New Nikon N1538 camera registered at the Indonesian Communication Agency

In addition to the N1546 model that showed up few weeks ago, a new Nikon camera was registered at the Indonesian Communication Agency under the code name N1538. The camera will be manufactured in Thailand.

Via Nokishita-camera

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  • Eric Calabros

    My only fear is that they cripple the upcoming mirrorless in a way that stays at good-enough-for-succer-moms level. I want dual slot SD, D7200 style controls (means including the front wheel), middle placed EVF and a deep grip.

    • John Mackay

      why do you want a middle placed evf? I thought Sony’s idea of putting it on the far side to avoid crushing your nose was a good idea.

      • Zenettii

        Avoids crushing who’s nose? the what % of photogs who use their right eye? what about the rest who use left eyes (clearly the better eye to use since it accesses the creative side of the brain in a creative industry)

        • Max

          that’s interesting. Kind of makes sense.

        • BPhoto

          My guess is every photog uses their dominant eye whether they realize it or not. Perhaps some have trained themselves to use their non-dominant eye.

          • Nikita

            I had to train myself to use the right eye when I got a D7000. My thumb on the back focus button was making things difficult. But it was pretty easy, After two weeks of shooting (on a trip) it started to come naturally.

          • Hermann Kloeti

            The subject was of no importance to Polyphemos of course…

          • outkasted

            I am right handed but I like to use my non-dominant left hand because it feels different.

            • Nobody Knows

              are we still talking about viewfinders lol

        • I have often thought this too – likely a higher percentage of left-handed (and hence, usually, left-eye dominant) photographers than the population at large.

          • Glen

            I am left handed and shoot with my right eye in the viewfinder. Mostly because the near vision in my left is not as good as my right. Of course my left-handedness is pretty much limited to writing. All sports activities I do right handed.

        • John Mackay

          if you use the left eye having it on one side doesn’t make much difference than having it in the middle. The two brain hemispheres communicate, and I don’t decide what to shoot through the viewfinder, I decide what to shoot by looking at the scene or thinking it out in my head.

        • fanboy fagz

          What a crockashit. The najority use their right eye. I hardly see any pro use their left eye. Creative not creative my ass.

          • Ralf

            I’m right handed but use my left eye because it’s far better than my
            right eye. Lots of people have a dominant eye. As for cameras that
            means for me if a camera’s ergonomics don’t allow me to use the left
            eye, I simply can not use it.

            • fanboy fagz

              Use whats good for you. But to say it makes u more creative if u use your left eye is such idiocy. I havent seen a single pro use his left eye when shooting.

            • Mikycoud

              “I havent seen a single pro use his left eye when shooting”
              Not even a single one?
              Well then, start using your left eye and thou shall see plenty…

            • fanboy fagz

              Dont care to. And no not a single photographer. Prp or not although once, years back there was some retard in a group I was in. His photos sucked so the whole creative thing is bunk.

            • Mikycoud

              OK. Humour must originate from the right side of the brain….
              Back to factual then:
              1-turn on TV on Olympic games channel
              2-look at photographers and their aiming eye(s).
              3-report back here

            • fanboy fagz

              sorry. Although I love tv, I dont have a tv . I threw out my big crt sony years ago cause it made me lazy and stupid. I dont watch olympics. just doesnt interest me. and who the hell would know if I was telling the truth if I came back and said “I didnt see a single photographer shooting the olympics with the left eye”

        • Michael Turner

          I haven’t thought about that aspect. I’m right handed but left eyed. Normally I shoot with my right eye, out of habit but I do switch if I’ve been at it a while and the right gets tired. I never noticed it making a artistic difference before but It does effect firing a rifle at a target.

        • Nitsuj

          There’s no such thing as a “creative” side of the brain. That was a myth. Just like when people say we only use 10% of brains. Misinformation. Bad science. Both hemispheres communicate with eachother.

          • Mikycoud

            Hmm. Read Betty Edwards. She’s got an interesting approach, exercises and explanations.
            Also, what are your sources please?

