Is this Nikon AF-S 135mm f/2G lens real?

A reader sent me this picture of a new Nikon AF-S 135mm f/2G lens:

Nikon AF-S 135mm f:2G lens
What do you think, real or fake?

Update: Nikon has already filed a patent for a 135mm f/1.8 lens.

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  • JamesX

    Fake image. The “2” is actually slightly tilted.

  • Andrew

    I call fake on this: If you overlay this image with an image of the 85mm f/1.4G, the texture around the distance information window is exactly the same. Also, there’s just a meters readout, I would imagine there would also be the feet equivalent nearby, as you see on the 85mm.

  • Nikon User

    2500 USD I guess.

  • David G.
    • Ouch. That’s disappointing. I was kind of excited for a moment.

      Nice find.

      • David G.

        I made this gif after seeing someone in the comments post a picture of the 85mm 1,4G. There are so many dead giveaways. Something I didn’t even notice at first and is now painstakingly obvious is the spacing between “Nikkor” and 135mm. It’s kind of botched really!

        • That settles it. I WANTED it to be real though.

          Thanks for finally crushing my hopes and dreams ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Tamron, Sigma, Tokina and now third party lenses from….Viagra?

  • CJS

    I think it’s a fake. The texture patterns exactly match the image of the 85mm. You can see the markings if you raise the contrast in Photoshop.

  • scott800

    i read that nikon had a patent out for 135mm f1.8 with vr?
    maybe i am wrong, but that would be a great lens to have.

  • Al

    I call fake, much as I’d like to believe it isn’t, as I’m sure a G series 135 would be spectacular.

    I’d say – elongated 85mm body shot, (very easy with the last generation of Photoshop – CS6/CC) with the front element of the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII ‘shopped on the front – check the reflection pattern with the Nikon press shot – it’s identical…

  • Brent Busch
  • Deacon Patrick Murphy-Racey

    no way, it’s too short and not by a little bit…. pm-r

  • Mike

    Real. And spectacular.

  • Russ

    The image is passable for a photograph and not a rendering. Everything looks in scale and no artifacts. I’d say up your confidence level.

  • Scott

    Don’t need defocus control. How much would it cost if they really made it?

  • Ronald Carlson

    Probably fake

  • DonD

    Maybe it’s read and meant to be a replacement for the 135DC.

  • DonD

    Upon closer inspection, the 2 of 1:2 is slightly crooked.

  • Richard Mui

    The lettering “1” in “135mm” is ever so slightly longer than it should be so likely a fake.

    And if Nikon is so lazy as to not implement the DC control on the new lens then they might as well forget about renewing it all together. Have been using the current DC version on pro bodies for years and I don’t see any immediate need for AF-S nor VR. Unless they can improve the purple fringing by a significant margin which praque the current version I don’t see the need to sink another $1,500 or so on an update. And given how much they charge for the 85/1.4G I’d say that’s the least they will charge for the 135/2 G DC if there ever was one.

  • Paul

    if they’re not releasing until fotokina, i doubt they would have the press photos done already. and as others have pointed out the texture is cloned from the 85mm image.

  • lokiparan

    Alright, now that everyone has debunked it.. How about: Nikon-created fake to gauge interest in a new model?

  • Colin Stuart

    DC is dead. To think Nikon would keep that feature… lol. just, no.

  • Matthew Saville Baldon

    Ironically, the hyperfocal marks seem to give it away for me. Could you really get from infinity to ~12 ft with f/16 at 135mm? I dunno…

    That, and the lettering for 135 looks ‘shopped. This could just be a stretched out 85mm f/1.4 with “N” added in from another recent N prime.

    I agree with others, DC isn’t really necessary, they should focus on removing CA and optimizing wide open sharpness. That and VR if at all possible, but if it adds more than $400 to the price tag I’d say no to VR…


  • Focus ring has been extended and the perspective is clearly incorrect. Notice the spacing between the “Nikkor” and “135” has been reduced compared with the spaces between the other nomenclature in order to accommodate the extra digit. Finally, the 2 of “1:2” is not angled correctly. Looks like an 85/1.4 was used as the template.


