Nikon D5 and D500 100th anniversary sets on display at the CP+ show


I received these pictures of new graphite/gunmetal gray color Nikon D5, D500 camera sets and three Nikkor lens sets designed for Nikon's 100th anniversary that were on display at the CP+ show in Japan. There is no information on pricing or whether the sets will be available for sale at all (pictures credit:

More pictures from Twitter after the break:

Update: more pictures available at and Optyczne:

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  • jstevez

    All you whiners need to switch. It’s getting old, really old.

  • Zeneti

    I think they cut costs by taking out the colour from the camera strap.

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    Oh, cool, a case instead of a D810 replacement.
    No wonder the Nikon’s stock is diving.

  • tomskyphoto

    Yeah, look at all the new products Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and even Pentax and Leica are showing for the first time at CP+ – makes Nikon really look lame…

    Oh, wait, all of the above show exactly as much new stuff as Nikon does: nothing, nada, zilch. Just a few announcements without specific release dates and more or less vaguely worded specs if anything at all. OK, some of them bring their a bit more exciting stuff for hands-on experience – Fuji GFX 50 comes to mind – but to be honest, a CP+ visit at Sony’s, Canon’s and most of the other camera makers’ booths would very likely leave me as underwhelmed as Nikon’s display. All those really jumping ship due to Nikon’s “lack of innovation” would find themselves in the same scenario with different names – Sony fans whining for an A7II successor, Canon shooters complaining about the red brand’s lack of innovation too and so on.

    The ILC market has seen a massive contraction since the early 2010 years and still expecting camera makers churning out new stuff like crazy and at prices like in the digital boom years with mass market P&S profits cross-funding R&D of professional gear is a bit delusional IMO. We better get used to longer product cycles and much higher prices rather sooner than later.

    Last not least, miraculously all of my existing Nikon gear is still perfectly capable of producing outstanding images. And the D810 still rules them all except for MF when it comes to overall IQ at base to medium ISO. So really nothing to complain about.

    • I bought my first serious camera, an F2, in 1973. It had been on the market since 1971. The F3 that replaced it came along in 1980. I didn’t feel the need to migrate to the F3 until somewhere around 1985. I’d had a second F2 for a few years by that time. I STILL have an F2 and make images with it a few times a year. Otherwise I’m using a Df and it’s an incredible machine. There’s talk about a Df-like anniversary camera some time this year. An “upgrade” supposedly. Not sure what I’d ask them to improve.

      • Sawyerspadre

        Think about the serious sensor upgrades, that you missed out on, between your F2 and F3!

        Oh, that’s right, they both shot 35mm film. You upgraded your F2 with Velvia, right in front of the refrigerator at your camera shop. Bam, instant gratification.

        • EXACTLY!!!! Seriously though, the sensor on the Df is the bomb, IMHO.

      • Sawyerspadre

        The DF could use a 49 point focus system, like the D750. I think the D5 focus system would be overkill in a new Df.

        Maybe make the focus screens interchangeable, to facilitate the manual focus lens users.

        Another option is to make it a digital rangefinder, some might call it mirrorless, and somewhat smaller and lighter, but that open a lens conundrum.

        • Yeah, you can put a different screen in but not as easily as the “old days”.

          • Sawyerspadre

            And Nikon could actually sell them.

      • Ric of The LBC

        How dare you day the Df is an incredible machine. Heresy, unless you are a hipster. 🙂

        I hate the vertical Sub-command dial. To stiff.

        • Yes, I’d agree about the vertical dial. It’s awkward to get that thing to work under some conditions. Just make it with teeth that are a bit more exaggerated so there was more “grip”. The other thing I wish for I guess would be a slimmer camera. Every time I grab my F2 I’m startled by how slim it is. I don’t care WHAT the pseudo camera engineers on this blog say, Nikon (or any other manufacturer) could make these cameras a LOT slimmer. Look at what they’ve done with phones.

