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  • Ever heard of Nikon C mount or Nikon DS digital cameras? Yes, it does exists: Nikon just announced a SMZ-745T trinocular stereo microscope that comes equipped with a built-in 0.55x c-mount adapter permitting direct mounting of Nikon DS series digital cameras. The cameras looks like that:


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  • WoutK89

    at my internship they used Zeiss cameras for microscopes, dont ask me why, but if these Nikon versions are anywhere near those, I am amazed

  • Henry

    The C-mount is a standard mount for all microscopes – it’s nothing special. Most microscopes have them regardless of the manufacturer – leica, zeiss, oly, nikon, etc. There are also T-mounts that typically couple to c-mounts.

    • WoutK89

      Maybe the mount isnt special, but per brand there is still a difference in quality I suppose in cameras

      • Henry

        Eh….I’d take either a Photometrics or Hamamatsu camera over a nikon scientific-grade.

  • Kimaze

    Did D700 have video capturing feature?
    Or does it mean a new D700 coming out soon? D700X/ D700s?

  • Kimaze

    oh darn, just relised i have a wrong understanding…dang…

  • Mikael

    Unless Nikon releases a 20+ MP DS-camera, I’m jumping ship!

  • http://www.thehyperfocaldistance.com Bob

    Should not this read – “The artist formerly known as Prince”?, or did he decide that not having a name was a tad inconvenient.

  • http://wijnands.blogspot.com JeroenW

    Yeah, please do a celebs and their nikons post, would be fun.

  • Anony-mou

    Prince looked so old in this video. No amount of makeup can hide the fact he’s 80 yo or something by now. I don’t really understand what the role of the D700 was in this video. He wasn’t taking a photo since he had both eyes open. I guess he was just trying to use it to hide his face.

    And the fans looked and sounded beyond stupid as usual. Little sheeps.

    • soap

      You close an eye when looking through the viewfinder?

      • Anony-mou

        You don’t?

        • soap

          Nope. Both eyes open when looking through any monocular optic, be it a camera, microscope, telescope, rifle scope. Mentally “tune out” the other eye.

          • soap

            Not only am I not alone in doing it this way – I always believed the way I do it is the predominant way.

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