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Photos taken with the Nikon D850 Astro Cool camera (astrophotography)

  As previously promised, Mehmet Ergün sent me a few pictures taken with the Nikon D850 Astro Cool camera in La Palma and Tenerife. For more photos and information, check Mehmet’s Facebook page as well as the Nikon D850 Facebook page (click on images for larger view):

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New: Nikon D850 cooled camera for astrophotography

The first Nikon D850 cooled camera for astrophotography is now available for sale – a company converts a regular Nikon D850 to an Astro D850. The price is $4,950 ($1,650 over the regular D850 price of 3,296). To achieve effective cooling, they actually moved the sensor outside of the camera and performed several other modifications: “We […]

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Nikon D810a DSLR camera for astrophotography listed as discontinued at US retailers

The Nikon D810a DSLR camera is currently listed as discontinued or on backorder at the top three US retailers: B&H: discontinued Adorama: on backorder Amazon: temporarily out of stock The Nikon D810a DSLR camera was specifically designed for astrophotography and it was announced back in February 2015. Related posts:

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Astro-landscape time lapse photography

Astro-landscape time lapse photography by Jason Chu (Facebook | 500px | Instagram) Greetings [NR] readers, my name is Jason Chu (otherwise known as “theinfinitypoint” on Disqus) and I’ve been a reader of Nikon Rumors for a very long time. Today I want to share with everyone some of the work I’ve created with my Nikon cameras, specifically my astro-landscape […]

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Light pollution clip-on filter for full frame Nikon DSLR cameras

The Hong Kong based company Cyclops Optics is selling light pollution filters for Nikon full frame cameras. The filter can be “clipped-on” on top of the sensor in order to block light pollution for astrophotography. Update #1: This clip filter was made by STC and not by Cyclops Optics. Cyclops Optics is one of the resellers […]

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Primaluce Lab makes a special Nikon D5500a cooled camera for astrophotography

The Italian company PrimaLuceLab is specializing in astronomy and astrophotography. They just launched a cooled version of the D5500 DSLR camera and they call it simply “D5500a Cooled“. Here are the improvements for astrophotography over the base D5500 model: cooling system that cools down the sensor temperature up to -27°C in respect of ambient temperature and stabilize the […]

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Nikon launched a new astrophotography website

Nikon launched a new website called “Step into the world of astrophotography, with a Nikon camera“. Some of the discussed topics are: Step into the world of astrophotography with Nikon Recommended NIKKOR lenses Astrophotography: a primer An array of stars awaits your challenge Advanced steps: with an astronomical telescope Message for beginners, from an astrophotographer In addition […]

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The Nikon D810a camera for astrophotography will start shipping on May 28th

Nikon Japan announced the shipping date for the D810a DSLR designed for astrophotography: May 28th,2015. The camera was announced on February 6th and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Jessops and WEX. Additional information on the D810a can be found here. You can also read Nikon’s article “Using the D810A DSLR for Deep Space and Nebulae Astrophotography”.

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