Nikon Coolpix W100 compact camera announced

Nikon Coolpix W100 camera
Nikon announced a new Nikon Coolpix W100 waterproof and shockproof compact camera that replaces the previous S33 model. This product line makes the perfect first camera for a child. Additional information can be found here and here.

Sample video and additional pictures:

Nikon-Coolpix-W100-compact-camera-2 Nikon-Coolpix-W100-compact-camera-3
Nikon Coolpix W100 compact camera

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  • Eric Calabros

    NikonUSA link goes to performance compacts page

  • Art Nau

    that exactly what I was waiting for!!!!

    said no one ever…

  • Ivan

    Worst camera announcement ever. We are eagerly waiting for Nikon to surprise us with a large sensor mirorrless camera with amazing specs and 4K video, and what do we get – a camera for kids?

    • Scott

      Yeah, but these are waterproof.

      • nwcs

        And with an actual rating/expectation. Something the DSLRs don’t even have…

    • Patrick

      Yeah, but the Nikon kids forum is BLOWING UP right now!

  • No dual card slots. Not a serious wedding camera.

  • Max

    No vertical grip? No thanks Nikon.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I could live without the vertical grip, but the fact that it doesn’t have dual XQD slots is a deal breaker.

  • Glen

    Hard to tell from the specs but can it do full 14-bit lossless or is it limited to 12-bit lossy? Also, is there an option to get it with XQD?

  • SimenO

    I was fooled into buying one of the predecessors, S30 for my kid a few years back. I thought it would be a child friendly camera because of its look and few simple buttons, but I was fooled. The S30 is NOT child friendly. There are three major drawbacks with it:

    – Image quality really sucks, yes even for a 3 year old. Its simply not fun looking at 95% of the images. The S33 improved on that, but not enough. It just sucks a little less. Even 3 year olds will have to flip a lot through the images to find any keepers. It still requires bright daylight without too much contrast to work decently. If its held semi-steady.

    – Battery capacity. Normal AA batteries cant live up to its 240 images per charge rating. Not even close. Empty batteries after 10-20 images with flash is simply unacceptable even for kids. The S31 model improved that with a change to a Li-Ion battery, but according to a friend that have the S33, its still not close to its 220 images rating and not good enough, even for kids. Kids put the camera aside and forget about it when it doesn’t work.

    – The menu system sucks. Its too complicated for 3-7 year olds. It would have worked much better with a touch screen. And its too annoying for anyone above 7 years. “Do you really, really want to delete this image? This or all? For sure? You know its soon no return? Accept or decline?” All this with extremely slow menus full of colorful elephants and giraffes. After deleting a couple of the immense amount of unsuccessful images you really wish it could be drowned or accidentally die when your kid drops it on the floor. Well, it doesn’t. You still get tens of images to delete, before the battery dies again. By the looks of the buttons it looks like the menu system is kept from S30-S33 to W100.

    • Glen

      If it is too complicated for 3-7 year olds then it is probably way too complicated for 37 year olds. I assume it at least has user recall settings. My 6 year old daughter likes to shoot in full manual but I prefer aperture priority – very annoying when we are switching the camera back and forth.

      • SimenO

        3-7 year olds don’t find the + and – sign intuitive too mean zooming in or out, even though the 5-7 years olds may know its mathematical meaning. Thats one thing. And the four buttons on the left side is not intuitively related to whats happening on the screen. The screen border is quite wide and separates the buttons from the screen. And when menu options like “are you sure” and “really sure” and “confirm” jumps from button to button kids get confused and grown ups get frustrated.

      • Andy Aungthwin

        Your 6 year old daughter likes to shoot in full manual but you think this camera is too difficult for children? Give us a break.

        BTW, there is nowhere on the Nikon site that says that this camera is aimed specifically at kids.

        • ZoetMB

          I think he was being sarcastic about his daughter.

          And that’s not correct about the Nikon site. Go to the international news site (the first link in the original post). Nikon specifically talks about this being used by “every member of the family” including children. They also say, “Easy to hold and use, even for children with small hands…” And they also talk about that cartoon feature.

          But we’re making much ado about nothing. This camera is not listed on the Japan or USA sites. It’s only on the international site which means it’s probably only going to be sold in a few countries.

    • Captain Megaton

      Disagree. My daughter had the S30 (pink, natch) and I also put some time in with it. Like all small sensor compacts it needs a lot of light, but many of the pictures were quite good. Two Eneloop AA batteries lasted forever, unless you are doing hours of video. She figured out the menu system without any problem, at age 6. Even I thought the menu system was intuitive and fun.

  • Carlo

    Got a used S33 for my kids (4 and 6 years old) … IMO it’s a cool camera for them. they love it

  • TheBronx

    How does it compare to the D500?

    • Mike

      Similar, since neither work with SnapBridge on iOS.

    • nwcs

      It’s more interesting to look at

    • This one has better weather sealing and a built in flash.

  • DHoffmann

    The article and links left out the important part. Price. How much is this camera?

  • Captain Megaton
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