Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera officially announced

The Nikon 1 V3 camera is now officially announced on and Nikon USA websites. The price is $1,196.95 for a kit with the new 1 Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR PD lens.

Nikon 1 V3 sample video:

Nikon 1 V3 product tour:

Behind the scenes with Davis Bell and the new Nikon 1 V3:

The first V3 sample photos can be found here and here.

Additional Nikon 1 V3 camera images:

Nikon 1 V3 camera6Nikon 1 V3 camera7
Nikon 1 V3 camera3Nikon 1 V3 camera2 
Nikon 1 V3 camera4 Nikon 1 V3 camera9
Nikon also announced the rumored electronic viewfinder DF-N1000 and external grip GR-N1010 that will be sold separately:

Nikon-electronic-viewfinder-DF-N1000 Nikon-GR-N1010-grip-for-V3-camera
Additional images of the Nikon 1 V3 camera with the optional electronic viewfinder DF-N1000 and grip GR-N1010:

Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera
Nikon 1 V3 camera5Nikon 1 V3 camera8

Product Description

The flagship of the Nikon 1 lineup. Harness the portability of a compact camera, the outstanding image quality and versatility of an interchangeable lens camera and a level of speed and accuracy that was once unimaginable. With brilliant low-light performance, cinematic video capabilities, ultra-fast, ultra-precise autofocus, the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi® for sharing photos and controlling the camera with a compatible smartphone or tablet and compatibility with both 1 NIKKOR lenses and legendary NIKKOR D-SLR lenses (with the optional FT-1 Mount Adapter), the Nikon 1 V3 is a D-SLR owner's dream come true. Take it everywhere and capture moments other cameras may miss.

A new pinnacle of Nikon 1 performance

Introducing the new Nikon 1 flagship, the Nikon 1 V3, a thrilling camera that combines the portability of a compact camera and image quality and capabilities usually associated only with a D-SLR along with game-changing speed and accuracy. An enhanced 18.4-MP image sensor is paired with Nikon's new EXPEED 4A image processor to achieve the world's fastest continuous frame rate*, brilliant low-light performance and cinema-quality video capabilities. Add an ultra-fast autofocus system, the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi® for sharing photos and controlling the camera with a compatible smartphone or tablet and compatibility with both 1 NIKKOR lenses and legendary NIKKOR F-mount D-SLR lenses (with the optional FT-1 Mount Adapter), and the Nikon 1 V3 is a D-SLR owner's dream come true. When it comes to capturing sports, fast action and other spontaneous moments that demand fast performance, the Nikon 1 V3 is second to none.

*Among digital cameras with interchangeable lenses available as of Mar. 10, 2014; based on Nikon research.

Speed that changes everything

Nikon 1 cameras achieve a level of speed and accuracy that once was unimaginable, and the Nikon 1 V3 takes that performance even further. Capture thrilling views of sports, fast action and spontaneous moments with game-changing continuous shooting speed: 20 fps at full resolution with full autofocus performance. When using fixed focus, increase that burst rate to a mind-boggling 60 fps and capture sights other cameras may miss. The Nikon 1 V3's Hybrid AF System uses 171 AF points for contrast detection and 105 AF points for phase detection to lock onto your subject the moment it enters the frame with virtually zero lag on the camera's LCD display. Few cameras are better suited for fast action photography than the Nikon 1 V3.

Image quality that inspires

Nikon's CX-format CMOS image sensor is one of the most exciting innovations in image sensor design and the secret behind Nikon 1's unrivaled speed, image quality and elegant design. The Nikon 1 V3 pairs an enhanced 18.4-MP CX-format CMOS image sensor with Nikon's new EXPEED 4A image processor for spectacular detail and color rendering, blazing-fast speed and brilliant low-light performance. Shoot sharp, clear, noise-free photos and videos up to ISO 12,800—continue shooting in fading light long after lesser cameras have been put back in their cases. Bring the Nikon 1 V3 everywhere you go, and preserve important moments beautifully.

High-end design, tilting touch display and compatibility with Nikon 1 and D-SLR lenses

The Nikon 1 V3 delivers exhilarating performance that will invigorate your passion for photography. Its tilting touch display has virtually zero lag, making it easy to shoot at unusual angles. Its high-end design is so streamlined and comfortable to use, you'll bring it on every outing. For those who like D-SLR-style shooting, add the GR-N1010 Camera Grip and DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder and feel right at home with the Nikon 1 V3. If you already own NIKKOR D-SLR lenses, add the optional FT-1 Mount Adapter and use them with the Nikon 1 V3! (The camera's 2.7x crop factor will extend the reach of telephoto lenses—turn a 300mm into an 810mm!) Whether it's a companion to your D-SLR or the centerpiece of your photography system, the Nikon 1 V3 is a camera that's hard to put down.

Built-in Wi-Fi for instant photo sharing and remote camera control

Your smartphone or tablet will be your favorite accessory for the Nikon 1 V3. Install Nikon's free iOS or Android app and watch the outstanding photos you take with the Nikon 1 V3 appear instantly on a compatible smartphone or tablet* for easy sharing by text message, email or uploading to your favorite site. Share every brilliant view—instantly! For self portraits and group shots that actually include you, use your smartphone or tablet to control your Nikon 1 V3—see what the camera sees and take photos.

