, which should be completely irrelevant in the body comparison. Nearly half the page covers the “features” that everyone bashes Canon for.

          I have no brand preference, but arguing petty details is just worthless in my opinion. The 550D is already cheaper at launch, and if anything, isn’t even in the same league as the D90.

          • Jesus_sti

            first they compared the base kit … so the lens is important to compare. Second, see the benchmark D90 score cleary better.

            Canon have a better attrative price ans 18 Mp for doing some beautiful 4×6 po images from cheap photo printer ….

        • Good find.. a good reminder that ergonomics and handling counts too.

      • Jose

        Ok anonimous, go to buy this canon camera, if you make a good comparition you will find that this canon looks more in d90 segment than d300s group. But it does no have the following characteristics:
        Color Matrix Metering II, Advance flash system, Fine AE tunning, good quality, strong body, etc. etc etc This camera is a good camera but made a comparison point by point with Nikon Cameras this only have more megapixel.

        • James

          Seem to be forgetting the 550D is still considered “entry level” in the range. If you want a 550D with a strong body and top LCD etc then you get a 7D.

      • rs

        I’ll pit my d200 against that rebel any day and its 5 years old. Tech tech tech

      • Anonymous

        look at DXO all you sayin is just wrong !

        • Jose

          Ok Anonymous lest buy this camera, I will see you in canon rumors calim about that.

      • Ian

        This is a serious problem for Nikon because the folks who buy entry-level DSLRs really *are* interested in megapixels as a primary quality indicator. So Nikon doesn’t need to cater to the megapixel obsession higher up in its line, but it does need to produce higher resolution at the bottom end, to remain competitive, because so many low-end buyers don’t read or understand IQ evaluations in reviews — they just look at the resolution numbers and buy on that basis.

        I’m sure this poses quite a challenge for Nikon (and Canon) in determining which R&D paths to pursue.

        Okay, raise your hand if you feel sorry for Nikon’s marketing and R&D guys?

      • thorgal

        you are repeating yourself!

      • Rob

        Take a D300s over a Canon T2i any day of the week. Take d300 over a T2i any day of the week. Own a D90 and wouldn’t swap it for T2i. A T2i isn’t even considered prosumer, its a good bit of competition for the D5000 granted. The 720p vs 1080p comparisons are as useful as 12mp vs 18mp comparisons, IE not visible in the real world. I cracked up recently when a friend told me 720p wasn’t high definition, bullshit. 720p is the de-facto standard for high def broadcasting. Back to mega pixels to get a visible difference you need to square the MP so a D3x beats a D40 fair enough. I moved from a D40 to a D90, buggered if I can see the difference. I’ll see a difference between 12MP and 40MP (when I can find some glass that doesn’t breakdown at 24MP).

  • John

    If Nikon doesn’t release a new camera soon, I’ll probably just end up selling my D90 and going with Canon. I really do I need the resolution for the work I’m looking to do, and the only thing greater than 12mp in Nikon’s line is $7000.

    • Go.

    • donde?

      I’ve printed 10MP to 1 meter without problems, often enough 70x50cm. It’s the lens and printer that matter, and your technique, but not the megapixels.

      • mochapaulo

        Technically, you have not faced critical situation such as the light box in the metro station. Megapixel really matters except what you shot just occupies small parts of the poster graphic or you see it hundred meters away. Megapixel may not be necessary on DC but it means something on DSLR. I am also quite astonished that Nikon is not active to add various megapixel DSLR in the market for choices. The buyer may be confused of how obvious the differences between D90, D5000 and D300s.

        • Jose


          I you will do this kind of work you need to buy a d3X only rolley and leyca can beat nikon but canon can not beat this one.

          If you print using normal papers, you can see all details using 12 Mega pixels as well as 15, 18 or 21 megapixel.
          Regarding differences between D90, d5000 and d300s . I think you know that because there are more than 51 Af points

          Adding more megapixel to specs is only a marketing strategy for the 95% of people who print less that 1% of the pictures that they took.

          Please we all know that Toro Roso F1

          • James

            Because clearly noone EVER needs to crop, or perform distortion correction to images. I like having the higher resolution as I can get more detail and have more freedom to crop images or correct them and still be able to print large.

      • Alan

        donde?, if you are happy with the results when printing at less than 70ppi, who are we to argue?

    • onion

      yes because upgrading your camera will make up for your bad pictures?

      • Anonymous

        Yes. Exactly. We are all crappy photographers and we crop all of our pictures. The problem is that you cannot crop from 12MP!

        • regular

          None of Canon Rebel bodies has a 100% VF.
          So people can say whatever they want, it is still crappy to my eyes.

          • another anonymous

            hehe, poor canonians, crazy people fooled by marketing..

        • Anonymous

          good photographer dont crop!!!

          • Victor Hassleblood

            @U and regular,

            a 100% viewfinder is highly overestimated. You never see a 100% of your pictures when published or privately printed. Cropping happens all the time.
            Good photographers earn money, have to suite editors and to meet technical requirements. They just have to give their pics some flesh. So much about good photographers.

            About bloody amateurs: They spill shit just like yours.

          • regular

            @Victor :
            I never crop my images and I consider 100% viewfinder as a must.
            I own Hasselblads and Pentax67s and appreciate their 100% viewfinder. If you cannot compose correctly at exposure, you may not be as good as you think.

            Editor’s choice? Are you shooting stock photos? Editors dont crop good photos. One last word : talented photographers do not always earn a lot of money.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            @regular again,

            don’t you worry about me. I always get it right in the VF, but that means something completely different than your bloody amateurish approach to the use of a VF. I am neither slave to a certain camera’s image proportions nor to 1 or 2 % more or less in a VF. Just tools for me, all of which I know to use very well.

            BTW, HB (V-series) never had a 100% viewfinder. All HB V-series (with their 54x54mm screens) show just 93%.
            And I have worked with Pentax and others back in the 90s myself. Combined with pentaprism the Pentax67 was famous for the huge cropping of this viewfinder setup, showing as little as around 90%.

            But who am I telling??? You are a the owner, right ! ! !

            So I guess I should just listen and learn. Please tell me how the editor convinces the publisher to change format and proportions of his magazine to suite the image proportions of my camera, ’cause it’s only me and my 100% VF that matters.
            And please enlighten me how and where will the publisher find offset-printing, that manages to print and CUT (!) the pages for that miraculous magazine without the usual loss, once the editor has performed the first of two required miracles?

            Why do I even respond to you ? ? ? You obviously haven’t got a clue what you are talking about and I highly doubt that you can follow me at all.

            Seriously, if true at all, what you say, I must conclude that you don’t even notice if a camera has/has not a 100% VF. What do you use for real, a P&S?
            I’m sorry, but you’ve asked for this. I’m usually not the offending kind.

