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Need help from France and the UK (Nikon D700x & Nikkor 35mm f/1.4)

A post on the Spanish forum ojodigital.com (Google translation):

"In the September issue of the prestigious French magazine Réponses Photo, which has appeared today in the kiosks will be announced for September:
- A Nikon D700x (or D800) to be the D3x what the D700 to the D3 (Sony 24 Mpx sensor)."

Update: this what was written in the magazine - no real news:

"Nikon shouldn't stop here (D300 &amp; D3000) and we bet these 2 body will be joined by the very expected D700x (or D800?). This body should be to the the D700 what the D3x is to the D3, that is to say a Sony 25 MP sensor, and why not video?"

Can anyone that has the latest issue give us some more details?

And another one (from dpreview):

"...the latest Calumet brochure here in UK and it's showing a 35mm 1.4 for around £1100"

This could be the old Nikon 35mm f/1.4 AI NAF MF lens. Can anyone confirm this please (maybe send me a screenshot)?

Update: this indeed was the old 35mm f/1.4 lens - got multiple confirmations from readers that have the Calumet catalog - the part # was the same.

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  • Florian

    I don’t think that the D700x is comming this year. Probably next year, but not yet.
    I start saving money for this date 😀

  • Adam

    Finally an AF-S 35mm f/1.4 for FX!!!!

  • Shivas

    Will be a great fall season if they release This along with the D4, D700x …..but it’ll be $$$$

  • Anonymous

    It’s the Manual Focus 35mm. Follow the Calumet part number given in “Calumet Focus” and see!

    35mm F1.4 A – 355 244P – £1065.00

    Its a typo and listed in the wrong section.

  • Pablov

    very interesting post.

    Thanks a lot !

    Will try to get a bit more info.

  • Quash

    700x with 24mp and video is necessary for Nikon in order to keep up with the 5DMkII. It’s the right time (actually, six months ago was the right time).

    With the 300s, 700x, maybe 700s, the D90 and D5000, Nikon will have taken advantage of their current sensor offerings and can now ride out the economy by working on the next gen bodies – D400, D800, D4. I think they are playing their hand as well as they can, with one exception…

    I think they made a mistake on the D3000 by using an old sensor and not including video, which ple moving up from P&S want and will choose the new entry-level Canon, instead. That was pretty dumb in the game of adopting new DSLR owners to their brand and then moving them up the chain in future years. Definite fumble.

    But, the 700x is on its way. No doubt about that. And if it’s priced the same as the 5DMkII and has manual video contols and a couple of video lenses (aperture control), then Canon has a problem.

    • Anonymous

      1. The D3000 is a lot but certainly not a mistake. If you want or “need” video” get the D5000. The D3000 is there to get you started at te lowest price possible.

      2. I don’t see a D700x at a price range of the 5DMKII anytime soon. The D700 is still close to the 5DMKII, a D3X in a smaller body, at a third or even a quarter of the costs? I seriously doubt it. Unfortunately.

  • JMA

    Admin :
    There’s no more detail in Réponses Photo than what you already get. Pay no attention to what they told, they already announced Nikon MX in the past (approx. 6 months ago)…

  • Gary

    There’s no doubt that Nikon needs the D700x to compete against the 5dmkii.

    The 5dmkii is becoming a legend, just look at all the people posting video, both professionals and consumers.

    The 5dmkii is still hard to find; it consistently sells out.

    Now the only thing is that Nikon needs to release the D700x at a comparable price point to the 5dmkii. Pricing it hundreds of dollars above the 5dmkii will not cut it.

    If they do deliver it at the right price, then Nikon will have a winner, and then we’ll have a true competition.

    • jon

      5dmk2 is a legend??? what legend might that be?? consistently sells out because canon cannot keep up with production..

    • alex

      you are no photographer
      you speak just like a kid alone at home

    • S2S

      Legend? You mean the legacy AF system it’s using from over three years ago? The D700 IS a direct competitor to the 5D2. Aside from the video and the higher resolution, there’s really no real world advantage of having the 5D2 over D700.

      As far as the video, not everyone needs it. After all, these are SLR’s, not dedicated video cameras. The D700 provides FF with a pro level AF system and very comparable ISO performances. Think abiut it, if Canon takes another 3 years to come out with a 5D3, the 5D2’s AF system would be 6 years old!

      Both are capable machines, I don’t see how the D700 can’t “compete” as an SLR/photography camera with the 5D2.

  • Steve

    When does Nikon ever release anything at the right price point?

    The D700x will be about $3500~

    They won’t release it with the D3x sensor (or something equivilent) for anything less than that.

    • http://www.freddyh.nl FreddyH

      If they indeed release a D700x at $3500 that would be a damn good price (assuming the same features as the D700). Please remember that the D700 has quite a lot of features the 5d2 is lacking, to name a few:
      – great AF system
      – flash that can be used as commander
      – built like a tank

      Even if the 5d2 has video and 21MP, I still think the D700 is a better camera by far. The only reason to buy a 5d2 is if you need the resolution.