Cinema-quality 1080/60p HD video, a built-in stereo mic and ultra-smooth slow motion

Nikon 1 cameras are serious movie-making tools. Capture cinematic 1080/60p video with shallow depth of field, or turn a single instant of action into an astounding 120 fps slow-motion sequence. A new Movie e-VR (Vibration Reduction) feature keeps your videos steady during handheld shooting, and Simultaneous Still Image Capture means you can save full-resolution stills without missing a beat while recording video. Whether you're shooting home movies or commercial productions, the Nikon 1 V3 delivers superb footage.

Supplied Accessories

  • GR-N1010 Camera Grip
  • DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder
  • AN-N1000 Black Neck Strap
  • UC-E20 Micro USB Cable
  • EN-EL20a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • MH-29 Battery Charger
  • BF-N1000 Body Cap
  • BS-N4000 Multi Accessory Port Cover
  • ViewNX 2

Press release

Create with Uncompromising Speed and Image Quality: The New Nikon 1 V3 Provides a Compact, Versatile Feature Set for Capturing Stunning Images and HD Video

Announced Alongside the New 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom and 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Lenses, the Nikon 1 V3 is the Ideal Companion Camera for the D-SLR Shooter Looking to Pack Light and Move Fast

MELVILLE, NY – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the new Nikon 1 V3, a compact, yet powerful addition to the Nikon 1 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens System. Designed to make no sacrifices when it comes to speed, performance and image quality, the blazing fast V3 sports an impressive Hybrid AF system and the world’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate at 20 frames-per-second (fps) with full autofocus, a speed that outpaces even pro D-SLR cameras. Ideal for capturing fast-moving action, sports and wildlife, the new Nikon 1 V3 offers a top-class feature set that includes an 18.4-megapixel CX-format image sensor, a new EXPEED 4A image processor, 1080/60p Full HD video capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity and a new touch-panel tilting LCD display. Whether searching for a compact interchangeable lens camera that can do it all or a D-SLR companion camera for moments when time is of the essence, the V3 can satisfy the needs of the enthusiast or professional.Further expanding on the growing stable of 1 NIKKOR lenses, Nikon has also introduced the new 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom and the 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 telephoto zoom lenses, providing even more impressive lens options for Nikon 1 shooters.

“The versatile Nikon 1 V3 allows the photographer to capture even the fastest moving subjects with clarity and ease,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “With an incredible feature set, a newly crafted ergonomic design and sporting the elite high-speed performance that has become a hallmark of the Nikon 1 System, the V3 is ready to help users make amazing images and HD video.”

Capture the Shots That Matter With Uncompromising Speed and Quality

The Nikon 1 V3 makes no sacrifices in terms of speed, performance and image quality, as Nikon continues to innovate and invigorate the Nikon 1 System. The camera sports the world’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate at a blazing fast 20 frames-per-second (fps), faster than other mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and ideal for capturing fast-moving action and sports. Combined with an outstanding Hybrid AF System, every fleeting moment can be captured with incredible precision and accuracy. With 171 contrast detect focus areas and the center 105 areas supporting phase detection AF, the V3 provides super-fast AF response and accuracy when capturing still images or HD video in addition to exceeding the AF abilities of many D-SLR camera offerings.

The Nikon 1 V3 also features elite imaging specifications that help ensure superior image and HD video quality and impressive low-light performance, including the addition of a high-resolution 18.4-megapixel CX-format image sensor and new EXPEED 4A image processing engine. Together, they help render true colors and incredible detail, whether shooting an exotic safari or the local swim meet. The V3 also carries an ISO range of 160-12,800 with high ISO noise reduction, providing the versatility to effortlessly capture images in difficult low-light shooting scenarios.

Exceptional Video Performance and a Dynamic Feature Set

When still images are not enough, the Nikon 1 V3 sports an outstanding number of video features that today’s multimedia photographer can take advantage of. The V3 is capable of recording Full HD video at 1080/60p with Movie e-VR (Electronic Vibration Reduction) which helps to eliminate camera shake to record smooth and clear movies. Full-time continuous AF is also possible during video recording, helping maintain critical HD focus, while the versatile CX-format sensor assists in creating video with a beautiful shallow depth of field. The V3 can also capture slow motion video at an impressive 120 frames-per-second (fps) in high quality 720p HD. Additionally, users can capture full resolution still images during video recording, rounding out an impressive and comprehensive stable of video features at the user’s disposal.

In another first for the Nikon 1 series, the V3 features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity*(2), helping users seamlessly share every unforgettable moment. Connect to a compatible smart phone or tablet and share precious photos with friends and family by uploading them to social networks. The Nikon 1 V3 also empowers the user to unleash their creativity, with fun and unique shooting options for all levels of photographer. The V3 offers a wealth of creative modes previously found in models like the Nikon 1 AW1 and Nikon 1 J3, including Miniature Effect, Easy Panorama and Selective Color, in addition to new modes like Creative Palette, Toy Camera and Cross Process, for a truly customized photography experience. Mainstay Nikon 1 System features such as Slow View, Live Image Control and Motion Snapshot return in this iteration of the V-Series, further enhancing a dynamic and versatile feature set for even the most demanding of photographers.