          • regular

            Maybe you should invest in the Pentax67’s WLF because it has 100% coverage. Perfect match with a lightmeter.

            I am quite sure my Hasselblad H is 100% too, and AFAIR my Hasselblad (V) viewfinder is 54×54 which happens to be the actual film frame size, dont be mislead by the 6×6 term.

            No need to be rude if you are just plain wrong.

          • Victor Hassleblood


            Ur funny, wrong and instant and I am apparently not rude enough. 56x56mm happens to be the actual film frame size (NOT 54×54) of what is called 6×6 format, don’t be mislead by your idea of that 100% VF BS you keep spreading.

            It’s as I said: you either don’t have any of the equip your talking about or mister 100% just doesn’t even notice the difference.
            And BTW, you didn’t answer any of my questions.
            You never ever get to see a 100% of a taken shot anywhere except for digitals looked at via monitor. If your experience is different it must be ’cause you simply have none.

      • John

        That’s not what the man who wanted a “wall sized” print told me. And I had to let him down because the resolution just wasn’t good enough. Perhaps I could’ve at least offered him a decent 20×30 if it weren’t for the low resolution.

    • moro

      if you need a camera for professional purposes, why don’t you buy a professional camera instead of buying a prosumer one and whining that it’s not enough

      • God forbid anyone pay attention to THIS advice!

    • Ronan

      John, you realize with 12 MP its MORE than enough to print a sheet to cover a small/medium size building, right? If you NEED more MP then you are doing it wrong, and thats probably why you have a D90 to begin with LOL!

      • ArtTwisted

        even though i love my d90 and its 12 megapixels you are incorrect. For most uses 12 is fine for any size print but for fine art prints 12 megapixels will print a great 11×14 but any bigger and the larger megapixel counts will start to sprint ahead. Also for stock photography the bigger your image the more you can sell it for.

        • rs

          I make 20 x 30 all the time with my D200. 10MP! Good glass is the reason why.

          • I’ve got a great shot from my D70 at 20″x30″. Of course it was taken with a 180/2.8 at optimal aperture and optimally sharpened. Looks nice and detailed to everyone who’s seen it.

            Of course…it helps that it’s a nice image. : D

            But don’t take my word for it. It’s the yellow orange landscape in my landscape gallery. Just click my name.

            In all honesty, most people don’t know how to take a picture with more than 3 mp of information. Most portraits certainly don’t have that much info, even if done right. Most of the people buying a Rebel will not ever fully utilize 18mp. Except maybe some landscape vacation shots.

    • Jose

      John: I respect your opinion to much but you must understand the desition for developings of new cameras will no base on your treats, is based in the market and it show a very good selling nikon products. Again last years nikon show blue numbers and canon was be in problem.

    • rs

      12 or 18 you know that there is little difference. To see significance you have to go to 24. So go chase the megapixels.

      • Indeed. Shot under optimal condition and properly sharpened, 12mp and 24 mp are barely discernible from one another. A doubling of linear resolution takes a quadrupling of megapixels. And a doubling of linear resolution will still only be noticeable with prints over 24″ on the long side. And only just.

        That said, I would not kick a D3x out of bed for eating crackers. I certainly wouldn’t trade my D700 for it though. Who am I kidding–I WANT BOTH!

    • James

      Go John. Go sell your stuff in ebay. We care!

  • Anonymous

    The bad news is that Popular Photographer cannot show a “great new dslr” from Nikon because there is none! The last 12MP crap from Nikon was released almost 7 months ago and since we are getting P&S from Nikon.

    Is Nikon trying to tell us to look other brands?

    • silverfire

      If all you care about is megapixels, then yes. It’ll be easier for us to get new lenses with one fewer pixel peeper in our midst.

      • Anonymous

        silverfire, you are the same selfish 4MP lover who cannot imagine that 12MP is peanuts for many applications. Perhaps it is fine for you but your shortsighted view is not shared by Canon and Sony. Perhaps, there is a reason for that. Also, since you seems to be super smart please explain to me why the 24MP Nikon is still over $7000? If the extra MP is so bad then it should be cheaper but I guess it is too difficult for you to understand.

        • If you *need* it so badly, then surely you can afford one. So go buy one. Oh, not enough work to afford it? Then go buy the Sony. Or Canon.

        • Jose


          If you can make a survey in this blog you will see most of the people thought that 12 MP are enough for this purposes.

          Again nikon desitions is base on the camera market, and they are still doing well with current models. As I see may be the future does not mean more MP shoul be means somethig similar to d3s, low noise at very high ISOs that allow you to take pictures with out flash in most of the cases.

        • Ok, lets see who can take a better picture: Anonymous with 24mp or Silverfire with 2mp.


          • Anonymous

            Tell me, why does nikon not offer something that is not 12MP (except d3x)? Wouldn’t be better if we had a little bit more variety? I understand that many are happy with 12MP but why not to have a little bit more variety?

          • They will. Eventually.

            Ok, you want the straight answer? And I’m going to apologize, because I keep on saying this same thing over and over. It the answer to most of the silly questions people ask: R&D is expensive.

            That’s it.

            It costs a ton of money to develop a new sensor. The 12mp sensor appears to me to be related to the D2x sensor. So for the sub-flagship cameras, Nikon took an existing design and altered it. And I’m sure that was cheaper than developing a new sensor. Result D300. Save some more R&D dollars and keep the body design for use in another camera. Result D700. Well, what’s another way to milk that sensor for more? Simplifiy the processing pipeline (read: cheapen production with minimal R&D dollars) and slap it in a couple more cameras: D90/D5000.

            Then there’s the flagships: D3. How do we update it during a tough economy? Something that requires fewer R&D dollars…rework and existing sensor design. Result D3s.

            This is why I keep saying we WILL see a D700 with a D3x sensor and not something new. They’ve already sunk too many R&D dollar (yen, whatever) into this 24mp sensor. It’s really good. Too good to NOT put in another camera. Making an 18mp FX sensor would be very expensive, especially in this still tough economy.

            So, we’ve got what’s actually quite a small range of very good sensors to choose from. Yes, there’s a hole. At gap for something with the D3x sensor. That is the only jump in MP we’re going to see any time soon. I suspect we may see a retooled 14mp sensor from Sony or Samsung…but I don’t think it will be until the end of this year at the earliest. The d300s is too new.

            Anyway, we aren’t over 12mp because it’s not necessary and it’s EXPENSIVE. Nikon is in it to make a buck. And they’re making them with what they’ve got. Sudden change ain’t their forte.

          • Blackbeard Ben

            Thank you, someone who actually understands product development and manufacturing.