  • jbl

    I don’t believe that the D700x is going to be the same price as the 5D mk2. and I believe that a lot of people will still buy the D700x even at a higher price… why? Because the D700x is a superior product: probably a better viewfinder, better AF, better weather sealing, etc.

    Also, if we trust that rumor, it says the D700x won’t have video: “The D700x is to the D3x what the D700 is to the D3” That means, no big extra features over the D3x, just the same sensor in a smaller body, a slower frame rate and smaller viewfinder.

    I really hope they are wrong with this because I want a video feature with full manual controls. I fact, it’s more than “wanting it”, I need it enough to switch to Canon if Nikon doesn’t deliver.

    However my dream camera right now would be:

    D700s with 12 mpx FX sensor with better low light performance than the D3 and a 5-6 frames per second frame rate with 100% viewfinder (even if that means no flash) and a 1080p video at either 24 or 30fps with full manual controls at a similar price of the D700, aka a bit like the price difference between D300 and D300s

    That’s a camera that if they annonce, I pre-order it right away, however I understand that I might have only half of what I’m asking for.

    • jon

      D700s with 12 mpx FX sensor with better low light performance than the D3??? Only marginally but not BETTER..those 2 are 2 different purpose cameras..

      • jbl

        You could as well interprete it as better low ight performance than D700… or at least the same.

        To me, low light performance is more important than having 24mpx.

  • Ray

    hey maybe if they release a d700x with a cam 1500 (or 1000), dim view finder, cut out 2 megapixel and lower the fps to 3-4, the d700x can cost the same as a 5d MKII

    right? i mean, maybe the cam3500 doesnt cost money to some people’s mind or something 😛

  • Gary

    If Nikon does release the D700x w/out video, the model will still sell but not nearly as well with video.

    Whether it’s that great of a feature or not, it doesn’t matter: people are getting to the point where they want and expect video in their DSLRs…certainly, most consumers, if given a choice between a camera w/ video or without, will choose the one w/ video.

    Even many pro’s are raving about the video on the 5dmkii and are having fun experimenting w/ it.

    How many buyers are opting for the 5dmkii over the D700 simply because of the video?

    I agree that the D700 is the better camera, but it’s a matter of business.

    If Nikon comes out w/ a D700x that’s more expensive w/out video, sure, it will have some appeal to some high end pro’s, but it will limit its market severely.

    There are plenty of consumers, semi-pro’s, etc who will spring for a camera like the 5dmkii but want it to have video.

  • bsod

    Here is what they write:

    Nikon shouldn’t stop here (D300 & D3000) and we bet these 2 body will be joined by the very expected D700x (or D800?). This body should be to the the D700 what the D3x is to the D3, that is to say a Sony 25 MP sensor, and why not video?

    That’s all … No news, no info.

  • MentalRaymond

    A d700s sounds unlikely, personaly. I mean, wasnt an extra card slot and high frame rate 2 of the main differences between the d700 and d3? Why shorten that gap?. I think a d700x sounds great. Sure it might cost $4k, but its still a very different camera compared to the d3. If you want pro sports and low light stuff…go d3/d700, and for studio/landscapes with good lighting in place, go d3x/d700x respecively. I dont think they would hurt each others sales, unlike a d700s.

    • Anonymous

      The D300 and D700 share a lot of components, basically the D700 is the D3 sensor and the D300 electronics.

      Now that they have stopped making D300 logic boards, an upgrade to the D700 to use the upgraded board is a near certainty.

      D700x would be nice, but I can’t see an affordable 22MP FX frame camera coming until the price of the D3x is rational.

  • lox

    We will see a D700 cashback program for xmas, and a D700x introduced at PMA 2010. Here’s why: Once you’ve spent big money on developing a new sensor, you’ve got to sell it in big quantities. To do this, you’ll first put it into a superb pro model to make the pro photographers buy it. Their results will raise expectations, you advertise something that only few people can afford. As the pro market saturates and sales decline, you go for the mass market. You “accidentally” leak some info, put comments and forum posts. Serious amateur photographers will order it rightaway. They get the pro features for half the pro price (which in fact is still way too much, but who cares).

  • MentalRaymond

    Hmm…if the d700x does use the same sensor as the d3x, as im sure it will, the camera wont cost less than $3/4k. The big gap now in the market is the sub $2 full frame camera. Canon and Sony are already on this, especialy with the A850 on the horizon soon. I know the d700x will be aimed at a more pro market, but Nikon needs something in this price range too. basicaly a full frame d90. Just a thought.