    I found the original image.. Look at the mottled pattern on the body of the 85/1.4 near to the distance window, exactly the same pattern:

  • Aldo

    The bottom of the two doesn’t curve… I think it’s fake.

    • Sr

      I think you are a fake

      • Aldo

        You got me.

  • Jeff Curtner

    Looks fake to me. The length of a 135mm lens should be longer and this looks like the 85/1.4G which also doesn’t have VR.

  • Shingo

    I looks pretty short for a 135 compared to the 135 DC and Canon 135L.
    The front element is pretty huge too.

  • masktao

    why not F1.8?

  • nikclick

    Real or Fake – we want a 135 VR as rumored ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ And what its cost Nikon ? Priced at 300mm f/2.8 :p

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Peter, if it is going to be a slow news month, let’s have a Nikon Rumors Photoshop competition. Who can create the most plausible new lens?
    -Must be realistic lens type (No AF-S 1.4-1.8/11-600G ED IF N VR)
    -Must look as realistic as possible
    -Must be something that is currently NOT available. (not an ‘update’ of an existing lens)

  • Blue_439

    Fake !

  • MK

    looks PLASTIC

  • Shaul Boilov

    fake, a very good one, but a fake.

  • nixlan

    Sounds good. I vote TRUE. About time they update it. Another update should be 200mm Macro as well.

  • Gianluca

    Looks real to me. It’s a pity it has no VR…

  • Adrian Gopal

    Fake.. looks like a stretch out version of the 85mm..

  • Arrdyarr


    In the past 24 months the 135/2D DC and 105/2D DC were rare on eBay, last week there suddenly was about +100 of them for sale, all new/boxed and prices were considerably lower than before. I am willing to bet money that the factory cleared its inventory at discount to dealers, so that the production lines can take on manufacturing of the new lens.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Production of the 105DC and 135DC was discontinued a few years ago, so the factory probably hasn’t had them in stock in a while. And therefore there’s also no production line to free up.

  • Karol Srnec

    Same spots.

    • rafakoy

      It does looks fake, however, don’t forget that many lens pictures are 3D
      renderings not real photos. If Nikon uses 3D mockups, it wouldn’t be a
      surprise to use the same textures, shadows and elements for the new

  • style in the pocket

    too small the focal and wide aperture i think
    i hope the 85 1.4 is still the best because i don’t want to have to rebuy another lens! :p

  • rt-photography

    Id rather have a 135 f/2.8 and VR. my 105 2.8 VR has such a small DOF at 2.8, at 135 its just razor thin. nice but id rather have VR. its more useable against blur..

    I just hope they get a nice mag. ratio on it. like 1:5 or something in that area. .

  • bldnk


  • Fred Flintstone

    I think it’s really fake

  • Sebastian

    Too short for a modern 135 mm lens.

  • JPN boy

    I tried to compared with the 85mm F1.4G.
    I think this is a fake.

    • rafakoy

      Possibly fake, however, don’t forget that many lens pictures are 3D renderings not real photos. If Nikon uses 3D mockups, it wouldn’t be a surprise to use the same textures, shadows and elements for the new lenses.

      • nwcs

        Possibly. If someone compares the known lens renderings/photos released by Nikon it should be easy enough to see if the shadows and textures are identical.

  • Wally in Austin

    Why not make it f.95 too:-p!

  • vlmworld

    The photo certainly fake.

  • sdancer

    Why would it be fake? I just got a 135/2 DC last week, so I’d say the new one will be out in two weeks tops and better in every way.

  • twoomy

    Fake or not, I wish it was true. But with DC and VR. A modern-day version of a wonderful old classic. But that would be too good, so now that I think of it, Nikon wouldn’t do this!

  • KG

    Looks too real, expect $1999.

  • Hiffle

    I’d suspect it is real. The older 135/2 series have been discontinued, and this would be return to the older 135/2’s of the AI-S days.

  • steve

    but…………has anyone said April Fools yet?!

  • Zen-Tao

    They forgot VR.

  • MacGregor

    Fake ๐Ÿ˜‰ The “2” of f/ 1:2G is really offset from the general typo line…But nice piece of glass for sure

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