            The design and tooling is there for the 24mp sensor, so it is extremely likely as soon as demand for the D3X has stabilized and the sensor yields are high enough to support a popular second body, the D700x will be released. Same goes for the D700s with the D3s sensor, although that probably still has a ways to go based on high sales of the pro camera.

            Of course, the same logic applies for the 12mp CMOS DX bodies. And the same was (and is) the case for the 6mp and 10mp CCD sensors that were the previous standards in the line. We’re still seeing the 10mp sensor in the D3000, 5 years since the D200 came out! That’s a smart business decision for such a small company as Nikon.

            So I guess the real question is, what is the next DX sensor? Canon has set the bar at 18mp, so what does Nikon have planned? I’m not up to date on the Sony sensors under development right now, but you all know that that’s where Nikon sources its consumer sensors. 15mp wouldn’t surprise me, nor would 20mp. Really, anything between 14mp and 24mp would seem like a good move. Heck, maybe we’ll see an ‘s’ version of the current 12mp sensor, and the product line split between very high and low resolution bodies. Anything to reduce costs yet maintain market share.

    • Anonymous

      lol seems like this troll only cares about megapixels and video. Go back to your P&S pansy

      • Anonymous

        This troll only cares about how to create more damage for Nikon. Long live Canon!!! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          be happy nikon exists, otherwise canon wouldn’t care about upgrading their technology

          • Anonymous

            Very valid point. I think the big issue is that Sony, Pentax, and others are a bit behind of the two. It would be much better if they were real competitors of C and N. I hope Sony will be a great challange to force these two to deliver better cameras

          • Anonymous

            Clearly, if you can’t equal with quality, just throw in more megapixels, and they’ll go crazy raving about it, despite how crappy each pixel works.

            This model works wonder, and you see a lot of customers buy it.

  • low

    im going to canon!

    • I swear half this forum is just a bunch of emo kids looking for someone to give a care when they announce they’re leaving for Canon (or whoever).

      Just GO. We do not care what brand you shoot with. Do what YOU have to do. Just don’t whine/cry/be emo about it.

      • Anonymous

        we already heard that from you Fried Toast can you tell us something new?

        • rs

          Give me a Canon with 2 mp i’ll still outshoot all you MP maniacs. 12 15 18 Nikon Canon Pentax Sony.. its your eye stupid. #1 EYE #2 creativity.
          Go run get whatever has the most MP that you can afford. I’ll still be in heaven with the best tool for me my, new D700. What a fantastic tool to compliment my talents. You can go shoot lousy billboard sized shots with your super duper MP camera of the day.

        • Yes, you’ve heard from me, but apparently no one’s listened. There’s still a disproportionate amount of whiners here.

          I’m all for reasoned discussion. No problems there! But when it boils down to “Wah, I’m going to CRY because Nikon won’t make what *I* want! And THEN, when I’m done CRYING, I’m going to go buy a CANON!!1!”… that’s when it gets old. There are often some good points made here in the forum. Just tiring reading all the whiny bits in-between. Yes, I know… scroll past them. I do most of the time. Just can’t help taking pot-shots at them sometimes.

          • rs

            Yes i keep thinking i’ll change their minds. I wonder why i care. Its obvious they are not photographers. After shooting film in all sizes for 30 so years it was fun to change to digital. i like this forum when the whiners stay away. Most of the time i ignore them, but for some reason today i felt compelled to enlighten them. Probably easier to enlighten my dog. I come here because its fun to read the rumors. and i write about all this equipment when i have to. i know a lot about the other brands, makes me happy i have a Nikon.

          • Screw Canon and Nikon…I’m going to Disneyland!

          • Who do you think you are? You didn’t win the Super Bowl!!1!

          • Phc, puhleez. I’ve one the Super Bowl many times throughout the years. And I have the callused thumbs to prove it.

          • “one the superbowl”? This is one shouldn’t read this and comment late at night. Should be “won”. And it was a video game reference, lest ye be confused.

      • CadenceSF

        I’ve no complaints, or interest in buying
        until something that really set things apart comes along.

        The most revolutionary thing right now IMHO are the softwares for editing. Their cut-down on time per edit are amazing.

        • Agreed! And hardware is just incredible today.

          However, OS’es seem to be going backwards. I’ve tried Vista and Win7 on my desktop and each time, after losing a day to screwing with it trying to get all the extra crap I don’t need turned off, I end up reinstalling XP64. It just runs fast with no garbage to slow anything down. OSX doesn’t run PS any faster for me either.

          PS gets better every ver though. Quite happy there.

  • Jack

    It wasn’t a “rumor” it was a generic phrase, and you IMPLIED that somehow it was a conspiracy or a new camera leak. Get over it and less sensationalism please.

  • Anonymous

    The fact is that Nikon released the last camera almost 7 months ago, therefore it is obvious that the “great new dslr” cannot be Nikon.

    • disco

      lol +1

  • Alex

    Many years ago they were selling “7 vacuum tube radio” and later “radio on 12 transistors”. The gimmick was that only 2 tubes or 5 transistors were _really_ used, all others were replacing ordinary resistors. But people were impressed with the number of tubes/transistors and were ready to purchase these radios.

    It seems that some people are impressed just with marketing numbers without trying to understand the physics. A sensor with _infinite_ resolution at f/22 cannot resolve close points any better than 2Mpixel one(diffraction limit). Only with very expensive lenses at f/2.8 or wider the 18Mp sensor would provide more real resolution than a 12Mp sensor. Otherwise, a photo taken with a good 12Mp sensor interpolated to 18Mp looks better!


    In brief: if you are interested in landscapes (usually f/11-f/16) and want more pixels, just take a photo with 12MP sensor and upscale it to 18MP (or even 24MP). You will get the same or better quality as with a 18/24MP sensor 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Alex, obviously you have never tried next to each other a D3 and a D3x. Now, tell me how are you going to interpolate something from 12MP when the data is not captured? Take 1 picture with each cameras (D3 and D3x) and start enlarging the images. You will be surprised but most likely you will fine more details from the 24MP sensor.

      It is simple physics, if the details are not captured (with the 12MP sensor) you can do whatever voodoo you want but you are not going to put back the not captured details by interpolating.

      My advice is that before you post something please check the facts!

      • Alex

        > It is simple physics, if the details are not captured (with the 12MP
        > sensor) you can do whatever voodoo you want but you are not going to
        > put back the not captured details by interpolating.

        No doubt – but only if details are there, i.e. the resolution is not limited by diffraction. I was rather talking about landscapes, typically shot at f/16.

        > My advice is that before you post something please check the facts!