Elegant Styling, Superior Operability

The Nikon 1 V3 has been ergonomically designed to allow the user to shoot comfortably and confidently in a variety of shooting scenarios. The extremely compact yet sophisticated body sports conveniently placed external controls with two programmable function buttons, allowing the enthusiast to tailor their camera to their own personal shooting style. An additional function button is added with the optional GR-N1010 grip, a lightweight option that provides steadier handling, as well as an additional shutter button and sub-command dial that will be familiar to D-SLR shooters.

Another innovative addition to the Nikon 1 Series is the V3’s new tilting, touch-panel 3-inch LCD monitor that allows photographers to compose brilliant images and HD video from various new angles. This thin and versatile monitor is a convenient tool for adjusting settings on the go, affording the user the ability to quickly trigger the shutter when capturing a photo or change the focus point when capturing video by simply touching the screen. Playback is seamless and a new Highlight Display function helps the user to spot washed-out highlights after shooting. Additionally, a Virtual Horizon feature with pitching detection helps frame landscapes and architecture with rich detail and beautiful focus.

As part of the versatile Nikon 1 System of advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, the Nikon 1 V3 is compatible with eleven 1 NIKKOR lens options ranging from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto, while users can also employ their arsenal of NIKKOR glass using the optional FT-1 Mount Adapter. Users can also take advantage of the Nikon 1 System’s 2.7x crop factor for increased range when shooting sports or wildlife, making it an ideal companion for the D-SLR shooter. Nikon also offers an optional external high resolution 2359k-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF), the DF-N1000, and optional multi-accessory grip, the GR-N1010, alongside the Nikon 1 V3 for increased control and handling. The V3 also maintains compatibility with Nikon 1 external flashes and the ME-1 external microphone (with the AS-N1000 Multi Accessory Port Adapter).

Go Farther with New 1 NIKKOR lenses

Announced alongside the Nikon 1 V3, Nikon has introduced two new 1 NIKKOR lens offerings. Kitted with the V3, the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom is an evolved compact zoom lens, ready for nearly any situation. Sporting a useful 3x zoom (27-81mm equivalent), the new 10-30mm lens is equipped with a unique power drive zoom dial that allows for simple and smooth zoom capability, ideal for capturing sharp and steady HD video.

Additionally, Nikon has also introduced a powerful new telephoto zoom lens option that takes Nikon 1 users farther than ever before. The new 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens features a super-telephoto focal range (189-810mm equivalent) that can get the photographer up close to sports action or wildlife from a distance. The first 1 NIKKOR lens crafted with Super ED Glass, the 70-300mm lens is equipped with built-in Vibration Reduction (VR) and Nano Crystal Coating to prevent ghost and flare.

Price and Availability

The Nikon 1 V3, kitted with the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom lens, the DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder and the GR-N1010 Grip will be available in April 2014 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $1,199.95. The 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom and the 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lenses will also be sold separately for $299.95 and $999.95SRP, respectively.

Pre-order links can be found here.

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  • digitalworldofpaul

    This looks like a big step in the right direction for the Nikon 1 series. I am looking forwards to seeing some sample shots. If the IQ has improved and it has bracketing I will probably get one.

    • KnightPhoto

      I will probably get one too, I like fast everything in my cameras. May not rush it, it could come down a hundred or two, but prob by summer shooting season I’ll get it. I was worried about affording all these add-ons but if they all come together that is fine.

      I view it as an addition to my already existing Nikon 1 system, so it’s not that tough to add as a supplement to what I’ve been building already. I can see if one is just entering the 1 system price being more of a barrier to folk.

    • Rock Kenwell

      after ditching ashton kutcher, they are at 20fps.
      How many shots per charge for bird lovers bursting at these speed?

  • Sandy Bartlett

    $1200 for the camera, grip, EVF and lens. Interested in seeing the IQ first.

  • Nikon User

    Looks nice.

    $1199 (with 10-30 PD-Zoom lens, EVF, grip).

    Waiting for price drop.

    • Rock Kenwell

      Price to drop to 1/3!

  • C

    Seems to expensive, Nikon should price Nikon 1 very low to win the battle. BTW, it is not 180″ tilted screen, not good for selfies.

  • aria

    I spent $1,100 to get a full set when J1 came out, still a good camera, but the price dropped to next to nothing, so this time, I am not going to buy it no matter how much better it is.

    • Jorge

      Once bitten. Twice shy. Can’t blame ya

  • $1196.95 for a $500 camera…

    Is Nikon living under a rock?

    The a6000 is looking really great right about now…

    • Studor13

      Go and price a detachable EVF (2.4 mil pix), decent grip and a PD zoom lens.

      If you think you could get just these – without the camera – for $500 then you are the one living under a rock.

      Go get your a6000 and be happy.