        • If you don’t switch back and forth using each eye (assuming you have two) you’re missing out on a useful check on composition. I often switch eyes and see things I miss using the other. Painters use a technique whereby they put their back to their work in progress and look at it using a mirror over their shoulder. It’s called a “fresh eye” and is a pretty standard trick taught in most practice-oriented art programs.

        • peevee

          “Avoids crushing who’s nose? the what % of photogs who use their right eye?”

          About 90%. But left corner is better than the center for both kinds.

        • MRomine

          Well since the human eye sees an image that is literally upside down and reversed, like a camera, that means the the right eye is connected to the left side of the brain and the left eye is connected to the right side of the brain. Just sayin

          • Дмитрий

            No. Right eye is not connected to the left side of the brain. It is connected to both sides. Either is left eye. Optical information from each eye (yes, the image is reversed) is transmitted by optic nerve to chiasma opticus. When the optic nerve reaches the chiasma opticus, the information is divided into two parts, one part goes by it’s side, another part switches to opposite. They continue as optic tract. So, left optic tract transmits information from both eyes to the left hemispheres vision center, right optic tract – to the same of right hemisphere.

            • MRomine

              It was a joke 🙂

        • Dmitry

          The visual info from both of your eyes is transmitted to both “sides” of your brain. Visual information divides and part of it goes to another side in chiasma opticus, right after nervus opticus.

        • bernard

          I use my left eye. It’s not a question of crushing my nose, but of poking myself in the eye every time I want to use the control wheel or press a button on the right side of the camera.

          Viewfinders on the left side help a lot.

      • animalsbybarry

        If you use long lenses the middle is the only place for the EVF
        This allows sighting along the lens to quickly acquire your subject.
        Any other location makes subject acquisition more difficult and renders the camera useless for rapidly moving subjects and long lenses ( useless for sports and wildlife)

        • John Mackay

          I think useless is a bit far, but I agree down the barrel is significantly better. But at this stage unless nikon pull off some kind of miracle their mirrorless camera wont have good enough af to make it the camera of choice for sports and wildlife.

          • MB

            Nikon 1 has actually pretty fast AF, probably the fastest in mirrorless world and as fast as any DSLR with consumer grade lenses. As for down the barrel at 10m distance it really doesn’t matter where the viewfinder is, unless it is detached from camera;)

      • jojo

        Customer response to the Fujifilm XE and XT ranges (the only instance of a choice of EVF locations in otherwise much the same camera alternatives) seems to prove there is much more demand for the central EVF (it also has the advantage of enabling larger VFs).

    • I have far more fears than that. I fear they will screw up video, not use phase detect on the sensor, introduce a new lens mount, reuse the CX mount with a bigger sensor, introduce focus-by-wire, switch to XQD, not include a viewfinder, have terrible software, as well as having terrible controls. I’d be happy with single dial and a viewfinder on the left if the user interface is otherwise good and all of these fears are unfounded.

      • MB

        There is no way that Nikon can put DX sensor in CX mount, it is just to small. Everything else is possible and not all is that bad really.

        • They should have designed a bigger, future proof mirrorless mount.

          • MB

            Nikon could easily put modified F mount on mirrorless camera … without a mirror they could make a couple of mirror lessspecific smaller protruding wider lens and use all existing lineup and everybody would be happy …

            • That’s what I heard a while back but nothing since.

    • Hermann Kloeti

      Is it soccer moms or sucker moms? Either version applies, I suppose…

      • Eric Calabros

        Google Keyboard’s Autocorrect did it, I’m not that smart.

  • Medicus

    Is that likely a Nikon D810 successor?

    • Glen

      Either that or the D610. No other DSLR is due for a replacement and both the current D610 and D810 are made in Thailand.

    • I doubt it.

      • T.I.M

        Now that I’m broke, I heard that if the D900 is release at the Photokina, NR will make a worldwide donation subscription for T.I.M
        Is that right ?

        • If NR had to make a donation every time T.I.M. has predicted the D900, NR would be broke by now 🙂

          • nwcs

            On the other hand, if he had to pay you a donation for every reference, and oblique reference, to it…

        • Mikycoud

          See? That’s what using the creative side of the brain feels like!!!!