    I still have my d80. Really want to switch to full frame this year, and im pretty lucky that i didnt invest to much in my DX lenses, so have a big wedge of money to pick up a FF high res nikon and 14-24,50 and the new 70-200mm. I really dont want to be hanging around another 8 months. Thats means either biting the bullit now and picking up a d700, or investng the money in a Canon. If i go the cannon route and buy a bunch of their high end glass, i wont be switching back to nikon anytime soon.

  • Thuan Nguyen

    thai is why i recently bought a D300 ( reasonable price now) and waiting for the D700x with MORE THAN 12 M.P Plus Movie and 98% Viewfinder cover Plus Tripple Card Slots 2 CF and 1 SD. Somebody do the opposite thing to me ??? Get a D700 with low price and wait for D300s <= i doubt this combo you wcould serve you well . Do not do that plz. Get Either D200/ D90 or D300 and wait 4 the new D700x.

    • shivas

      umm. . .sure?!

      The D700x will most certainly have a 92-96% viewfinder coverage, 1 CF slot, and probably no video. . .if it DOES have video, it would undercut the D3x, which doesn’t make good sense (since I”m sure the margin on the D3x is amazingly high!)

  • Thuan Nguyen

    @@ soz, my spelling lol!, im too excited about this thread and end up typing some silly words.

  • Anonymous

    the d4 on that website is free if you order it.

  • Chris

    What do you think about the new 35mm? The user in the #4 post believes it is just a typo. I’m interested in some more opinions about that lens.


    • http://www.dafyddowen.com Daf

      They’re correct on the part number – old lens.

  • Richard

    The 35mm in the Calumet mag is just the MF version.

    Inside the same magazine you’ll find a whole slew of errors to get stuck into.

    The D90 (surely a bread and butter product for a big chain like this) is advertised as having 10.2 mp.

    They also have a quarter page article about becoming the UK’s newest Nikon Pro dealership and how wonderful they are etc etc. I’m sure you can guess what brand of camera the happy looking Nikon Pro advisor is holding in his hand. I’ll bet Nikon are thrilled with this blunder.

    • http://www.dafyddowen.com Daf

      Ha ha V funny.

  • leo

    from france :
    i just got back from a kiosk ( i didnt bought reponse photo , but i read it quickly )
    i have seen nothing about a d700x ….

  • Athos

    I’m a Nikon man through and through but got tired of waiting for the 700x and got the 5D Mk2, and I have to admit it’s a damn good camera (lack of 24p is highly annoying though). Nikon need to lift their game, but the 300s was a major disappointment and tbh I’m not waiting around for the 700x to go through that again.

    • Hakejo

      I’m also a long time Nikon user. And I must say that if nikon don’t answer to the mkII soon I’ll have to reconsider. I’m so tired of waiting for it while it seems everybody in my business (cinematography) is using canon. I really like nikon and wish to stick to them, but for the moment they are not presenting their answer to the mkII and what’s probably worse is the slow progress in new AF-S FX (high end) primes. Can somebody explain why nikon seems so laid back here?
      Also nikon has nothing to loose in advancing the moving picture part of the game since they (unlike canon) don’t make camcorders.

      • Roger

        Agreed. I have $9k waiting to get a full camera and lenses by the year end, as im going on huge trip. Im hot hanging around, if Nikon doesnt have a d700x or atleast an announcment by November, then Cannon can take my money instead, i dont have a problem with that, as their FF kit is rather cool too. And with buying so much glass, i wont be switching back anytime soon.

    • http://www.dafyddowen.com Daf

      Half agree.

      Both manufacturers need to have VERY good entry level FF cameras.
      Usually people don’t swap brand once they comit to buying lenses etc. But that can change in the DX to FF jump since most people will ilkely need to upgrade most of their lens collection anyway.

      Although the D700 excels in low light, it falls considerably short in Mpx.
      If you’re doing anything like stock – then MPx is important – 12 is cutting it rather fine.

  • MentalRaymond

    I still have my d80. Really want to switch to full frame this year, and im pretty lucky that i didnt invest to much in my DX lenses, so have a big wedge of money to pick up a FF high res nikon and 14-24,50 and the new 70-200mm. I really dont want to be hanging around another 8 months. Thats means either biting the bullit now and picking up a d700, or investng the money in a Canon. If i go the cannon route and buy a bunch of their high end glass, i wont be switching back to nikon anytime soon.

  • eugene

    have the D300 for almost 2 years now and always wanted to upgrade, if the D700x really release this year most probably will be announce a month later after 60D, wonder how comparable it is to the rumor upcoming 60D.

  • Alex

    With the increasing demand for video DSLRs, I wonder if anything will be released at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam next month?

  • sgts

    nikon doesnt really seem to be doing anything to get affordable 24mp – i have to print my work at a1 with good detail – so it’s looking like, with the rest of the people here – i’ll have to switch to either canon or sony – im suspecting the sony a850 won’t be too great a price though.

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