      • Anonymous

        Built in EVF, decent grip, PD 24-75mm equiv lens and 24mm APS-C sized sensor: Sony a6000 for $800 (2/3 cost of Nikon V3).

        • Studor13

          The V3 has significantly better EVF (2.4M vs 1.4M, frame rate (20 vs 11) and grip. But this is not the deal breaker for me. I already own a V1 as well as the NEX 5.

          The lenses on the NEX/a6000 are huge when compared to the 1 system.

          People keep forgetting this.

          If I want top quality I use my D800 but for everything else I use the V1.

          For a lot of people (me included) whether it’s 1200 or 800 it makes no difference. It’s about size, features, and compatibility with all my F-mount lenses.

          BTW, have you ever used the 16-50mm SEL? Check out how it is at 16mm.

          • Jorge

            Right. Top quality: My D800. Everything else including stock: Fuji X-T1, X-E1 + 14, 23, 35, 18-55. Sweeeet

      • Mato34

        I’d rather have an integrated EVF with a relatively low profile like that of the V1 or V2 (76 and 81 mm height), other than the about 95 mm height of V3 plus EVF.

        A well thought & designed detachable EVF giving the chance of having “box body” like J1/2/3 without EVF or having an EVF with a little more height, would have been very nice to me. But I find that protrusion too much.

        That’s to say that I don’t find this detachable EVF so useful or practic. I think the A6000 has that decent grip and PD zoom (although it doesn’t seem to be so good), so I find it a lot more well priced.

        I’m sticking with my V1’s, S1, and set of lenses. But that doesn’t make me think that prices in the 1 system are mainly kind of ridiculous when compared not only against others brand’s systems, but also inside the own Nikon catalog.


      • Kynikos

        Since when did “detachable” EVF become a feature to anyone but a fanboy?

        • Studor13

          I like using the EVF but my wife hates it. She wants the camera to be as small as possible. I bought her a NEX-5 but she mostly uses my V1 because of its size and the fact that it has a completely silent electronic shutter.

          The V3 will please a lot of families like us. I can use it with the grip and EVF, whilst the good wife gets a tiny body with more than adequate image quality.

          Sure, we can’t use it at the same time but there a lot of times when only one of us is in charge of photographic duties for the day.

          What’s your definition of fanboy?

          • guest

            “What’s your definition of fanboy?”
            If it’s keeping your wife happy I’d say fanboy means smart dude.

    • cgw

      Handled one? Buying one? No? Thought so. Go back to drooling over unboxing porn somewhere else.

  • Paul

    $1200?!? I’ll take a D7100 pleases. Or a Fuji X100s. Plenty of alternatives at this price range.

    I guess I can wait a few months for the instant rebates to kick in then the fire sale.

    • Tham

      Agree. It is not worth for 2.7x crop small sensor camera at the price range. Sony and Fuji are done better in the mirrorless system

      • Paul

        Not to mention that they changed the batteries again!
        V1 used the great EN-EL-15
        V2 used EN-EL21
        V3 uses EN-EL20a


        • aim54x

          The Nikon J1/J2/J1/S1 all use the EN-EL20, I am going to take a stab is guess that the EN-EL20a is a higher capacity version of this battery, hopefully it is backwards/forwards compatible. You are correct though, these battery changes are not needed

          • Mato34

            Thought exactly the same!

            But… For what I consider one logical step/change (this of the battery), we also get that thing of the micro SD cards… Doh!


    • KT

      I’ll give it $550 by Black Friday, probably on one of these lightening deals from Amazon or B&H, not to mention the grey market eBay sellers. Having said that, I’m sure it’s a step-up from the previous model in terms of IQ and AF

      • I dunno…the 14mp sensor was worse than the 10 in the first gen 1 models. Looking at at RX100, it’s possible to improve while increasing resolution on the 1″sensors, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Lcky

      I’m a bit confused by this product. Four frames away from a 24P 6K burst, then no 4K option?.. Does Nikon not know that the V1-2 can do 4K bursts at 60fps?

  • pegdrgr

    I love my J3, but this has me very excited! I figured it was going to be spendy, and it is. Hopefully it lives up to the price.

    I know a lot of people got burned on the J1 price drop, but I don’t see lightning striking again on this one.

  • Josef

    Annnd.. I thought Nikon would price it crazy high at $1000 with the evf..

    $1200? And $1000 for a 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens??

    Nikon must be completely oblivious to the rest of the market.

    • KnightPhoto

      I see – you are referring to the rest of the fast everything market 😉

    • Sorry to be trolling (or is it slumming?), but this does seem like an audacious and clueless price, given the flack that Olympus has gotten for their (admittedly audacious) prices…

      Does it even have image stabilization?

      • Kynikos

        You’re slumming.

    • KT

      It’s a DSLR kind of price, doubt that even the D7200 will be priced that high. The exact opposite of the Sony a6000 that was priced way below expectations

  • atat

    $1200 looks pretty darn steep. I’d expect some extra components like WiFi but even that doesn’t look like it’s included. Maybe if it came with the grip and EVF? I don’t mind a slight premium for light-and-compact but there are more compelling m43 competitors in this range.