      • Mikycoud

        Does naming numbers for registered cameras tell us something about how high up nikon’s ladder a camera might be?
        For instance, this camera number is 1538. Compared to the registering number of the d3400, which I forgot, is it higher or lower, and does it matter. Or is it just random?

        • Peter

          I had the same thought, too. Would be interesting to know…

        • I don’t think so.

    • T.I.M

      It’s my fault, I did not want to wait my cat turns 30 to get the D900 so I finally ordered a Nikon DX body.
      Of course, now Nikon have an excuse to release the D30x30

      • AlphaT

        Sorry, I might have missed it, but which DX? Did you pre-order the red D3400?

        • T.I.M

          I did said witch one I bought but some people caller me rich spoiled rat, so I guess D3400 red (pink) is fine for me.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    They only make DSLRs and lenses in Thailand, don’t they?

    • yes, the cheap stuff are made in China (Coolpix, etc.)

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Then whatever is coming can’t be worse than the D3400!

      • WBR

        the 300 mm f4PF is made in China. I hope you don’t call that ‘cheap stuff’!

        • No I don’t, but Wikipedia does:

          Nikon has shifted much of its manufacturing facilities to Thailand, with some production (especially of Coolpix cameras and some low-end lenses) in China and Indonesia. …
          The range of the products produced at Nikon Thailand include plastic molding, optical parts, painting, printing, metal processing, plating, spherical lens process, aspherical lens process, prism process, electrical and electronic mounting process, silent wave motor and autofocus unit production.
          As of 2009, all of Nikon’s Nikon DX format DSLR cameras and the D600, a prosumer FX camera, are produced in Thailand, while their professional and semi-professional Nikon FX format (full frame) cameras (D700, D3, D3S, D3X, D4, D800 and the retro-styled Df) are built in Japan, in the city of Sendai. The Thai facility also produces most of Nikon’s digital “DX” zoom lenses, as well as numerous other lenses in the Nikkor line.

          • WBR

            You say you don’t consider that lens ‘cheap stuff’, but then you say “and some low-end lenses”. when talking about production in China. I’m not trying to be obstinate or a trouble-maker, but do you think the 300 mm PF is a ‘low-end’ lens? Maybe it is, but I and many others (from what I can gather) like it a lot.

            • The text I posted was a quote from Wikipedia. Like I said, I do not consider the 300mm “cheap”.

            • WBR

              Good to know! Thanks!

            • Michael_Foley

              Anyone who thinks it’s low end hasn’t used it much. It has turned into my workhorse sports lens, it’s an absolutely awesome set of glass.

      • peevee

        Thailand is cheaper than China already.

    • T.I.M

      no, lenses can also be made in China, Japan.
      Some cameras are made in Japan.

  • NikonFanboy

    hi admin,

    is this not D900? I am sure its for a DSLR don you think?

    • The only camera I am thinking is mirrorless. I have not heard about any other DSLR model coming fro Photokina:
      New Df is a possibility, but I was expecting it next year for the 100 years anniversary.

      • NikonFanboy

        May be they have something up their selves? D810 and D610 is well overdue isnt it? So is D7200? what you think?

        • The D610 maybe, I just don’t see Nikon able to make something better than the D810 at that point of time – maybe next year. A D7200 refresh will kill the D500 sales, so it won’t happen, but they can really refresh the D610 and add Snapbridge, maybe improve the AF, make it smaller and lighter.

          • NikonFanboy

            ok thanks for your time

          • Bill Ferris

            If it is a D620, would it make sense to you that it would have D7200 features adapted to an FX platform?
            – Multi CAM 3500 II
            – EXPEED 4
            – Improved low light AF and buffer
            – 1080p/60

            Would Nikon be concerned about making a D620 too comparable to the D750?

          • sickheadache

            NR…You Speak with Great Logic.

          • br0xibear

            Or they just drop the D600 range, as it’s so close to the D750 price/spec wise, and introduce a D500 body with the D5 sensor…

            D3, D300, D700
            D5, D500, D900 ?

