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We asked for it and we got it – Nikon D90 LCD screen in video mode

Here it is - Nikon D90 LCD screen in video mode (you can see our exclusive first picture of D90 here):

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  • Paul

    Interesting…it looks like is 16×9 framing so the burning question is still, what’s the video recording resolution!

  • http://em0rej.multiply.com em0rej

    whoa, i like it. can’t wait for it

  • Theo

    What do you think about LCD resolution?

  • Colin

    It looks the same as the D80, which I think is perfectly suitable.

  • Colin

    Ha, now we should ask for a menu walkthrough and a demonstration of the gps tagging.

  • Dan

    So what’s the meaning of f5.6 1/80 in video mode then?

  • John Thomas

    Seems the resolution is high. I say that because unless still resolution is set low, there is room for EITHER 513 shots or less than 5 minutes of video. I haven’t done the math, but that seems to me to be low in terms of time/space for low-res video- even if uncompressed AVI.

    Also, unless Nikon is looking to use the D90 as a “serious” video-cam, I can only hope it can also do mp4 or another standard with compression.


  • tyler

    i hope and think it is the d300-screen. the old screen of the D80??? please not…

    watch this and compare:

    looks pretty much the same like what we see here.

    video resolution: it is NOT vga (because it’s 16:9). but no one expected that… hope for 720p-resolution. that would be stunning.

  • tyler

    seen very good john…

    if we !expect! the 513 means it still can shoot 513jpgs in 12mp resolution…:

    except an average filesize of 5mb that would make about 2,5gb free space.

    that’d mean: something about 500mb per minute of video recording. and then it MUST be at least 720p, i guess…
    that would be a small revolution in the dslr-market.

  • http://robinedgar.blogspot.com/2008/08/nikon-d90-dslr-camera-is-finally-is-on.html Robin Edgar

    The 80 f5.6 is bizarre. It makes no sense that the 80 would be a shutter speed. Wouldn’t it be nice if it meant 1080 HD format. 😉 But seriously, even my compact Samsung NV24HD provides the video resolution one is using on the viewing screen. Surely Nikon can manage that. . .

  • Allan

    Yummy!! :) I like what I see.Let’s hope Nikon will not forget to improve also the imaging features comparing with D80.I tried to figure out and it’s pretty clear that the display will be a tilt type (my guess).Also I’m wondering why the upper left corner is bright and flat,like there is more room on the left side of the body… Any thoughts?

  • quatschmacher

    Perhaps it does make sense. It looks like the video is started and stopped by using the OK button (as opposed to the shutter release). In which case, given that this is after all primarily a camera, perhaps pressing the shutter will immediately revert back to shooting a photograph. If this is so then having the shutter, aperture and ISO displayed would make sense.

  • http://yuann.myphotos.cc/ Johnson.Wang

    I think that in video-recording mode, the bottom line is useless, just for shutting in Live View mode.

  • Siletto

    Man, I got pretty excited when I hear you say tilt, but comparing it to the D80, i don’t see much difference. The D80 also had a row of button on the left. The bright and flat region you see is probably the same ridge that’s been there on the D80


  • http://robinedgar.stumbleupon.com Robin Edgar

    Fair enough, but I am still surprised that there is no video resolution displayed. Let’s not forget that this is an *alleged* N90 viewing screen in video mode and could be a fake. I would hope that whatever the highest resolution of the video mode in the Nikon D90 might be that there would be the option to use a few lower resolutions, hopefully at high frame rates. It would be helpful if the video resolution and the frame rate were displayed on the viewing screen don’t you think?

  • Sam

    Judging by the top right corner- an inbuilt microphone/microphone input?

    Whats next, a SIM card socket? Is it a video camera or an SLR?

  • Richard

    Eh, why would any one WANT video from a SLR? Save that crap for the point and shoot weenies.

  • Theo

    Hey, why wouldn’t anyone want video from a DSLR?

  • http://mumu.com Mr.X

    I don’t know whats the problem about the video recording? If you don’t like it, so don’t use it and shut up! I would love to have the possibility to shoot videos with my DSLR especially on Parties.

  • Jimmy

    Why NOT want video? well *IF* it does not compromise anything in the photo dept.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they say it was 1080 ? Then my guess would be 1920×1080… standard HD resolution (maybe a choice between 720 and 1080 ?)

  • runelind

    I read the time at the top right as the time that has already been recorded, now how much time is left….

  • matt

    1st: thx
    2nd: now the next picture please :)

  • Dan__

    Anyone notice the back of that photo appears to indicate “CF” cards??? (WTF?)

  • Dan__

    Oh, that’s a photo of the D300. Neverrrrrmind.

  • Chris

    I work for a magazine/blog and the reason why I want video on a DSLR is because of the fact that you never know if you’re going to need both. Having a great camera that can do everything means much less equipment to carry in the field besides lenses, laptops, etc. Much less equipment means that you can get to wherever you need to easier and quicker let alone not having to worry about anything getting stolen if you put it down for a little while.

    I hope this camera also has a voice recorder function because then it will be ideal for reporters/bloggers like me.

    Maybe Nikon is finally listening to what journalists need in an ever changing media world–people want to see videos, brief text and awesome photos. This can help us give it to them and facilitates the process for us.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    It could be like the Canon S5is where you can shoot both video and stills on the fly without switching modes just by hitting different buttons while in the one mode.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the picture to the guy that sent it :) At the same time WHY DO YOU TEASING US!

  • Jovan

    Jack of all trades… Master of none. Is Nikon watering down the photographic abilities of their flagship consumer DSLR, bowing to the marketing pressures of consumer electronics rather than focusing on photography and the image??? Anyone who thinks this feature is ‘free’ and won’t come at the expense of real capabilities is fooling themselves. If you need to take snapshots and shoot videos — get a P&S.