    • pegdrgr

      It comes with wifi, the grip, and EVF.

      • WC

        Ever wonder if anyone actually reads these articles all the way through before they start bitching and being critical.

      • KnightPhoto

        WHAT – you get the whole shebang for that price?

        That is great news…

      • atat

        That’s more like it.

    • clifflwms

      Agreed. If I were going to drop 1200, I’d drop $100.00 more and get the Fuji XT-1, built in Wi-fi, APS-C, and a seriously sturdy body.

      • Jorge

        Got one of those! Plus an x-E1 and the 14, 23, 35 and 18-55. Looooove it.

  • Rafa R

    in the swimmers video at 0:13 sec was the background blurred?! lol seemed to me that the camera just refocused, was it blurred really? like 1% blurred tops.

    • Mr_Miyagi

      LOL, maybe they wanted to disguise the fact that the video was shot in the athletic complex at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu (the out of focus dome in the background belongs to the Stan Sheriff Center). The city night scene in the second video is a shot in the direction of Waikiki, so that video (or at least parts of it) were also shot surreptitiously in Honolulu.

      • manhattanboy

        LOL, Mr. Miyagi.
        Now we know what the Nikon executives are doing and why they have to charge so much for their products. They are waxing on their surfboards. They need a good karate kick to the head to set them straight!

        • Mr_Miyagi

          Wax on…wax off.

    • mikeswitz

      I think that was left in intentionally to show how fast the autofocus is, but unfortunately it isn’t very fast so it threw off the rythme of the cutting. If one were actually trying to make a movie with this machine they would have to turn auto focus off and pull their own focus manually. At least I think that is what they unintentionally demonstrated.

      • Good point! You can’t pull focus at all with the 1 system! The bleeding lenses don’t have Focus rings!

        • Jwwgold

          NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 has a focus ring.

          • I stand corrected! One lens in the entire line has a focus ring. Which is still an underwhelming fact!

  • Adam

    Touchscreen, WiFi, 20 fps no aa filter. Looks interesting. Wondering how it’s low light performance will fare. The $1200 doesn’t seem too bad if it includes the lens, evf and grip. I wonder if they will release a body only version.

    • Mato34

      DPR says body only in Europe will sell for 850 € (1250 € for kit 10-30 + grip + EVF).

      Frankly, V2 has a EVF and a good grip, and its price was way lower than those 1200 $/€, and looking at the market (say Oly E-M10 and Sony A6000) I find it rather expensive.


  • Global

    This looks better than my expectation — but its still overpriced. I do like thst its modular, you have a pocket camera when you want one and a mini dslr when you need one. What im really wondering is how advanced the controls are and how is the lowlight iq.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the modular concept is very cool with the dslr style grip. However this thing is still ultimately just a toy.

  • Sandy Bartlett

    27-810 two lens system. With 20 FPS full AF.And a 2 million dot 100% EVF. Exspeed 4. I’m willing to see what the IQ of the new 18 mp sensor is.

  • Aldo

    Very cool toy… but I think I prefer my old school mirrored d5300

  • SteveHood

    Why did they switch to MicroSD ? If the RX100 can support a regular SD card then why not the V3. This will limit capacity and write speed.

    • aim54x

      I’m with you on that one

    • Bamboojled

      It takes SD cards from the specs I read and also Micro SD

      • KnightPhoto

        thank goodness it still takes SD… that would have been a mistake.

        • Mr. Mamiya

          I guess it does not! The specs say “microSD (micro Secure Digital), microSDHC, microSDXC”. That’s so stupid.

      • Fred Flintstone

        microSD (micro Secure Digital), microSDHC, microSDXC

    • I have a 64gb Sandisk micro sdxc that writes around 50MB/s and cost around $100. And they just came out with a 128 that’s about the same price and is supposed towrite around 40MB/s. That’s not much of a setback.

  • markstothard

    I like what I read so far, but no news on wireless commander flash mode instead of the v2, su4 wireless flash mode.

    If the v3 has Nikon’s wireless commander flash mode, I will be buying two v3, with 1 NIKKOR 10-100mm f/4.0-5.6 VR & 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 VR, so you to keep changes lens, just keep shooting.

    I love my v2 but the v3 looks even better 🙂

  • Don Hogfan

    I would gladly spend $1200 if it came with the D4 sensor.

  • Nikon User

    May I see the built-in flash please?

  • KnightPhoto

    sure hope to see the Auto-ISO implementation improved and word on the battery?

    • Mato34

      +1 for that Auto-ISO. But hey! At least we have highlights burned blinking in review mode!!! 😀 (Being sarcastic here…)

      Regarding battery, EN-EL20a (let’s hope backwards compatible with EN-EL20 of J and S series) and 310 shots CIPA measured.


  • stesk

    Does anyone know about the flash system? Is it with commander mode?

  • Ian Dangerzone

    1200? Seems the 800 and 7100 are the only reasonably priced cameras in the lineup.

    • James

      While I agree that this is too much considering the competition, I think the D600/610 is very reasonably priced.