          • Sawyerspadre

            Those darn buttons and screen on the back do add thickness. I guess you can’t change the lens-to-sensor distance, so you would have to figure out how to make the screen much thinner. Or you could delete the screen, avoiding chimping and provide the suspense that you used to have when your slides came back from being developed.

      • Allan

        “Otherwise I’m using a Df and it’s an incredible machine.”

        Did Nikon make a reasonable amount of money on the Df? Will they make a reasonable amount of money on an upgrade?

        • For sure they make money almost every time they come out with a new camera because there are enough people out there that think that the new features will translate into “better” photographs. So, they buy the new model and wait for the next one.

      • ZoetMB

        That’s not a valid comparison. In the days when film was the sensor, aside from speed and robustness, you couldn’t make better images with an F3 than with an F2 or even a Nikkormat for that matter. It was the lens that was the most important and so major product cycles were every 8 years or so.

        With digital cameras and all the functionality that’s in the software and especially regarding communications and UI, there’s need for constant improvement. The world has changed since the days of largely mechanical camera bodies.

        • Well, I agree that the comparison isn’t perfect. But with all due respect, aside from the flagship models within the professional and enthusiast categories, the “improvements” you mention amount to diddly squat. The users of most cameras in DSLR line-ups can’t see the differences and frankly end up spending a lot of time worrying about which mode they’re in instead of evaluating the light and subject in front of them. I still make images with my D40X and D90 that look amazing on a computer screen (where 95% of the action is these days) and in print up to 10 x 12 inches. I just sold a file from my D90 to a local publisher that will be the cover of an 8 1/2 X 11, glossy visitor guide. I just think that the technology-to-image improvement curve has flattened out and now it’s about trolling for sales by convincing people they need something when in reality they don’t Actually they do…they need to make more photographs with what they have and take a class or get critiqued by a mentor or whatever.

          Ultimately a discreet amount of light is projected onto a sensor by a lens. Not much more to it than ever. I don’t use 98% of the “features” on my Df.

          Sorry for the rant, it’s not you. Your remarks have merit, I just see the world of photography differently having done it for almost 50 years now.

          • ZoetMB

            >>end up spending a lot of time worrying about which mode they’re in instead of evaluating the light and subject in front of them. ”

            IMO, that’s a UI problem which future cameras should improve upon. That’s not to say that Nikon knows how to do that, but the potential for such improvement is there, especially in the viewfinder and by eliminating layers and layers of menus and clarifying functions that most people don’t understand. I agree that people don’t need to upgrade their cameras every year. But I think there are still plenty of issues that technology can solve, especially in the areas of accurate focusing, video and color definition. And as amazing as current digital cameras are in terms of low light shooting, I think we’re going to see continued improvements there as well.

            I do agree that older digital cameras were capable of great images. Every once in a while I look at something I shot with the D70 and I could swear that the color looks far better than that of my D800 and there’s no perceivable resolution difference at computer screen sizes.

  • doge


  • Jose Carpin

    NIKON IS DEAD… Boring announcements… Where is the new D820? D760? D620? Perhaps new lenses? Why Nikon doesn’t release a roadmap as Fuji does? Very boring…

    • Si Robinson

      HOW DARE YOU !!!!!!!!

      They gave you a nice box to look at and you will love it with a passion. Don’t be boxist.

      • Jose Carpin

        Its true, what a sexy box! god! I forgot it 🙂

  • Pk Bullock


  • Erick Tessier

    The high class gear Nikon released in the past few years is still the best and the users are complaining. Nikon knows that the lifespan of their units is long and that there’s no need right now to rush just because the others brands are trying to run to their heels. Their just about to launch their sprint to stop the competition from trying to follow them.

  • Nikon is in misery. Look at all this black in black design. Color is gone.

  • Jose Carpin

    I AM: thinking that’s a prank!!!!! hahaha!!!!! NIKON is DEAD!!!!

  • Bill Ferris

    It may only be February but it’s not too early to think about the Christmas shopping season. Those last 2-3 months of the calendar year are a time when sales determine if many companies turn a profit or suffer losses for their respective fiscal years.