        Sure – why don’t you look at http://darwinwiggett.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/the-canon-7d/

        where Darwin WIgget does comprehensive tests comparing 18MP APC-C with other sensors, in particular interpolating 12MP to 18MP

        FYI: I have Ph.D. in theoretical physics so if you I say that 18M is always better than 12MP even when diffraction limits maximum theoretical resolution, I would not believe you 🙂

        • Anonymous

          If you can capture the “information” at 18 or 24 MP then there is no other circumstances where 12MP would give you better results.

          • Alex

            On APS-C sensors pixels are already small. Even smaller pixels (18mp vs 12mp) mean more noise and less image quality. If sensor technology improves, you can either increase IQ and decrease noise, or increase MP sacrificing IQ and having more noise – it is always a compromise.

            As a result, for APS-C the optimum is probably 14-16Mpix.

            On full-frame pixels are bigger so we can put more MP there and diffraction becomes limiting with higher f-values

          • Anonymous

            Actaully sensor tech improved. Please check the new 18MP DX Canon. With the higher resolution it is 1 step better than the D300s.

          • Jose

            Anonymous 2 + 2 always be 4 in cientifics world, should be 5 or 3 in politics but in technologies developing always be 4. In photography optics is the other important palyer in the match, That is waht Alex try to tell you

          • Anonymous

            yes, optics are the other important elements such as raw conversion softwares. My point was that Nikon does not offer variety. You buy 12MP or nothing else because 24MP at Nikon land is not affordable.

            I 100% agree with Thom Hogan’s take on this that the modular system would be a perfect solution. If we need more res than we swap in the 24MP module. If we needed more iso than the 12MP etc. depending on the project.

            My point is that we disagree because we don’t have choices due to Nikon’s inability to provide variety.

          • Anonymous

            All wrong the most important is the 1005 zones for Nikon analyse vs 63 dohh!! for Canon ,more colors that’s all!!!!!!!!

          • Joe

            I am not sure how to explain this but if you compare the file of 7D and D300s the file from the D300s is sharper even after enlarge to meet the 7D’s 18mp at base ISO viewing at 100% and the 7D even have noise at base ISO. at High ISO the 7D. And this was test with Canon/Nikon 70-200mm F2.8. You have to see it for yourself.

            People might say that you need sharpening but still the D300s is sharper because it is sharper to begin with.

            As for the comment about Canon being better at High iso. Yes they might have less noise but it comes with less detail as well with a strong noise removal.

            In the end is up to you, try both and see the difference yourself. While I am happy with my Nikon.

        • mick

          Well then why don’t you start with an 18MP camera and interpolate the 18MP photo into something like a 30MP photo? Can you do that with a 12MP photo?

          • I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a scientist (much less a rocket one), but if I understand the points made above, you’ve overlooked the basic point he’s trying to make.

            The sensor is small. You’re cramming more MPs on it, thus you’re passing by the optimum configuration going past 14~16MP.

            You *can* interpolate an 18MP image, but if I understand correctly, you’re already working with an image that’s got limiting factors going against it. By interpolating that image, it’s quality is going to be less than that of an optimum image of a smaller size being interpolated up.

            In other words, bigger is not always better.

        • CadenceSF

          Alex, I think you have an important point, but I don’t think they WANT understand you.

        • @Alex: I’ll agree to a point. However, in my experience, there are lenses that, I image because of something in their design, can resolve more information at f22 than other lenses at the same focal length. In my experience, there are lenses that will resolve fine detail at f22 to a 35mm sized sensor over 24mp.

          Yes, you will generally see a reduction in resolution once you reach a sufficiently small aperture that you are into diffraction limited territory. However, a reduction in detail is not the complete obliteration of detail, and I assure you that if you take a good lens like one of the 60mm macros and stop it down to f22 and shoot the exact same scene with a D3 and a D3x, the D3x will definitely resolve more detail.

          There is, I’m sure, an aperture at which you will limit the resolving power of a lens below the resolution of the sensor and the cameras will resolve about the same information. However, such apertures are usually beyond the range available on most lenses. This is not a coincidence. It’s by design.

          I know exactly what you’re talking about and diffraction is a real thing that you can observe by pixel peeping test photos. But it doesn’t work quite the way you think.

          I’m sure you’ve got some truly fascinating info rolling around your noggin. But photography is best experienced, and not theorized about. Go out and do some tests on these things if it suits. You’ll definitely learn some things if you do. But if it were me, I’d just go find something pretty to take pictures of and enjoy life a little more.

        • PHB

          Alex, I have a D.Phil in experimental physics. Rather more relevant huh?

          The diffraction limit for DX format is starting to become relevant. But you are forgetting the fact that we are shooting with a Bayer sensor and so the diffraction limits are set by the much lower resolution of the individual sensor colors.

          The diffraction limit is not an absolute, it is relative to your aperture. This is why Nikon is currently aggressively launching f/1.4 lenses. They are clearly planning to launch a 36MP or even 48MP body at some point. Those f/1.4 lenses will be perfectly adequate for 18MP and 24MP DX diffraction wise.

          I really don’t see why some people have to get so defensive about the APS digital format. Signs suggest that the Nikon D4 and D400 will both be 18MP.

      • onion

        24MP+ are a total waste of time. It’s like point and shoots today with 15MPs in a noisy tiny sensor. The 7D’s results are horrible with noise all over and washed out details, barrely able to beat up even the 3 year old D300. The 1D4 is a better design with 16MP in a slightly bigger sensor (still inferior to Full frame off ocurse) and hows canon is finally coming to it’s senses. the MP = better myth is over.

        The future is not more MPs to make up for lack of photo skills, but dynamic range, color depth and ISO cleanliness. 18MP and up should be full frame territory. All other smaller ammateur formats should stay where they work best: 12-16MP.

        • rs

          thank you onion

        • For all of those drinking the Canon Kool-Aid:

          Canon G10 (2008): 15MP
          Canon G11 (2009): 10MP

          Oops, what’s that?

          • Anonymous

            Point and Shoot. They are not dslrs and definately not FF

      • jsa

        “obviously you have never tried next to each other a D3 and a D3x. ………………..will fine more details from the 24MP sensor.”

        Pixel density on the D3x is still less than a D300. Isn’t D3x DX crop mode about 10MP ?

        Pixel density and diffraction are th eflips sides of the proverbial coin.

        • rs

          yep pixel density. Give me a 10mp cropped sensor over a 18mp cropped sensor anytime. Make them with the same technology and the 10mp will cream the 18.

    • Ohhh…that Darwin dude review is something I’ve seen before. I will say that sharpening is part of any digital workflow and I think the 7d files were undersharpened. DPP is also a really shitty piece of software. Just as a bad as NX.