    • whisky

      as was the fire-sale V1. still better than their “reasonable price”, was they all used the same battery. 🙂

  • David in Sydney

    I love the look of this. The weight will be great. The specs are outstanding. But I refuse to buy it while it is priced way the wrong side of $1k. Madness. Yes, it might be worth it on paper, but given the rapidity of Nikon price drops this is another step too far from Nikon re pricing.

  • Herman Au

    See this is what I absolutely do not understand –

    Why is an APS-C pocket camera shooting at 18MP achieving 20fps and 171 focus points, and my brand spanking new $2,600 Nikon Df has a measly 39 and they’re all stuck near the center. Oh and what 120fps 720p video… great… Come on Nikon throw us a bone here and focus on the core of your business in DSLR. Make that D710 that’s been long due and give us 10fps 1080p 60fps video and a grip that doesn’t suck like the D800 and focus points scattered across the entire screen.

    • KnightPhoto

      Yep we are all limited by the FX focusing size within the frame. it’s a physical limitation to do with the mirror / sub-mirrors needed. Thom indicates Nikon has some ingenious patents to get around this. Maybe we’ll see it in the D5 and D900…

    • Aldo

      where have you been? We’ve been criticizing the price of the df since day 1

      • Michiel953


    • Mike

      It’s not APS-C. It’s 1″. It’s smaller than 4/3 sensors. Of all the DSLRs you could have purchased with video…. you bought the Df and are complaining about it? Help me understand your decision making.

  • Spy Black

    …and STILL no hot shoe! Notice there’s no high ISO shots either. You know that’s gonna suck.

    • KnightPhoto

      It’s not a Fuji, which is a great product, but the 1-system high ISO is unlikely to suck from the publics perspective. I’ve used my V1 in silent electronic shutter mode at a couple family weddings and the pics are very popular with the bride and bridesmaids etc. My sense is the V1 high ISO is better than the D200 high ISO ever was. Not sure about D300 but it may not be that far off from it’s high ISO. Sure it’s not as good as the current DX or FX cameras, but it’s likely somewhat close to m4/3.

      • Chris Weller

        I’m guessing this V3 will be within .5 – 1 stop of my D7000, which means I will be happy shots up to about 1600 iso. If it’s better than that I will be thrilled.

        The nikon site says the sb-5 flash is compatible with the v3. This killer little bouncable flash is the most underrated accessory they produce. It’s a gem. I use it I can’t shoot below 1600 iso on my V1. If it’s accurate then that’s all I want for the hotshoe. It’s a tiny little socket, which is what I want in a camera like this.

      • Spy Black

        Yeah, I should say it’s not going to be that great, otherwise they’d be showing it off.

  • Chris Weller

    Color me impressed. I have the V1 and a few lenses now. Like the camera a lot, but this V3 and the 70-300 is killer. $1,200 with the power lens, grip, and evf (both of which are removable). If this thing handles as they claim it will be on my buy list for sure. This is the maturation of the Nikon 1 series. Love it.

    I’m picturing sitting in the stands at a baseball game getting close ups of double plays at second base, at 20fps with continuous focus and a camera that weighs under two pounds with the new 70-300. Nice! Or going on a business trip and getting close up of birds in the park on my lunch break, with a camera that fits in my messenger bag. Then switch the lens to this nice 10-30 power zoom and do some street photography and video.

    Curious to see about noise. 12,800 native iso is quite impressive for a cx sensor. 18 mp with no aa as well. Pixel density is amazing. So you can crop even more after the 810 equivalent shots. Nikon usually puts native iso top at a level that is actually useful (Nikon D4) or perhaps 1-1.5 stops higher than useful (most dx cameras). If this thing will shoot even at 2000-3200 with low noise I would be thrilled.

    • Eric Bowles

      Chris – I’m with you. Many ballparks won’t even let you in with a full sized camera and 70-200 or 300mm lens unless you have press credentials. This little kit won’t be rejected when you enter and 20 fps will capture the play at second. It will still take practice since the burst is relatively short – but its 2-4 times the frames you can capture with a DSLR.

  • I am a disappoint.

    -No integrated EVF
    -Add-on grip for…another landscape shutter button? No portrait button or extra/bigger battery option with the grip? Will there be another grip?
    -Still lacking in the lens department.
    -No 4k.

    Unless this is MSRP $600 or less, it’s not competitive. See: GX7, with an EVF, bigger sensor, sensor IS, and good lens selection, retailing for about $720.

    The only thing that could save this from tanking is ISO performance that beats the current APS-C sized sensors.

    • Chris Weller

      I think the removable, small evf in the middle of the camera, like a dslr, is great! I can remove the grip and evf if I need real small and portable or put them on if I need more robust shooting experience. Plus they are all included with the kit, so people will actually use them.

      Not too sure about the micro sd though. I don’t like those tiny things.

      • See: V1 for compact body with EVF by Nikon. I don’t always want a flash, but I do always wanna look “through” the camera.

        I have a GX1–er, two–with removable EVF, and it’s my least favorite feature. I’ll be getting a GX7 soon.

