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Nikon plants in Sendai “virtually impossible to resume operations in 14 days” *UPDATED*

Update #1: it seems that the article was talking about March 14th (Monday) and not about a timeframe of 14 days. The initial Google translation was: “Miyagi Prefecture factory to produce high-end digital SLR cameras for professionals, announced that it is virtually impossible to resume operations in 14 days”. Update #2: here is a better translation […]

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Initial report from Nikon after the earthquake: no injured employees, factories not significantly affected

AP was told by Nikon’s UK spokeswoman that there are no injured employees and factories are not significantly affected after the major 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan: “However, we have been informed that the Nikon Corporation building and factories located in the north of Japan are, fortunately, not significantly affected. Importantly, no injured employees have been reported.” See […]

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Major 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck 111 miles east of Sendai, Japan

A major 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan few hours ago. The earthquake’s epicenter was 111 miles east of the city of Sendai. Nikon has a major manufacturing facility in Sendai:

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