      • Eric Dye

        Would they announce a new Df now and say it’s coming next year?

      • animalsbybarry

        Do you think this is the new high end Nikon mirrorless, and if so when do you think we will see it ???

        • Stay tuned on the blog – if I get something worth posting, I will publish it online right away. I am not going to make guesses and report 10 different rumors with the hope that one will turn true.

      • Ric of The LBC

        Would not a new Df be made in Japan?

        • That is true too, it should be made in Japan.

    • Shutterbug

      I’d be shocked if it was a D810 replacement. To date, Nikon hasn’t managed to keep a single camera under wraps.

      • NikonFanboy

        yes that is true. But i am wondering which is N1538?

        I really hope D810 replacement is 70-80mp as predicated by tony northrup. MAy be i am getting too greedy….;))

        • It is way too early for 70-80MP sensors and I generally don’t like predictions because they really don’t mean anything (just like rumors lol).

          • NikonFanboy

            appreciate your thoughts..cheers..

          • AlphaT

            But … but … but your “rumors” are from good sources. 🙂

        • sickheadache

          Uncle Tony!

      • tap0

        Don’t forget the D500. That came out of the left field.

        • Shutterbug

          The D500 was rumored in September before the announcement, and it was likely that Nikon was going to release it alongside the D5 like the D3/D300 in 2007. Everyone just ignored the rumors because there were so many false D400 rumors over the past few years that it got lost in the mix.

          • Its true that I reported rumors about it few weeks before the official announcement.

          • outkasted

            It was people like me who predicted the D5/D500 launch simply because the D3/D300 seemed to be the most exciting launch in Nikon’s history and Nikon needed to repeat that excitement. It has a achieved with a bit of mixed results on D5 side. D500 in my opinion was a slam dunk.

      • D500 recent example.

      • outkasted

        lucky for us eh.

  • tap0

    Is this the already announced D3400 ?

    • Glen

      Seeing as the current D3300 is made in Thailand this seems like the most likely explanation.

      • Shutterbug

        Everything D810 and below is made in Thailand.

        • Glen

          I know but the other undetermined model number (which is assumed to be the D3400) is made in China. This would mean the D3400 will be made in China instead of Thailand which is certainly possible but the D3300 was made in Thailand.

    • It’s possible, but those registrations are usually filed 30-90 days in advance (before the official announement), otherwise they cannot sale the camera in that country (Indonesia in that case). This explains why they have to use code names – after the announcement, the code name is replaced by the actual product name – see the D5500 listing in the table in my post. My guess is that this is a new camera, different from the D3400.

  • VanHoff

    More Coolpixes to rule them all Hobbitses!

    • Hermann Kloeti

      If the announcement is in Indonesia it doubt whether it’s about yet another Coolpix version: Coolpix is a rather non-halal brand name!

  • Kyle

    It’s the Nikon V5 that goes along with the D500 and D5.

    Updated larger 20 MP BSI sensor
    ENEL15 battery
    “Mini” DSLR looking body
    Full size hot shoe
    Cls compatible
    Regular sized SD card slot
    4K video at 24/30
    HD video at 120
    New full time continuous autofocus similar to the a6300.



    • TO-DOUG

      Even though it appears you are joking (with the Lol) what you are suggesting makes a lot of sense. Nikon can do everything on your list without any extensive development costs. I have a V2 and it already has the “Mini DSLR looking body”, and also takes regular SD cards. The full size hot shoe and CLS are simply parts/software from Nikon’s current collection. The V2 has HD video, so an upgrade to 120 fps would be trivial. Adding 4K video would be nice, but in my opinion not essential. The autofocus on all of the N1 line is phenomenal already. The V3 already has 18 MP, so going to 20 MP BSI would be incremental. The price you suggest is reasonable, and clearly Nikon could make a profit at that price as they already have all of the listed features within their current capacity.

      Nikon: Just do it!

      • Kyle

        It’s what I would like to see.