    One of the consequences of Nikon’s repeated software and hardware bugs at product rollout (D800, D600, D750, etc.) in recent years, is that fewer Nikon customers pre-order newly-announced products. Following the, “once bitten, twice shy,” maxim, many Nikon customers have learned to wait a few months to see what bugs the early adopters unearth.

    So, if Nikon is really going to coast through another major photo and imaging show of the calendar year without announcing a new, upgraded or refreshed FX body (it’s been more than a year since the D5 – the last FX body release – was announced), let’s look at the potential of a spring or summer announcement to have a positive impact on Nikon’s bottom line for FY18.

    If we assume 2-3 months will pass from announcement to release and another 2-3 months (minimum) need to pass without issue to ease the hesitancy potential buyers will have, I would argue that Nikon would be well-served to announce something by early May of this year.

    Just for grins, suppose Nikon announces a DM mirrorless full-frame camera on May 1. That product would have a projected these date of mid-July. If by mid-October, the Interwebs isn’t buzzing with concerns over dust, dark bands, etc., and if Nikon sweetens the deal by offering a free battery grip with your purchase, there may be a good number of cautious adopters ready to buy in time for Christmas.

    Any product announced later in the year runs the risk of being passed on until after the holiday shopping season. Certainly, anything announced after Labor Day (early September in the US) will likely have zero impact on Nikon’s 2017 holiday sales.

    So, while Nikon is not locked into making any announcement outside a schedule of their own choosing – they may surprise us with something in the next week or two – I would think they’re targeting at least one or two FX product announcements by end of June. But let’s not close the book on late winter, just yet. If Nikon were to announce a mirrorless body, a true D700 successor or a 42+ MP D820 in the days immediately after CP+, that timing could allow them to own the post-show buzz.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Lubos

    I am so disappointment. I hugely believe they would come up with some good news (models upgrade). I have a feeling that there is huge internal war going on, and therefore they don’t have peace to comely continue with development. There must be struggle inside in the company with higher level management with different ideas and because of that, they are in La La Lend. And it is too bad because it’s herding them. The confusion is obvious since they put some Action nonsense on front of DL cameras, which I believe were much more better business product. Just too bad. 🙁

    • KnightPhoto

      I’m hoping the DL cancellation was ONLY because they had access to proprietary sales data that the competitors 1 inch models are not profitable (Canon, Sony, Panasonic M4/3 fixed lens units).

      And that they’ve decided to go upscale with equivalent DX models, but still made as small as possible.

  • Viktor

    Does anyone know what is the current value of Nikon stocks now?

  • Andreas Vesper

    Actually, I wanted to see new products from Nikon, not products that have been introduced more than 1 year ago with modified straps and in bulky boxes. Such a big disappointment…

  • Patrick Jones

    The show runs until the 26th – is it possible that they are holding off until later to announce actual new cameras?

    • Sawyerspadre

      No. Why would you do that? You would then not show it to all the people who came to the show?

    • no, impossible

  • TwoStrayCats

    That’s a nice boxed set of the “Three Little Dragons.”

  • Vincent Aquilino

    Wow,Not even a lens.Pretty Sad Nikon.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I’m expecting the big show to occur somewhere around July – the actual anniversary .

  • Adrie Pruttel

    like others, I’m disappointed too.
    No new Nikon cams… No D760… no D820/D850/D900…
    I want to upgrade my D750 with more Mp’s and the AF system like the D5 and D500.
    Does this upgrade mean Sony???
    Very disappointed…

    • Michiel953


  • Michiel953


    I want my 810 finished like that. Very classy, will wear beautifully.

  • Michiel953

    All that whining and moaning.


    • Aldo

      I hope you are right.

      • Michiel953

        One can only hope. Let’s put it this way, if I were Nikon (I’m not) I’d save everything I got for the anniversary.

  • Scenic Spartan

    I really am clueless at what to expect from Nikon in the future. I have this feeling that if Nikon does release an APS-C or FF mirriorless camera…its going to be absolute garbage.