        I didn’t see this Nikon coming, but I’m glad it doesn’t have what I want–the IS and the EVF. Else I’d have faced a tough decision. As it stands, I’ve got three great primes for the 4/3 system, and use adapters and a “speed booster” to shoot video. I’d gain nothing from going Nikon, and in fact lose useful primes that Nikon lacks.

      • CGL

        Not really. I think this may finally be a great camera but Nikon should have included the EVF built in. Why go backwards? The EVF hump on the V1 is tiny (I own 2 V1’s). The grip is nice. Also, why advertise this to professionals and for professionals and add silly filters? Finally, as much as I love the Nikon 1 system, the Olympus OM-D EM10 is a much better deal. Almost there Nikon, keep it the same and add HOT SHOE and BUILT-IN EVF on the V4 and I’ll buy immediately.

  • Jeff Curtner

    High speed video (120/400/1200 fps) is still limited to 3 second record time. 🙁

    • Jeff Curtner

      Nikon Japan price: V3 body only 90,180 (US$879), EVF 32,076 ($313), Grip 16,524 ($161), comparing to bundle price with PD10-30 of $1200.

  • Morris

    nice outside, evf and grip, interesting inside, bad price

    • Chris Weller

      I’d like to see it at $999 for the kit. It will probably be there by the summer. Having said that, I think this kit has a lot of selling points against the m 4/3 and Fuji’s in this price range. I don’t think it’s that overpriced. This camera looks to be more capable than a d7100 in many ways, for less money and lot smaller. Totally different camera though.

      I think part of the problem is Nikon’s previous marketing for the 1 series, it’s been dreadful. Hopefully they can improve that. In the end there are going to be people who simply hate on this system because of the 1 inch sensor. I think it’s the systems greatest strength. It makes the lens size and weight much smaller and lighter than the dx and m 4/3 based systems. That’s the key. I don’t even feel my v1 on my shoulder.

      Nikon’s tech is capable of producing professional quality images even from a 1″ sensor.

  • Danonino

    It will NOT have bracketing. Because then you would be able to shoot handheld hdr in daylight -because of the extreme framerate and shake-free shutter. This camera cannot be allowed to be able to beat the Dr of the D800. Its Nikons clueless afraidness of canabalising 🙂 Sorry for my bad english, but I think you get the point.

  • stesk

    Why buy more accessories and lenses for this Nikon 1 serie if Nikon don’t understand what we want to use this camera for. I have the 32mm lens and I like it but it could be the last lens for this camera.
    Who need the more speed and slow motion. If the slow motion can only be used in bright sunshine it’s no use.
    The Nikon 1 camera can use all Nikon lenses but not their flashes.
    I am a Nikon fan but I have to find alternatives from other manufactures – that’s too bad Nikon. Look at your button line you could have improved it by this V3 version – I guess you missed it.

  • Ian Kirk

    A great 1 series camera but way over priced AGAIN! The omission of a built in EVF is crazy too. I like the tilting touch LCD though.

    • OnTheRopes

      No integrated evf kills it for me. I use Nikon DSLR’s but Fuji have it right with mirror-less and have quickly built up a good range of bodies and quality lenses for the system. I will stay with Fuji for now.

      • Jorge

        Here Here! Even though I kept (so far) my D800, d700 and the Nikon glass, I find myself shooting almost all the time with the X-T1, and the X-E1. I only break out the big guns for serious landscape work — for now. Once Fuji gets that ultra wide in my hands, the Nikon stuff may go.

  • Keith Homan

    I’m very interested in this if the image quality is a huge improvement over my current V1. The only killer for me would be teh micro SD card.

  • PJ

    Too expensive, too late. A lot of Nikon DSLR users have already found a mirrorless system as backup or everyday carry-around camera, it being Olympus or Fuji. I can see people who have invested in the previous V models (maybe) wanting to upgrade to this, but the pricing will keep some of those away as well.
    Most people are scratching their heads, trying to figure out if Nikon is pricing this the way they are to cut losses in other departments or because R&D on this thing is just very expensive. Either way, it doesn’t really look a winning move from the company. The *perception* is of a company without clear market strategies, long term plans, or a clear roadmap, and unfortunately that is true for mirror less and DSLRs alike.

  • ION

    IQ apparently is not good. 🙁

    • OnTheRopes

      Apparently? Your source for this information is?

    • Mato34

      The samples doesn’t look so bad to me. I find them better than those of the 14 MP sensor.


  • FredBear

    Just what I needed for my Barbie and Ken collection.
    OK, jokes aside, where’s Nikon’s real MILC offering? (like APC-C or FF 16 MP)

  • JoeG

    Why swap out the built in EVF for a crappy built in flash?
    Why change to a smaller battery?
    Why go to microSD?
    Why didn’t you put in a standard hot shoe?
    Why is this so hard to get right Nikon?

  • neonspark

    kind of happy nikon silenced the naysayers who said 20fps couldn’t be done 🙂

  • Eno

    Nikon is joking right?

    The must have hit themselves in the head if they think somebody will pay 1000 dollars for this shit!

