Nikon SB-900 Firmware update coming soon

According to a Nikon rep, we should soon see a new firmware update for the SB-900 flash unit. The new firmware is suppose to have a fix for the temperature cut-off problem. This problem was reported on several forums already - basically the thermal cut-off is set too low and the flash can be cut-off when you need it most.


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  • cameron

    this problem would go away if someone uses right battery type in the flash…

  • agungfauzi

    thank God, finally they reliaze how suck SB 900 when this temperature ruin your moment.i hope they fix it…i still love my SB800 the most.

  • agungfauzi

    What a kind battery do you use cameron?maybe will help me.thank

    • dede

      he (cameron) don’t have this flash don’t ask him …

      • cameron

        haha you dont even know me. my brother have 7 SB-900’s and he uses duracell bronze (or copper) top alkaline AA batteries. never had an overheat problem with it.

        • antispina

          Mr. Spina, people are fed up with your lies already, so keep them for yourself.

          • cameron

            yeah sure thing.

            • [NR] admin

              Mr. Spina – I have not forgotten yet – I am still waiting on the Nikon F7 pictures from your brother. You have the chance to prove us all wrong. Until this happens, no one here will take you seriously.

              And don’t try to send me this

  • Willis

    Good call by Nikon on making the flash firmware-upgradeable. If this problem had been present on the SB-800, they would have to have issued a recall. I still think it was a mistake to discontinue the 800. The feature set between the 600 and the 900 is to similar to justify the extra expense IMO.

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