  • TwoStrayCats

    Hey, you big babies, its not just a pretty case; the body caps are special commemoratives, too!

  • Sawyerspadre

    So, silly question, but are they offering to sell these? You would think you could at least do a press release saying you have some new commemorative stuff…

  • Bradley Rose

    This Nikon 100th Case with the areas of solid prominent yellow reflection on it from the photo would be the perfect touch if those yellow areas were actually on the case to give it a classic vintage retro touch.

  • Sean Parchem

    I keep hitting refrsh on my browser thinking I must have missed something. After the 3rd time……

    • no, you did not miss anything, no rumors = no announcements 🙂

      • Bob Thane

        No announcements at all for CP+? Hmmm. Usually they announce decent gear in February, I’d be surprised if they wait for March or April.

  • bgbs

    So, any recommendation what system to switch to?

    • wait till the end of the year

    • Carlo

      Yes. Nikon

    • Aldo

      Switch to Nokin

  • Allan

    So, Peter, when will your team of hundreds at the show produce a video, speaking to a Nikon representative about the improvements in the 100th anniversary box and strap?

    • Nikon never does interviews and when they do, they don’t say anything interesting.

      • Sawyerspadre

        Marketing 101 would dictate that they get some hot American girl to do the interviews. Step 1, find the hot American girl who works at Nikon….

        Yes, this is a sexist statement and not meant to be taken seriously, so please do not be offended (PC disclaimer)

  • Jim Soroka

    I AM …..FOR SALE.

    Where is the best place to unload my Nikon equipment?

    I was really looking for a sign of life. Nothing…..friggin flat line.

    • Michiel953


    • Bob Thane

      Best place to sell to is me. No one else is buying Nikon since it’s so obsolete, but I’ll be nice and take any D810 cameras and 400mm f2.8 lenses from you for $600 and $800 a piece, respectively. It’s practically a charity to you, since with Nikon being so dead in the water that kit is absolute trash.

      • Jim Soroka

        I am overwhelmed by your generosity HA….but I will take my chances on Craigslist.
        I never stated that Nikon was trash. In fact, I believe Nikon produces remarkable image quality….but
        for me it is about making the journey fun and engaging…I can take beautiful pictures with a lot of cameras…but Nikon does nothing to improve my experience.

        • rich

          Whatever float your boat. I used to wasted money buying new camera to go out and take photos, wasted of money. If you need to be motivated to take photos. Most gearhead’s photos arent that great, the artists with their 6 year old camera takes better photos to me. With a good subject any camera will do, spec marginly helps. Some has deep pocket to buy and trade for camera, most people need that money elsewhere. I collected enough nikkor lenses for life, be stupid to losemoney by switching. i haveother brands as toy.

    • You can give me all your useless equipment because i am still interested in photography.

      • Jim Soroka

        I’d love to….but my equipment sold pretty quick on Craigslist. Sold my d810….d500…and all 3 lenses….14-24, 24-70 & 70-200. Made way more $$# than I anticipated…. I can now add a Fuji x100f to go with my brand new XT2. Thanks for all your encouragement. Such a happy group.
        Your comments are about as innovative as Nikon’s latest cameras.

        • The image quality of a 36 mp d810 full frame sensor is still far ahead compared to a FUJI X-T2 X-Trans APS-C sensor. D500 beats this thing in sports/action, too. Maybe you don’t know how to handle these cameras in a professional way. Different tools for different needs. But we can’t help people that believe switching gear will make them a better photographer – it is like pretending something that isn’t there.

          • Jim Soroka

            SHHHHHHh….Angry Georgie
            …It’s not your fault…….it’s not your fault.

            • I am not angry. You are simply writing BS and don’t know your gear.

            • Jim Soroka

              SHHHHHHHH !!!!!

            • Keep writing “SHHH” don’t make you a photographer that has something to say. It’s the opposite: persons that are having gear acquisition syndrome always talk which gear they have switched recently. That’s not photography.