  • peter

    thats exactly what people say about anything new. a bit like LV. there is no reason it should comprimise anything photographically. that is just nonsense. the only thing it may do is increase the risk of dust and maybe overheating.

    besides, the d90 is not supposed to be a “master” of any trade, its an enthusiast camera. its actually SUPPOSED to be a bit of a jack of all trades. so again, you’re talking out of your ass.

    you want a master of trade ? get a D3. this is a camera thats gonna be under $1k. if it has video bring it on.

  • Calvin

    Thanks for the great photo !
    I’m very excited !!!

    May I ask, is there any photo related to the GPS ???

  • Blog Admin

    Working on getting more pictures.

  • Jovan

    I concede your Jack of all Trades point. But it’s absurd to suggest video is free. Of course other features, ideas, and enhancements, had to be jettisoned to accommodate it — of course they did.

  • Anonymous

    Any luck with that?

  • Mayur

    Hey! will Nikon will go for Nikon Fx100–Fx means Ful Frame?nikon Fx 100 will carry a big renovation–There u can Assemble sensors of any size like a assembled Pc ! I m Joking!

    But the theme of my disscussion–can a aseembled camera is possible like pcs?Why should we change expensive bodies each time? Let us think a body of certain generation and u fix the sensors as u like according ur wish and pocket!

    Another we can bring–Fridge Tv–U attached a LCD in ur Fridge and ur door of the fridge will be an total electronic Panel–Advantage–It can save ur valuable Space–there u can fix a short circuit camera too to protect yourself!

    Nikon can upgrade These Lcds with high pixels.Nikon can add GPS system here–

    We can use a fridge as a sound system too!Hey! Samsung where r U!

  • Blog Admin

    There is a rumor about a modular DLSR, but no much evidence so far.

  • Calvin


  • http://robinedgar.blogspot.com/2008/08/nikon-d90-dslr-camera-is-finally-is-on.html Robin Edgar

    It appears that it will be a DSLR with some video capability. Does anyone bother to ask if compact digital cameras are still photo cameras or video cameras? I think not. No one will be asking, “Is it a video camera or an SLR?” next year. The built in microphone can be seen in the photo of the left front side of the D90 elsewhere on this blog or on mine. It would be a nice extra touch if Nikon also provided a stereo microphone input too. 😉

  • Renato

    People are missing the most relevant feature which comes with LV: live histograms. It’s wonderful to use with manual exposure setting. It makes it very fast to adjust exposue, I use it all the time with my G9. No need to look for the brightest spot and spotmeter it to avoid blown highlights. Just go for the correct white point placing.

  • http://robinedgar.stumbleupon.com Robin Edgar

    What’s a histogram?

  • Blog Admin
  • Pivo

    I will wait and see.
    But if i want to make video’s i buy a videocam.
    For photo’s i use a dslr (a D700 soon)


  • mayur

    One more things!–Future Nikon Dslr Lcds will be run by a solar energy like calculators!

  • http://robinedgar.stumbleupon.com Robin Edgar

    Many people would prefer to carry one piece of equipment capable of shooting both video and high quality still photos. The Casio EX-F1 is a good example of this kind of convergence. I was seriously considering buying one, but if the Nikon D90 will shoot HD video, even only 720 format HD, I will not bother. Right now I am in wait and see mode, especially since I am very happy with my compact Samsung NV24HD which shoots 720 format HD video as 30fps. It sure is nice to have an ultra-compact HD videocam with a 24mm equivalent wide-angle on it that just happens to be able to shoot 10 megapixel still photos. 😉

  • http://nikonrumors.com/2008/08/25/enjoy--official-d90-pictures.aspx Nikon Rumors

    Enjoy – official Nikon D90 pictures and specs – 100% legit (updated)

    For our new readers, that have not seen our old posts – announcement will be on August 27 (Wednesday).Specs (100% legit):Video recording12,3 Mpx.ISO 200-3.200 plus Lo1 (100) and Hi 1 (6.400)3″ 900.000 dots LCD11 AF pointsLive-View, AF contrast, Face detectionMatrix sensor for metering 420 pixels RGBPowerful speaker (for video in review mode)AF-S DX 18-105 mm f/3,5-5,6G ED VR15 elements/11 groups1 aspherical1 ED1 Hybrid Asph.Minimum focus: 0,45 mDiaph. blades: 7(updated several times as news were coming in)More (old) Nikon D90 pictures available here and here. …

  • Sloaah

    It could be the frame rate and aperture used in recording the video – all recording video DOES have particular frame rates, just it can’t be changed in consumer cameras; saving private ryan, for example, was filmed at a higher shutter speed to create a surreal strobe like effect, by minimising motion blur. I doubt it though; it probably refers to the photography element…

  • Sloaah

    In this day and age, video is very useful on an slr; for example, professional journalists, such as those for the Guardian in the UK, are required to carry both a cheap camcorder and a their standard SLR, the reason being photos aren’t worth nearly as much as video. Even a fairly tacky piece done on video has far more potential (internet and tv) than a photo. It saves the hassle of carrying around both, and due to the large sensor on the d90 (1.5x crop) you’d get good low light performance, nice DOF which adds to a professional look, and probably higher perceived resolution. The only problem with my argument here is that the d90 is not a professional camera…consumers will like video, and it’ll only be a matter of time before pro cameras have it. Consider it testing the market.

  • Adrian

    If the d90 has any video capability, I will _NOT_ be purchasing one. Sorry.

    I’ll probably go grab a D80 or D50 or even a D300.

  • http://robinedgar.stumbleupon.com Robin Edgar

    Why not go all the way and buy an old Nikkormat or a Nikon FM? 😉

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