To the reader who send us the first real D90 picture

To the reader who send us the first real D90 picture: WE WANT MORE PLEASE!
You can use the same channel as the first submission. Privacy guaranteed.

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  • Derek

    So was the last picture really confirmed to be real? I read through all the comments and it looks like there’s evidence for both sides.

  • Lyr

    A french website giving technology news is talking about the D90, using this pic:

    But they are saying that the GPS is built-in, like in the Coolpix P6000 (so why a GPS port if the GPS is built-in? They are not logical)

  • Anonymous

    Because they’re french and they have no idea what they’re talking about 90 percent of the time 🙂

  • Ghøst

    I would say that sounds more or less 90% correct. 😛

  • Blog Admin

    Hey, let’s keep it civilized here! Please?

  • So just which Nikon marketing exec is sending you these “leaked” photos of the Nikon D90 anyway? 😉

    Just asking.

    Don’t expect an answer.

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe I have the camera. I bought it from this French site, lol

  • Blog Admin

    They have our picture (should have watermarked it), so if I report on this article we will get the so called “circular rumor” where a rumor is reported by another site and then we report it back as “news”. This is a no-no in the rumor business.

  • Blog Admin

    My personal opinion based on all I’ve heard and seen (there are few thing I could not publish) – it’s real.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry if i really affended anyone was only a joking 🙂

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