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The value of Nikon Metrology business has dropped by $94M USD

Yesterday Nikon issued a press release announcing that they expect an “extraordinary loss” in the value of their Nikon Metrology business based in Belgium: As a result of reviewing NMNV’s future cash flow in the aforementioned process, the fair value of the investment in NMNV has declined, and 10,343 million yen of the loss on […]

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Nikon reports “extraordinary loss”, “fundamental company-wide restructuring”

In addition to canceling the DL line of premium compact cameras, Nikon also issued several statements describing “extraordinary loss“, “fundamental company-wide restructuring” and a revision of their last financial forecast:

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“Extraordinary losses” as a result of the flooding in Thailand

Nikon posted a notice describing the losses due to the flooding in Thailand as “extraordinary”: ¥10,904 million (around $143 million). Nikon received an insurance payment of ¥500 million (around $6.5 million). Additional insurance payment is pending.  As a results of the losses, Nikon changed their forecast of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 as follow:

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