How many typos can you find?

Source: Wolf Camera rebates advertisement

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  • Anonymous

    Not again.

  • your bringing my hopes up. please don’t disappoint me.

  • Jesus_sti

    Maybe a typo error !

    • Jesus_sti

      …. surely …

  • yup.. here it comes again

  • I dont want a d700s i want a d800 or d900.


  • rg

    af-s 1.8 50mm?
    when did that happen

    • rg

      also DX

      • iCookie

        failed rumor, this ad has technical errors everywhere

        • Joe Boston

          obviously the tag “humor rumor” eluded you. *rolls eyes*

  • That Guy

    It’s not like they also skipped the D in “D700s” but kept the A in “A500” – These guys clearly know how to write! Couldn’t be a typo!

    Please stop with nonsense like this.

    • That Guy

      Not to mention the AF-S DX 50mm f/1.8 disguised as an AF-D FX.

      Clearly not a typo.

  • frager

    they mean, buy ONE D300s or several D700 and you will get 100$ saving for SB900

    • That’s right… it’s plural! ha ha ha!

  • Tron777

    It’s a typo believe me!!

  • There is more than one typo: The 50mm f/1.8 is neither DX nor AF-S. Seems likely that the “D700s” is a typo too…

    • That Guy

      You mean the Nikon 700s. Nowhere does it say D700s!

      • Anonymous

        Just means the 50mm f1.8 DX AF-S is the kit lens for the new D700s! 😉

        • SZRimaging

          Soo…..no more full frame on the D700s? Jeez, way to be a spec kill….

  • Abernero

    Same web designer that has AF-S DX 50mm f1.8 under a picture of a lens with an aperture ring?

    • kgarr

      Add in the fact that there is no 50mm DX lens.

    • AFS and DX do not mean there can be no aperture ring. G means there can’t be an aperture ring.

      • Please ignore the fact that ALL of Nikons DX lenses are also G. My pedantic point is the the G means no aperture ring.

        • SZRimaging


          Feels like I am trying to buy an Infiniti. G35 anyone?

  • @Admin;

    i really love the new name of this post

  • This is suppose to be humor, not a rumor – changed the post a little bit to make it more obvious.

  • jan.

    I want the 18-105 AF lens they are selling with the D90 kit.

    • Only if you love to shoot at f/8 …always.

  • Mr Poopy Pants

    My scientific reserach capabilities indicate that this rumour is a typo.

    Thank you.

    • Jim

      somebody needs a diaper change!

  • This is not the first goofy typo I’ve seen in one of those ads. The “s” there is not meant to imply plurality, it is just sloppy editing. A few weeks ago they labeled some lens as a DX, when no such DX lens exists.

  • Anonymous

    Releasing an ad like this doesn’t make good business sense to me.

    1. first off….wouldn’t you think they would proof read the content before print and catch this. If they didn’t that is sooo sloppy.
    2. If this is a subtle way of informing us about new stuff then this is a lame and kinda shady way to do it
    3. How would the store even benefit from doing or not doing this?
    4. This could potentially make things more trouble than it is worth. i.e. a customer saying I want the new D700s you listed in your advertisement and not the old D700..

    I dunno maybe I am looking into it too much….. but this is weird …whether it hints at new releases or not….

  • fiatlux

    I guess you need to buy at least 2 D300 or 700 to get that price on the flash (hence the s) 😉

  • Peter Fitswell

    OK, now I can officially say, It has begun!

  • Chuck

    Get real measurbators! The D3s is sold out pretty much, why would nikon choose to put that wonderful sensor in smaller body? Their larger gap is video and more megpixels.

    Nikon would generate more revenue / profit increasing D3s sales. The D700 was a gift, I really don’t expect another one from them.

    Need more a D700x ( with video ), if the D700s is nothing more than a D300s like upgrade makes sense, but nothing to get excited from an upgrade, just something to keep newbies from going Canon.

  • I_want_a_D700X

    I wish the “typo” was D700X or D900…..