            • Jim Soroka

              I never claimed to be photographer…..angry georgie

            • Yes, you sound like a 12-years old kid. Grow up!

            • Jim Soroka

              I AM…….ANGRY GEORGIE.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Any idea on prices or specs? Only a color change?

    • color change and a nice box 🙂

  • Gerdy

    Nikon — FoundedJuly 25, 1917
    Just wait .

    • bgbs


    • decisivemoment

      Hope you’re right!

  • Kári Jensson

    If that is all they have to show this year for the big 100 & no releases? Im switching and claiming NIkon dead in the water.

    • Michiel953


    • Oh yes, go switching. Nothing is better to burn money instead of trying to be a good photographer.

  • decisivemoment

    Come on, Nikon, really. Where’s the DF successor, incorporating design advances already demonstrated in the D750 in terms of being able to shrink the body down to film camera proportions? Where’s the D810 successor, incorporating the AF module and write speed of the D5 and D500? Where are the DX prime lenses, fighting back against mirrorless on level terms? Where’s the film camera capable of taking “E” series electronic diaphragm lenses? Where are the service options for serious and pro photographers? Where are the software APIs for developers for stuff Nikon can’t or won’t do properly in-house? Instead, all we get are product cancellations and box sets.

    It really is ridiculous because, just from the three pro lens introductions of the past year, we know Nikon still has the chops to do all this stuff in engineering. Just make the decisions already, OK? You can’t plead earthquake damage forever.

  • Chobot

    can anyone tell if these cameras and lenses in these cases are for sale, or only for the show?????

    • Si Robinson

      They are $20 Billion each. Nikon needs the money.

  • Espen4u

    I AM | Hibernating

  • KnightPhoto

    By the way here’s a Sony A6000 quote from The Camera Store that popped up on an advertisement here on the NR site (pretty sad when one contemplates my problems with SnapBridge):

    “One-touch Remote and One-touch Sharing

    One-touch remote lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a viewfinder and remote control for a digital camera, and one-touch sharing lets you transfer your photos and videos from your camera. Either way, by installing PlayMemories Mobile app to your NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet, you can avoid complex set-up sequences and establish wireless connection simply by touching your device to the camera. You are now ready to control your camera from your smartphone to take a photo from a previously out-of-reach spot, or simply be in your own group shot, as well as transfer them instantly to your smartphone for sharing on SNS. No NFC? No problem. You can also pair the devices manually.”

    • Harold1966

      You can even pair by QR code with the PMM app.
      My 199 euro Sony DSC-QX10 toy camera does drop the connection (or the iPhone perhaps does) every now and then, it is a bit slow, but I have live view, it downloads 2mp pix to the phone or tablet etc, I can zoom from the phone/tablet display, select focus’point’, it doesn’t drain the battery of my phone very fast etc. I can’t control shutterspeed or ISO in the qx10 but you can in the higher end models qx100 and newer.
      The QX10 is from 2013 and 1/10 the price of the D500…. Nikon is lagging, badly, in that part of their consumer ‘needs’.

  • J.Coi

    It looks like Nikon celebrate 100th Anniversary in 1987!

    • At least Nikon cameras and lenses don’t look that ugly as Canon gear.

      • Elljustin

        They look identical.

  • Slate grey, dark grey, space grey, whatever. They look proper nasty. You just know you’ll never find another after the fact lens to match. In my eye they are no different to the crimson D3200. Yuck

  • Gin-san

    Might just be an excuse to pick up a 500, you know, for the strap and the caps lol

  • Parfumeur

    Nikon must have hired a Leica marketing person. Sad.

  • Beautiful in a way, but useless!

  • Silvestro Crino

    So sad to see that Nikon is now the new Hasselblad… instead of releasing a new kick ass camera … they release Graphite colored “Anniversary” packs… ridiculous….

  • Parfumeur

    Maybe we are reaching Peak Pixel ? Technology is stalled ?? NSA/CIA restrictions on better sensors for the public ???

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