        I am primarily a wedding videographer and use my N1 V1 for some things.

        I know the N1 AF is great for stills. But, my second shooter got an a6300 and posted a video showing its AF capabilities in low light with a 50 1.8, and it was incredible.

        I don’t think N1 has anything similar in a live view mode where focus is that quick and accurate.

      • No 4k? Gtfo!!! It needs 4k. And no, I’m not being silly, I needed 4k and still do on my J4 all season for work, I bought a D500 50% just for the 4k.

    • Pete

      Precisely the camera I’m looking for!

  • EnPassant

    Propably for the D3400 as it is the only registration for Thailand where Nikon produce their DSLRs. The registrations from China are propably for the new DL compacts and from Indonesia Coolpix cameras.
    A mirrorless camera would propably be made in China.

    Normally we would have expected replacements for both D810 and D750 as they both are two years old this year. But the earthquake and the slow sales propably pushed these releases forward.

    There is also the question if and when Nikon will release a serious mirrorless camera with a sensor bigger than 1″.

    Any of these cameras could of course be released or at least presented at Photokina or later in autumn. But I wouldn’t expect more than one new ICL camera this year if any more Nikon ICL cameras are coming this year.

  • sickheadache

    It is the D820/900 with 74.2 MPG 0-60 in 3.4 Seconds. Distronic, and Moonroof. And also a 42.2MP Mirrorless Camera.

  • Bryan Szucs

    It seems to me any improvement/upgrade to the D610 would bring it right up against the D750 or better than the D750, no? It would make sense to update the D810 to 42-50mp with new AF system, then make the D750 update to 30-36mp with the newer AF system. Lastly updating the D610 leaving at 24mp with a better AF system and features? What’s your thoughts on this?

    • AYWY

      A D810 successor will probably continue the megapixel race, and Nikon should put the D5 AF system in it, mirroring what they did with the D810. It won’t see much size or weight reduction compared to D810, but with such specs the target users should not be bothered. It will be for work and serious enthusiast use.

      A D610 successor is open to more guesses. Will Nikon switch to the 36MP sensor? Will it be MILC? If it is an ‘entry-level FF’, will it finally drop the screw drive? (Already excluded on ‘non-pro’ DX bodies, this should affect FX bodies soon. But I think it reduces size and weight.) If still a DSLR, will they use the D750 AF or a lesser version of the D5 AF? Should have a flippy touch-enabled screen but Nikon could still prove they are complete morons by excluding this.

      A D750 successor should still be a DSLR since it is a preferred workhorse for many working photogs and you should not mess up their work by replacing the OVF with an EVF. Will it go to 36MP? AF will be a lesser version of the D5 AF. Screen needs to be touch-enabled, but again that’s up to Nikon’s moron meter. :p

  • saywhatuwill

    Hopefully it’ll be those damn 360-degree cameras.

  • Denys Sobol

    The only thing I know it’s going to be the FF DSLR camera, right before the Photokina. That’s not a rumor and not from the source you can trust. Just the Nikon Ambassador in my country told me so.

    • Interesting, let me know if you can get any more info.

      • CERO

        D850 finally?

        • Aaron

          I am really looking for Nikon move to 5dm4. If no d810 successor this year, I probably go for 5dm4

          • Fly Moon

            But then you will go to Canonrumors and say:
            “I am really looking for Canon make a move to Nikon D850. If no successor to 5dm4, I probably go for D850”

            • Aaron

              I won’t. The product history said it’s time for both cameras to be updated. If D850 (or D810 successor) were rumored first, I would said so for canon.

      • Denys Sobol

        As I was just told, it’s gonna be the D760, right before the Photokina.

        • Well, everything is possible, but I have no reason to believe this is true. Depends on who told you about the D760 because few days ago some crappy websites published a fake picture of the D760 with some bullshit story that the camera is coming for Photokina. I would not believe a word those website have to say. If you source is somebody who is close to Nikon, it is a different story but like I said, based on what I have seen so far, I have no reason to believe a new D760 will be announced any time soon. If this changes for the next few weeks, I will post the details online asap.

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