      ACR is the only real professional raw workflow. I’ve gotten better results with ACR from 7d files. But hey, if they want to rag on the 7d, it’s kinda funny. It’s honestly a nice camera. Not a D300 slayer in my opinion, but quite comparable.

      • Jesus_sti

        it’s because you never try capture one … camera raw aren’t the only one…

        • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah NO.

          Every time a new version of Crapture One comes out, I give it a try. It’s only good for it’s processing of fabrics shot on MF backs. Other than that, it’s color rendition/management and speed are NOT comparable to the Adobe line.

          I’ve worked color matching textiles for catalogues (CMYK) and nobody has software that replaces the bang up job that ACR does.

          So yes, I’ve tried Crapture One. And Babble. And DPP (Dreadable Photo Propensity). And NX (Nearly eXcusable). And Raw De-veloper. And DXO (Dissociative X Optics = kludgy french software?)

          Each has some interesting aspects, but some major flaw. Either in color accuracy or processing speed or workflow integration or kludgy gui or SOMETHING. Adobe’s stuff might verge on bloatware, but damn…it’s USEFUL bloat. And each gen processes stuff better and faster. Just download a trial of PS CS5 or the latest Lightroom…ACR is fucking PHENOMENAL! It was already good, but the noise reduction just SLAUGHTERS anything else on the market. AND it’s integrated into ACR, so it’s non-destructive. BRILLIANT. Call me a fanboy. I don’t care. Shit does what it’s supposed and does it well and fast. Ain’t no substitue.

          Go ahead. Name one. I’ll try it (if I haven’t already.)

        • They used DPP. Maybe at default setting. I don’t know. But I do know that if optimally sharpened, you can get more detail at f8 or even 11 than any other camera in Canon’s line save the 5d mkii or the 1ds mkiii.

          I know. I’ve worked with files from all of them. Good gear. But if you don’t know how to work with the files, it all looks the same. I’m really good at post. I know how to get the best print out of any file. I know what each of these cameras is capable of. This is why flawed comparisons like this amuse me.

          It’s like like guitar amps. There’s a lot of myth and mojo. There are good reasons for people’s beliefs. But often myths about the mojo of a piece of gear are born of ignorance. Most people haven’t played a 1950’s Les Paul through a Marshall Major and A/Bed it with a Mesa Boogie. Most people haven’t seen raw files from a D3x shot out in the real world. And moreover, most people don’t know how to process those files properly, and they haven’t seen prints from properly processed files.

          So, we have lots of rumors and bad info about the quality of gear. Some of the bad info even comes from the manufacturers. Like DX is better because it uses the “sweet spot” of the lens. Well, yeah. But DX was also limited by sensor tech and sensor manufacturing tech, and processing pipeline tech. So, today we still have arguments about DX vs. FX.

          “DX is diffraction limited” “DX sensors can only be so many MP before they go soft”. Well, yes. Sorta. If they actually get to the point of being diffraction limited at all apertures, they could dump the AA filter. Hmm. What’s that do for sharpness? See, there are MANY factors at play, and most of the people having these arguments (the customers) don’t have half a clue. That’s ok from a marketing standpoint, because it lets the camera manufacturers let the feature sets and images talk for themselves.

          So: SHOW ME THE PICTURES! If I can get my hands on a 7d in the next couple weeks (and if I have the time and good glass for Canon to go prove my point) I’ll make a comparison of what some cameras can do, especially when properly processed.

  • Jack

    Also “12MP is peanuts”, did you just get out of the zoo? 12mp is shit unless its on a quality sensor, and even then, for most applications besides journalism and sports, FILM is better.

    • Anonymous

      Because Film still can capture more than 12MP when it comes to details and dr.

      • donde?

        Film has actually a gigapixel resolution and it has 24 stops of dynamic range!!!

        • Gigapixel resolution, huh? Never heard of film grain?
          And that dynamic range…hah! I hope you are kidding 🙂

          • rs

            donde was talking 8 x 10 film i think.

          • PHB

            I think he was being sarcastic.

            There is no 35mm film that gives better results than the best DSLRs at this point. But there will still be idiots touting the benefits of vinyl over CDs and tubes over transistors based on half baked technical arguments that they have no freaking clue about.

            DX is not diffraction limited, not even close. Some stops are diffraction limited, but that was the case in the film era too. That is why sensible people don’t use f/22 unless they really have to.


            DX is diffraction limited from f/8 on at 24 MP if your audience has very good eyesight, so trying to shoot at 24MP with the kit lenses is probably not going to give good results. You are going to need the pro level f/2.8 zooms to make the most of the sensor or better the f/1.4 or f/1.8 primes. So what, the same is true of FX. To shoot high resolution you need exceptional glass.

            DX is only one stop different from FX, to expect there to be a sharp distinction between the two is to fail to understand physics. If DX was unusable due to diffraction then so would FX be.

            If you are doing astrophotography then 12MP DX is pretty much the limit as most telescopes seem to be f/11 (and atmospheric effects dominate in any case). If you are doing microscopy with a bellows you can also hit the limits of physics. But for most people diffraction limited is merely an effect that is only relevant when trying to get a large depth of field.

      • Jose

        Dear Friends, We spend many lines try to explain how 12 Mp is good or not, good. But in the case of cropp opinion, I would like to know How many pictures you took wich need to be cropped, How many needs cropp over than 12 MP. Otherwise anonymous looks that have reason regarding posibilities to put D3X sensor in D700 body, But this new camera should be around 4000 or 5000 US$ if you have the posibility to invest this amount, probably you have the posibility to buy a D3X.

  • stepper

    But if we buy this issue we can see this months top 10 ways to take better ____(fill in the blank).

    10) Use a flash if needed.
    9) Hold the camera steady!
    8) Use a tripod when possible
    7) Composition
    6) Focus!
    5) Etc…
    4) Etc…

  • Kozłowski Artur

    If anyone still thinks that PopPhotography is a ‘photography magazine’ then good luck… To me it’s just a thick catalogue of ads and american vendors, with a few articles in between. Their lens and camera ‘reviews’ are a copy/paste joke…

    • Iceman

      Amen….dropping my subscription for that reason. I enjoy Digital Photo Pro when they stay away from soft porn.

      • PHB

        I much prefer the hard core as well.

  • Discontinued


    A nice and affordable piece for DSLR beginners, who do not mind the plastic feel and look. I guess Nikon doesn’t win many new customers right now.

    Unless the new Canon consumers get let constantly down by their tee two eyes, D7s and D5s they will stay with the brand on the long run and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase and purchase nothing but Canon, Canon, Canon …

    Congrats to te two eyes again ! ! !