    This uninteresting thing should have been priced at a maximum 499 dollars, probably 399 dollars if they want it to be sold LOL.

    • Kynikos

      It’s big in Japan…

  • alvintoro

    I guess you swing the bat enough times, you eventually hit the ball down the center. This looks VERY promising.

    • Jorge

      Or throw enough crap against the wall….

  • Nick the Baker

    Why would anyone pay out for this when for similar money you can have a D7100 producing higher quality shots?

    • stesk

      Because the camera + lenses is lighter.
      However I doubt the image quality of this V3 is so much better than the V1. The DXO test showed the V2 was not as good as the V1. For Nikon guys with Nikkor lenses the Nikon 1 serie is great (but it could be better) but it seems the V3 can’t justify an upgrade.

  • nwcs

    Why would I buy this over a Fuji X-T1?

    • Ash Crill

      The new 70-300mm lens.

      • nwcs

        It’s nice, for sure, but it’s still a slow lens at 300mm. The equivalent focal range doesn’t compensate for the greater depth of field for wildlife use. Now if the 70-300 was a 50-150 f2.8 macro… That would be very useful with more dof for equivalent subject.

      • stesk

        Will you pay $ 996 for this slow lens????

        • Ash Crill

          Its not slow, it is par for the course.

          If the optical quality is good, then it is a birder’s dream come true.

  • Nikon Fanboy

    Please hire some new staff from Fuji’s design department…

  • decisivemoment

    The best action camera in the world, if you have a pocket full of the tiny EN-EL20 batteries and the manual dexterity to change them almost as fast as the camera is shooting. Really, Nikon should also offer a handgrip that contains a bigger battery — like the EN-EL15. After all, the power connection is clearly there on the bottom of the camera. Build such an accessory grip, and I’d buy the camera and the grip in a minute. Punt on it, and I probably have to forget about Nikon 1 as anything more than a snapshot platform.

  • mark papke

    20 FPS? ISO 12,800 noise fee? This could be a game changer, and a great price. Might make a great second body if you already have a full frame DSLR.
    With a 2.7 crop this would be better for wildlife than any other camera out there as long as the image quality is as good as they say.

    • Ash Crill

      12,800 is just standard marketing spiel.

  • decisivemoment

    By the way Nikon really needs to think more about how they promote stuff. The diver video looks like a volunteer in-house project by one of their engineers. The promo one is at least professionally produced but then whoever did the captioning has, right at the end, inserted a double space between “professional” and “performance” and not noticed it. It looks like a gap between two front teeth.

  • waterengineer

    What keeps the EVF firmly connected to the camera body? Thanks.

  • James

    The Good
    The body looks nice.
    The optional grip looks comfy.
    I like the tilting screen.
    Wi-Fi included is great and needs to be standard in all Nikons.

    The Bad
    Another battery change. I have a V1 and a D800 so if I’m not using a camera with the same battery anyway, I might as well just opt for something micro four thirds to get better image quality for the same size.
    Two more variable aperture zoom lenses. I think this is the third kit lens we’ve seen for the 1 cameras (not counting the underwater variant). It reminds me how the lens release cycle looked with DX before I ditched that system. Can we get some f/2.8 zooms, Nikon?
    No built in EVF. That’s the biggest deal breaker for me. I can understand why some people might want to be able to leave the EVF at home if they’re packing light, but for all that I’d just get an RX100.

    The WTF
    Micro SD cards?! Really?

    • whisky

      i can live with the micro SD, but the introduction of yet another battery which differs from the EN-EL15 is a barrier to process.

      a wide fixed aperture lens zoom would be nice, but if it can’t be done to the right size or cost, the current zooms are “good enough” for my purposes. JMO.

  • Felix

    I can not believe all the idiotic comments comparing this camera to a D7100. It is what it is. I think is has some excellent features which I like. As a professional photographer, I will try this at the next sporting event that I shoot. I will attach my 70-200mm lens to it and see how it compares. I will rent another 70-200 to attach to my D4 and my 17-35 on my D800. That should save a lot of weight since I will not have to carry around a huge 200-400mm.

    • stesk

      I’m sure you will have good results however it’s not necessary to use a V3 the V1 can give you the same.
      I find the N 1 lenses faster to use than non N1 lenses. But the problem is there is a lack of fast aperture lenses for the Nikon 1 serie.

      • Felix

        A friend of mine got the V1 when it first came out and had some excellent results with the 70-200mm.

        • stesk

          I have the V1 too + D800 and I’m not buying this V3.
          The only pros with the V3 is it’s without the AA filter.
          I don’t understand Nikon makes a camera with high speed and then no high speed for flash photography.

          • Felix

            Two things I do not like are the flash which they could have corrected if at least it supported CLS and the fact that it uses microSD cards.

            • stesk

              I had hoped for the CLS because I use it for macro shooting and wanted to use it for butterflies too. I now use the manual setting when using flash.
              The flash is almost no use by itself, there is no power.
              Even the Nikon R1 flash can’t fire as wireless triggered by the SB-N5. I have to use a Metz 🙁

  • bgbs

    Beautiful looking apparatus. I suppose this replaces the J4 too.

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