  • NowHearThis

    *Yawn* That’s the best you could come up with… a typo….Really?

    • Alex

      @Now Hear This: Where’s your rumors and sources? What a lame comment, if you don’t like this website, then piss off.

  • qq


  • joe

    CONSIDER THE SOURSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • achton

      is the Source so sour ? aslo, zertainly !!!

  • Jesus_sti

    anyway retail shop know the nikon news same time than you and me …. it’s why the stock isn’t ready to buy same day that the news get out !

  • preston

    Admin, thank you for changing the heading and text for this post. It was kind of ridiculous before with the suggestion that the 700s may not be a typo considering the other obvious mistakes. I assumed you just posted this for fun (which is fine!) until I saw that some people didn’t take it this way.

  • achton

    a D700s-x would be quite odd. we should at least expect a D800 (24MP-full HD) – D400 (21MP-full HD) & a nice Rangefinder (FF ?) . Or NEW SENSOR TECHNOLOGY. I am quite bored of the same CMOS-CCD 10 years old pictures. Nothing comparable to film, unless the lighting conditions are ideal. More dynamic range & better-more color integration is the key. Add a nice 24mp FF sensor to it, & you have a medium format killer camera.

  • ArtTwisted

    someone got fired right… ? right ?

  • Mr Poopy Pants

    I want D90 successor. Now.

  • donde?

    For some a camera is just a product

  • joe

    just as I thought.

    • Wow. Be careful about criticizing somebody on something when you then do it yourself not ten minutes later. In case you’re not catching my drift, I’m referring to capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. According to you yourself though, you won’t even know what I’m saying because you are illiterate.

      On a side note, the admin posts plenty of rumors. Sometimes things are just slow. Nothing is going to come up every single day. I enjoy the website. This is actually where I get my Nikon related news whenever it does happen, because Nikon Rumors tends to report pretty much everything Nikon. So thank you admin!

      -Joe (the nice one)

  • dl

    that just means you need to buy multiple 700 in order to get the discount.

  • sometimes_always

    God, Sony makes ugly flashes.

  • iCookie

    where’s my S on the “AF Nikkor 18-105 AF VR”


    • iCookie

      AF SB-900…

  • I see two things
    One the 50/1,8 with DX attached to it and the D700s
    What did i win?

  • blurb

    go back playing with mac, joe. your cavern is expecting you !

  • preston

    nice one! someone that CHOOSES not to capitalize for blog comments is “illiterate”? that’s quite a stretch – unless you don’t know what illiterate means, which is quite ironic.

    you know what else is ironic (more like plain moronic)? you call me an idiot that doesn’t capitalize at the beginning of sentences. . and then say that I would be someone that posts “First” – except that it capitalized, so which is it?

  • Stephen

    Found six errors (most likely 7):

    1. 50mm f/1.8 is NOT a DX lens
    2. 50mm f/1.8 is NOT an AF-S lens
    3. 18-105mm VR (w/ D90) is NOT an AF lens, it’s an AF-S lens
    4. Below the SB-900 flash the D700 has no “D” in it…
    5. D700 has an “s” in the name when there should not be
    6. Sony HV-F20AM should be a HVL-F20AM
    7. (Possibly…) in the upper left corner it also states a ” …mm AF VR” which should most likely be AF-S rather than AF unless it’s the 80-400mm AF VR lens they are advertising… but considering the camera pictured is a D5000 I’m assuming they are mentioning either the AF-S 18-55 VR or AF-S 55-200mm VR.

    The only piece they did not get wrong is the AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 lens… yeeesh.

  • Dennis

    What I found was:
    1. AF-S 50 1.8 suppose to be AF
    2. AF-S DX 50 1.8 shouldnt be DX
    2. D90 w/ 18-105mm AF VR should be AF-S
    3. and 700s

  • Lols, typos!

  • derek

    we do not want s any more, nikon please show us you are understand people need !

  • 700s?!?!?!

  • !!! dislike vote

    not sure how many typo
    will not count
    certainly too many non-rumour !!!
    stop it

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