    BTW, I bought two different photomags two month ago, already giving full coverage on the T2i/550D. Pop. Photo. just sucks. “How to shoot everything” LOL. What a colorful piece of scratchy toilet paper. I rather stick with rolls.

    • Discontinued

      Yes donde?,

      I already followed your link from above. Thanx. Fun and enlightening too.

      But what do you mean by placing it here and to me again? Defending this or that brand is something far of my mind. BTW I shoot Nikon among others.

    • rubber jonny

      D90 is still a better camera apart from the video….

      read this review


      • mick

        D90 is a great camera. I own T2i and 7d. I really would have rather purchased the D90 over the T2i due to build quality. But T2i has no competition on video so it swung my vote. I think the D100 (or whatever succeeds the D90) will be a game changer for Nikon. I think that is why it will take them a while to get it out because it has to be right. I think it will be. I would definitely consider one if the video is better and it gets a small MP bump up (but not too much).

        • Nash

          D100 already came out!.. it was a 6MP camera.

        • Remember that Nikon already had a DSLR named D100. It was succeeded by the D200 and the D300.

          • mick

            Thus the comment “(or whatever succeeds the D90)”. Try to focus on the point and not the technicalities.

        • PHB

          Nikon is almost never first, they try to be best, not first.

          The Canon is exactly what you would expect, outperforms on paper, underperforms in real use. The differences are not enough either way to justify witching.

          Folk who are looking to buy their first DLSR before they go on safari in Africa in June probably want to trend towards Canon, people who are prepared to wait a few months for Nikons response are unlikely to be disappointed.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            All true what you say. And I liked the “witching”. Was that on purpose?
            Still I am a little concerned about the amount of beginners (and filmers) choosing Canon, the lost ground for Nikon (making new releases financially even tougher) and I also know a few witches that did some switching. Personally I am just a bit tiered of waiting (but will do exactly this, nonetheless).

  • Nash

    Done Deal… Im swtiching to canon… Had enough of the Nikon Waiting game.. No wonder their new president/ceo said that nikon cant sustain the same growth as they have seen in the last 10 years…

    What a shame though.. THey make excellent products.. but theyre always behind canon…

    5D MKII.. here i come… enough is enough…

    • Jose

      OK Nash, go for them, I will see your comments in canon rumors soon, Canon is a very good camera with a better god quality but it have many photography problems because they accelerate the introduction of techonolgie to have more users. That is not nikon way in most of the cases The statement Canon is a Camera made for Enginners is true because sometime they have leading technoilogies but Nikon is a camera made for Photographer because nikon have a solution for the peoples who love take pictures.

  • The invisible man

    Great job.

  • twoomy

    This wasn’t a rumor! This was pulling way too much out of a random generic statement. The proper translation would have been “Hey, we’ve got a beautiful woman on our cover this month! Isn’t that crazy? Normally, we just have cool new camera gear on our cover.”

    The “rumor” was taking the individual words way too far.

    But no worries admin, it’s all in good fun and we all enjoy all of these posts.

  • Alex

    This is exactly why I don’t buy magazines anymore!

  • huahuhuaa.. T2i is the Greatest?…… Rebel..

  • phil

    I’d like to add a few thoughts, some of which have already been mentioned:
    – I’d have to agree that the T2i does seem to be a better camera than the d5000/d3000, with the D5000 (not D90) being the most direct competitor to the T2i. The XS or XSi is the most direct competitor to the D3000.
    – The T2i is kind of a tweener between the D5000 and D90. the D90 is in most respects the better camera, but it also costs $200 more.
    – however D90 and D3000 are most likely going to be replaced this year with new models, with the D90 probably going up to 18mp. So while Canon is almost but not quite catching up to the D90 (except for the movie mode), the D90 update “should” be significantly better than the T2i. We’ll see about the D3000 update.

  • I_want_a_D700X

    I hope this puts more pressure on Nikon to release a 20MP+ D700X type affordable FF versus the 12MP D700S

    $800 for a 18MP APS-C body with 1080p video versus $2999 for a 12MP FF body with 720p video is going to be a joke.

    • regular

      Yasuyuki Okamoto just called me to confirm he is reading all your messages. He is enlighten by your smart thinking and will comply to your wishes.

  • kyoshinikon

    The D5000 “is” the big competitor to the rebel t2i. The D90’s canon counterpart should be revamped later this year D60. Also other than the Video and Mpx the D90 tops the T2i in EVERY category and with the same sensor as the 7D the D300s is better than both in terms of sensor performance.

    Canons may be good cameras but… Rebels have always sucked in terms of performance to their competitors although their specs always sound a step ahead of the same competing cameras. Then again their market is for soccer moms so why is a “serious magazine” featuring it?

  • Mark

    I think the biggest thing is that the T2i has an audio in connection to use an external microphone. Add that to the Nikon D5000 and call it the D5001 and keep the price the same ($640 with the 18-55mm lens) and you got the better still camera for less.

    Peace out.


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that sad that we are arguing about the competition products because Nikon does not have anything new to offer? As I mentioned above, I cannot rmember of a period when Nikon did not release a new dslr for over 7 months. This is the case right now and unfortunately we don’t have anything near to release for another 2-3 months.

    This is going t o be a serious issue for nikon if it waits too long with the new products.

  • ArthurH

    About that 24 1.4, I bought it last week, and yes, it’s expensive. It actually costed me almost two months salary. And it takes some time to learn how to use such a wideangle.
    But it’s GOOD!!! Sharpness and contrast are exceptional (also at 1.4), bokeh is wonderful, it’s really amazing!
    OK it may not be a miracle lens. There may be CA sometimes, and focussing in low light isn’t easy sometimes. Also focussing wide open at infinity seems difficult, it tends to focus at something closer then. But when will that ever be an issue?
    This lens is really an amazing peace of glass which most certainly will bring me a lot of joy in photography. So then for me it’s completely worth the money. And yes it’s more expensive than the Canon version, but according to the first reviews, it’s also really better!

    • I picked it up the day it came out. Definitely a wonderful lens.

      • another anonymous

        i’m glad to hear this as i’m also prepared to buy it this month 😉 i think it’s completelhy worth the price even if i can’t say i will be a bit happier with lower price. but it doesn’t matter – i’m already decided

  • lunar

    bought a d700 last week, pair it with a 50 1.4g, and enjoying the night vision.

    forget the equipments and upgrades, focus on your skills.

    • m

      lunar..keep enjoying the night vision. thats what nikon’s loyal customers get fr shelling out close to 3k. not better pictures at higher iso’s.

