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24 hours

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Expect many Nikon (and other) web sites around the world to start updating their models/inventory in the next 24 hours. I believe the first announcement will come from Europe late tonight (US time) - this was the case with the D700 two months ago.
Stay tuned -  our 24 hours coverage starts now.
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  • SteMa

    “our 24 hours coverage starts now”
    What coverage? What could possibly happen before the announcement? And what european time will the press conference be? What time was the d700 announcement in UK for example?

  • Blog Admin

    6 AM CET (Aug 27)

  • Blog Admin

    What could possibly happen before the announcement?” – as I said: many web sites will start posting info about the D90.

  • Anonymous

    A press conference at 6 AM in the morning? Are they sleepless?

  • Bruno

    no. the blog admin is sleepless.

  • DigiNik

    70-200 f2.8 VRII, $3200

    80-400 update $2000

  • http://photo.solstices.ca Loa

    The 70-200 VR would jump from 1600$ to 3200$???

  • Anonymous Coward

    The world doesn’t revolve around the USA ;)

  • Steve

    You guys are slow. Check out what Gizmodo has had for the last few hours:

  • zach

    thats a joke!!!!!!

  • Leping

    The announcement(s) will show up at midnight tonight EDT when the media embargo expires, as always and as yesterday with Canon’s 50D.

  • SteMa

    What’s EDT? :S

    Could you write how many hours till then? (than I can calculate from your posting time. :)

  • g

    EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (timezone of New York (and others) in summer)

    You can convert with http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

    Midnight EDT will be 6AM in Paris for instance : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?day=27&month=8&year=2008&hour=0&min=0&sec=0&p1=179&p2=195

  • DigiNik

    D90 $1200
    D300x w/ dx D3 sensor $2200

  • SteMa

    What are you talking about? D300x w/ dx D3 sensor? Not gonna happen, too few megapixel for marketing :) And if the d90 with 18-105vr costs $1300, body only won’t be just $100 less, probably around $1000-$1100.

  • Bruno

    a D300 with the D3 sensor is a D700.

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