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New MonsterAdapter LA-FE2 (Nikon F lens to Sony E camera) released

MonsterAdapter officially announced the previously rumored  LA-FE2: a new generation of Nikon F-mount lens to Sony E-mount camera electronic adapter with built-in focus and aperture motors. The new adapter replaces the previous LA-FE1 version and should soon be listed for pre-order at Amazon and B&H Photo. Additional information is available here.

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MonsterAdapter is developing a new LA-FE2 lens adapter (F to E mount) with AF support for older Nikkor D-type lenses

November 11, 2023, MonsterAdapter is developing a new generation Nikon F mount to Sony E mount electronic lens adapter with autofocus and aperture dual motor built-in: LA-FE2. While retaining most of the functions and advantages of the current LA-FE1 version, the new LA-FE2 can also drive traditional Nikkor AF lenses (commonly known as D Type […]

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