      • rs

        I recently bought a D700, an excellent camera. The first test picture I took was a blacked out car window at ISO 6400. The lack of noise astounded me. My Canon friends who ran out and bought the 7D can’t touch that. The noise is worse at ISO 1600. Yes they will tell you how great it is after running it through a noise program. I’d say the noise is about the same as my 5 year old D200. Chase MP all day if you want. You can’t tell much difference between 18 and 12 anyway.
        Color is much better in my camera. Canon 40D was much better than 7D.
        If Canon had stuck with that 10mp and improved it they would have quite the sensor.

  • Nobody Special

    Wow……… a new Rebel!!!!!!!!! I can hardly contain myself. They aren’t serious??? I mean really, why the over-kill build up for a base line camera? Gee! It has a trillion-quadrillion pixels and it will last 2 years.

    I never handled a Rebel that ever excited me enough to want it.


    • ArtTwisted

      no but everyone at my camera store wants one, and thats what matters in the end. Everyone looks at the canon and sees 1080p and 18 megapixels, then i say “no the nikon is better” and they point to the bigger numbers, i say “no the nikon is better” and repeat.

      Honestly though nikon stopped paying us to sell cameras, which means I will sell canons, they are the easier sell. I used to make 25 bucks a pop on D5000’s, even a few bucks on coolpixes , panasonic used to do the same but now ill seel canon in spite till they start paying me again

      • wish they did that where I work – i’d be rich…damn. I was selling 7 or 8 nikons a day…25 for the cheap one? how bout on 700’s and d3’s? i am good for 2 or 3 or those a day too….

      • amunk

        you should sell the nikons to keep the company alive!

        and yeah the obsession with megapixels is the most annoying thing on the planet

        • Anonymous

          amunk, I guess you know that there is big difference between 12MP and 24MP (if you have decent lenses)? Why don’t you give a try to it? Even the Sony A850 way outperforms the D700 in that category. I hope Sony will fix the shortcomings of the A850 because that’s a serious player in town. Try to imagine if they put the next generation of 24MP sensor in it. Keep in mind, the D3x sensor is pretty much the same.

  • And to be fair to Pop Photo, they weren’t starting a rumor or overstating. As has been pointed out in the past, every issue features a great new DSLR, but what people read into the note regarding the cover was “a great new – by which we mean heretofore unannounced – DSLR”. And my goodness, what is going on in these comments? They seem to have gotten off into a bit of a brand ditch.

  • I like my D300s. When you all switch over to Canon, I’ll pick up one of your unused D700 cameras on the cheap too. Once I got good glass, I quit thinking about megapixels.

    • rs

      Good glass is where its at.

      • mika

        Sigma, Zeiss, Voigtlander glass is also available for Canon. That said, I use the Nikon D50. I’d like to upgrade, but there’s nothing appealing Nikon has on offer for the price point I’m looking at. An updated “D5000” with 1080 HD video and “clean” 3200 ISO is something I’m looking forward to. Price point $399 USD.

      • Another point that I’ve heard about (but am not an expert on) that the MOAR MEGAPIXELS!!1! crowd hasn’t mentioned is the ability of glass to resolve these resolutions. From what I’ve come to understand, we’re approaching the limits on current glass. Don’t know if that’s true, but something for the I-want-a-larger-hard-drive crowd to think about.

        • Anonymous

          yes, for 24MP you need decent glass. Guess what, many of us just have those good glasses

        • Anonymous

          Fried Toast, remember back in the film age fairly cheap lenses were able to resolve the velvia with acceptable output quality. Some of this bs that many lenses cannot resolve the higher resolution is plain wrong. It comes from the manufacturers to ensure that you will buy new glass! I tried out on a D3x some very old not expensive Nikon lenses and I was really surprised by the results.

          I think the major issue is that we do not have the choice (and variety) to try out different resolution sensors. I would love to have 2-3 different sensors in hand so I could swap in the right sensor for the right job! e.g. Night >>> high iso low res or Landscape >>> High res low iso

          • You’ve hit a huge point right there- swappable sensors. If Nikon made a body with different swappable sensors, that would be golden 😀

            I’ve never messed with old glass on a D3x, so I definitely don’t have any experience there- just passing along what I’d heard. Glad to hear that it is up to the task.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            That would be great: Just as in the good old age to put inside your camera whatever suites the job …
            And I 2nd what has been said about lenses. I still use some Ai and Ais. They perform great. 180 ED still kicks on digital and still is one of the best, ever made by Nikon. And it’s made to never ever break.

  • dude

    what a crap dslr. it was rated unacceptable @ iso 3200

  • akvisuals

    I read that magazine and the D90 beats the T2i with high ISO performance. (T2i wins by a tiny bit on resolution, but who the heck needs that if even ISO 400 looks like crap?)

    To all them canon fan boys,


  • Simon Sanggaard

    I think the DxOmarks of the Nikon cameras show their superiority in RAW quality:


    Simply compare the D90 with the T2i/550D:


    The D90 beats the 550D in all of the criteria despite the fact that the 550D was released 20 months after the D90.

  • jim bo

    “Great new DSLR” – what a bunch of retards. Should have been “old DSLR everyone knows about and have already read the reviews”

    • amunk

      I’m with you. “great new DSLR” does not describe this thing. and I didn’t expect a nikon at all. Anything other than this pos

    • jim bo

      Did I say I was expecting a nikon DSLR? No. Learn atleast how to read before you try to act clever. You fail so hard.

      • Twoomy

        My apologies; you are absolutely correct.

  • Iceman

    My conclusion is that Canon has a better marketing department while Nikon has better engineers. I just hope the profit margins at Nikon can support the R&D for future pro products.

    My D300 with an array of fast glass is a wonderful instrument that produces beautiful images. However, my biggest challenge is shooting ballet (poor lighting and fast movement) and the D3s sensor is what I would love to try. That’s why a D700 replacement is so anticipated for me.

    • Iceman

      BTW, the only reason MP is important to is that I do (gasp) crop images. For ballet I always shoot primes from a stationary location. My 24-70mm is a wonderful lens but still not fast enough for these conditions. So, FF frame with a few more MP would be an advantage when I need to isolate Suzy in that arabesque at the back of the stage that I want to sell to her dear auntee.

      • That Guy

        So basically you wan’t digital zoom?

        wow. Please, go to canon. Now.

        • Iceman

          I didn’t say that at all.
          Wow. Learn to read English. Now.

          • amunk

            Are you using F2.8 Zooms?

            At most you get one additional stop of light from moving to a prime lens…

            If you had the D3s you could shoot at ISO 6400 and your problems would be immediately solved

  • Torben

    Hey, shut up and shoot with what you got… it will be work fine ^_^

    • Iceman

      As I stated, it does work beautifully but that doesn’t mean I don’t intend to improve my craft nor does it give you the right to be rude.

  • Casual_Thoughts

    My first Nikon DSLR was a D70 that I just replaced last month with a D300s. I had many friends with digital slrs when I was looking for a new camera. Since they were all early adopters most shoot Canon.

    After talking to them at length I found a few things that I took away.

    #1 consideration is the glass (lens):
    Canon seems cheaper on that front till you realize that if you don’t buy L glass you’re not going to get the best results. Most of those guys have to buy their lenses twice to get what they want.
    I was interested in wildlife and auto racings and Nikon has a nice lineup. Since they are in the microscopy biz in a big way their Micro line is very nice.
    One you have thousands in glass you probably will stick with a brand.

    #2 What will you shoot:
    I’m not into landscape stuff so that didn’t limit me to a full frame originally. That’s what pulled most of my friends into Canon in the first place. When the D700 came out many would have switched if they didn’t have a large investment in glass.
    The autofocus on the D300s is pretty awesome. Also I like the extra zoom the crop factor gives.
    Wildlife loves low light so better ISO performance appeals to me also. I am hoping the D3x lord of darkness tech trickles down.
    #3 Composition:
    I’m not a croper. For the most part I compose my picture in the frame the first time and I’m done. I guess it helps to have a nice zoom. The only exception is when I have too much sky with a bird in flight. If I do crop it’s pretty modest.
    #4 Megapixels
    I rarely make prints and I sure don’t make portraits to hang over the fireplace. If that’s your bread and butter you better purchase a medium format camera.
    If you love megapixels and don’t have a mint in glass just go ahead and switch to Canon and save yourself a lot of grief. Their market plan is pixels first quality second ISO last.

    #5 Camera Bodies
    Camera bodies become obsolete very fast. If you are a hardware junkie you better have deep pockets. My D70 still works like a champ and my girlfriend is getting great shots with it now.

  • D700 update?

    I hope that Nikon give us a great D700 update and soon if possible.

    BUT, with what is already available with Nikon cameras, anyone would be pleased and anyone woud find a camera that suits his/her needs. Therefore, from a Nikon’s point of view and from my own point of view, the new cameras that Nikon will produce in the coming months and years will be really what I could call “the ice on the cake”!

    • Victor Hassleblood

      You are right. If Nikon had a prosumer DX with 1080 and an affordable FX with 24MP there where just no questions left.
      Only trouble with what you say is, that the ice is melting. Nikons waiters are simply waiting a bit long. If they don’t serve for too long: ice gets thin. They are loosing ground right now. A 700X using an already developed sensor would change the game. 1080 video added would clearly win it. A soaked cake, served one year too late is half the fun and reason enough to be annoyed. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Mr Poopy Pants

    I have conducted a scientific research and I can gladly conclude that Nikon is better than Canon.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon sucks

    • Anonymous


      • Mark

        Nikon, Canon & Leica TEH TRIPLE SUX!!!

        Pentax Rules!

        I’m just playing, hehe.

        Although I have a D3s and knee deep in nikon glass, I wish i had money for a backup alternative system, 5DMKII with L Glass for Video Backup, as well as a Leica M9 for compact on the go cadid shots. Aw man what a dream team.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, post something new please. This is getting ridiculous we spend more time talking about canon gear than Nikon.

    NR Admin, any new rumors? Nothing? Quiet? If that’s the case please tell us so we can send couple of emails to these idiot Nikon execs and hopefully one of the moron would come out say something stupid and we’ll have plenty of topic to discusss. 🙂

  • Mark

    Lol at some of the comments. I’m so glad I’m not in the consumer class, I myself have a D3s and it’s nothing short of amazing. If I had Canon glass I’d be perfectly happy with the 1D series, with maybe a 5D MKII as a backup. But I have a collection of pro Nikon glasses and love em. I feel sorry for the consumer class though, always having to worry about the small details, and never being satisfied.

  • Anonymous

    If you picture half of the people here as either 14 year old kids or old single men living in their parents basement it is not nearly as painful to read.

  • Anonymous

    If Nikon doesn’t release a blue colored camera I am switching to Canon and then if Canon doesn’t release a 22.3435 mp camera exactly 1 year after my purchase I am switching back to Nikon. Mark my words this is NOT an empty threat.

  • achton

    is Nikon going Bankeroute or is Nikon going another Route – New sensor ???

  • chunkee

    This is just the US version of EOS 550D which came out months ago in Asia
    Just a good beginner DSLR from Canon
    Nikon guys, just look for something good coming soon…

  • VCV

    ¿¿El modelo nuevo que se disponían a descubrir era la 550D??¿¿Ese modelo es nuevo??¡¡Venga ya!!

  • Chris P

    Very interesting comments, as usual, in between the background noise of those who must have the phrase “I’m switching to Canon” assigned to one of their computer function keys so they can hit it for every topic.

    I noticed that one comment was that the 7D was aimed at the ‘soccer mums’, interestingly enough one of those was posting on DP review a few months back as she was switching from an 18Mp 7D to a 12Mp D700. Her reason for this was that the camera would not produce sharp photos due to a) poor autofocussing, as the 18Mp sensor required absolute spot on focus and b) the sensor was out resolving her lenses. One of her last posts indicated that she was far happier with the final prints, which is all that matters, from the D700 than she had been with those from the 7D and her previous Canon camera to the 7D.

    It is a funny thing with human nature that if someone repeats a piece of false logic, such as 18Mp is better than 12Mp because it is a larger number, often enough some people will believe it.

    A digital image is produced via the following: a lens which forms an image on a sensor, the sensor itself and a digital information processing unit. The sensor is only one link in that chain and its size, in megapixels, must be in proportion to the other two’s capabilities if the output is to be of the highest quality.

    • +2

    • Careful. Logic is not tolerated around here.

    • Strangely, I think the 7d is ok for landscape, where you can use it at base ISO and focus with live view. The brief experience I had with my friend’s 7d gave me a deep appreciation for my 51pt AF. I believe that set up properly the 7d had no problem whatsoever nailing focus. My problem with it was the gaps between the focus points that left it hunting. This was with the Canon 70-200/2.8 IS (not the second gen one).

      So I can totally see someone saying they’re not happy with the AF on the 7d, just because it can’t track as well. Heh…typical advertising: the thing advertised most loudly is actually the weakest part. NEW AF WITH ALL CROSS TYPE POINTS! Yeah, but there aren’t enough of them to track action across the frame right. It was kinda like shooting with my old D2x. Actually, my D2x may have tracked better.

  • PhotonFisher

    Having a tag cloud to infer the “actual” rumors might help us saving some of the time to read the comments 😉

    Seriously: There is so much great gear on the market – either new or used. It has never been easier to take pictures and share them.

    The next big thing is probably also disruptive – otherwise it could hardly be any big …

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